County Sources Allege Nadia Lockyer Is Fighting Substance Abuse

Feb. 13, 2012 | The health of Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer has long been a private concern to her staff and inner-circle for much of her campaign for the seat in 2010 and first year in office.

Although her husband, the powerful State Treasurer Bill Lockyer insinuated in an interview last weekend with the San Francisco Chronicle his wife may have a problem with alcohol, the problem is more wide-spread than a few cocktails, according to numerous county sources.

Lockyer also confirmed with the Phil Matier and Andrew Ross that Nadia was the victim of assault Feb. 3 by an ex-boyfriend at a Newark motel.

Amid the spin and damage control lies a worsening condition for the 40-year-old supervisor, who sources portray as caught in a classic whirlwind of substance abuse among a coterie of enablers more interested in cashing in politically than serving her best interests.

Even as Lockyer breezed to an easy victory in 2010, she did so on the back of an avalanche of glossy campaign mailers paid with an unprecedented infusion of nearly $2 million in campaign contributions from Bill Lockyer’s own re-election coffers. One notably expensive mailer included an actual yard sign folded in thirds. Bill’s money bought Nadia anonymity that easily masked a peculiarly shy and erratic young woman unable to speak extemporaneously in private and rarely addressed an audience without the aid of a written statement.

During the supervisorial campaign, a few surrogates had a reason for her behavior. They floated the meme of a nearly catastrophic car accident a decade ago had robbed her of some of her faculties. While the accident is fact–she once recalled to me living in an assisted-living home while she convalesced–nobody could be found to ascribe to any changes in her demeanor before and after.

In hindsight, numerous sources involved in the 2010 supervisorial campaign, now say they witnessed the seeds of Nadia’s alleged use of controlled substances. One opponent said last week their campaign suspected substace abuse during the stretch run as Nadia inexplicably took a 30-day leave of absence from the campaign trail and her job at the Alameda County Family Justice Center, which she headed. More specifically, another opponent’s campaign was aware of a DUI issued to Nadia a year earlier in Union City. No record of the alleged stop was ever found leaving the campaign to wonder if Bill’s tenure as attorney general and vast contacts in law enforcement had made the DUI vanish.

Many unequivocally point to Bill’s power and prestige as the sole reason for Nadia’s quick rise to the county’s most prized and comfortable seat–the Board of Supervisors. In 2009, Bill said “I’ll do everything I can to get Nadia elected.” The quote, oozing with pride and ego, hovered menacingly over the then-upcoming election a year later. The statement was just about the most honest thing Bill has ever said in his 40-year career in politics. The couple married in 2003 and have a young son. The East Bay rumor mill has long churned out a belief that Bill, nearly three decades her senior, ordered a paternity test to confirm the child was indeed his and allege their nuptial were of the shotgun variety. Not only did Bill personally fund her campaign, he called in favors from all levels of California government. Jerry Brown, then running for his own powerplay of vanity and pride, even vouched for the young Nadia.

Once Nadia took a seat at the dais of the county’s supervisors, she found a vastly more rough and tumble atmosphere than she could have ever imagined. The Alameda County supervisors are known for their aggressive and rough-hewn tactics. Supervisors Scott Haggerty and Nate Miley are bullies and while Wilma Chan and Keith Carson are more cordial, their behind-the-scenes demeanor tends to be gruff and cold. The tone among existing staff members in preparation of Nadia’s arrival in January 2011 predicted an ugly scene of four vicious Dobermans awaiting dinner in the form of a defenseless kitty cat.

In Nadia’s first year, there have been instances of her colleagues rolling their eyes at her public comments and overt, but brief flashes of exacerbation at her line of questioning when addressing county staff. At the minimum, Lockyer has been treated like a rookie with a million dollar bonus trying to crack the Big League roster of veterans who had clearly paid their dues.

By the summer of last year and after her first six months in office, county staff began noticing stark changes in Nadia’s physical condition. While she never weighed more than 120 pounds, according to staff, she appeared thinner than ever. At the dais during public meetings, her eyes became round and buggy. Almost stuck in a perpetual state of surprise. Her face appeared noticeable gaunt, which only made her cheekbones gain more prominence than before. There had been whispers that her visage suggested an eating disorder, but recently, they say, the telltale signs of something more ominous was occurring to Nadia.

Whether it’s Nadia’s inability to serve the residents of District 2 on her own merits or something more sinister is going on, there is overwhelming conjecture her staff is laudably keeping things together despite her inaction. The situation, though, features an upside for the community, but serious problems for Nadia personally, leading some observers to charge those around her with enabling her alleged habit by systematically providing her cover instead of seeking the help she desperately needs.

A source told The Citizen last week they had witnessed markings on Nadia’s arm within the past two months. Nadia had characterized the numerous dots as bug bites, the source said. When Bill told the Chronicle he and Nadia had recently separated, it provided truth to a rumor passing around locally. Word of the split only heightened when the couple cancelled a fundraiser at their Hayward home in December. The Lockyers are scheduled to host another fundraiser this month for Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk’s campaign for the 20th assembly district.

While numerous people familiar with Nadia describe a woman showing the signs of substance abuse, others point to the still mysterious dismissal of her noted chief of staff as a possible harbinger to the news surrounding the supervisor today.

Christine Gasparac, who came with a sterling reputation and credential, was fired last fall by Lockyer. She came to position by way of Bill through Jerry Brown. Community leaders in the Hayward area still praise Gasparac’s ability, yet the reason for her firing has been as close to a state secret  as possible in the gossipy East Bay political class. Gasparac issued a complaint over her dismissal. The Board of Supervisors discussed the complaint in closed session last October, followed by a settlement the next month. Gasparac is believed to have received nine months severance pay. While there a no details of the settlement, county staff indicated before news of the Feb. 3 assault that the issue surrounding Gasparac’s firing included a general, but cryptic concern over Nadia’s health.

Once bits of information were pieced together with news of Nadia’s presence at a seedy Newark motel with a man known to local authorities as a low-level drug dealer, a picture of a sick woman began to emerge.

One of Lockyer’s opponents for supervisor, when alerted of the incident in Newark by The Citizen last week quickly charged those around Nadia with enabling a woman clearly crying out for help and does not buy the story peddle by Bill to the Chronicle. Many others have also made the eery connection between the death last Saturday of Whitney Houston from alleged abuse of prescription drugs occuring on the same day news of Nadia being assaulted by an ex-boyfriend was made public.

“This is a beautiful, young woman with a problem,” said the source, “and she needs help. Nobody is giving it to her. Nobody cares about Nadia!”

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35 replies

  1. Am devastated about this news if only half true…ebcitizen- how can you print this? How do corroborate this? Is this your Tabloid again? Nadia is a wonderful, smart, and caring person.


  2. I realize the use of anonymous sources. There are many and I think you can understand the need in this case. These people don't want to get on the wrong side of the Lockyers. Each point is based on multiple unrelated sources. The East Bay is a small place. Many times different people hear things ultimately from the same person. In these cases, I'm confident they are independent observations. You have to also realize that I've been covering Nadia for two years. I also knew about the Newark incident a few days after it happened, but held it while I pieced together what I've already been hearing along with my own observations over the past six months.

    Your disdain should be reserved for the hanger ons and those more interested in a paycheck from the county than the health of their boss.


  3. Lockyer's story just doesn't add up. Saying she has a brain tumor is more believable than ending up at a hotel in Newark and getting beat up. By an ex boyfriend. I'm sorry.


  4. Nice try Nadia.


  5. You did it Tavares. I thought you were bulls****ing.


  6. Steve, well written article and meticulously researched. I recall sitting in on a meet the candidates for the Hayward School District meeting which Nadia crashed. She talked from cards for several minutes, her basic stump speech. Then she asked for questions. I asked her about the decline in the key stats she was calling out as increasing as well as the lack of leadership in her office while she was away. She stumbled with the answers and appeared to be stoned at the time. Her handlers pulled her from the room and she was gone. I think the press gave her a pass on this.


  7. Not surprised in the least.


  8. Enablers trying to cover up the problems of a cokehead politician. What a joke.

    Nice try Bill and Nadia. The jig is up!


  9. An “ex-boyfriend”????? Yeah right.


  10. Looks like your “reporting” is based on a lot of assumption. As a friend of Nadia's , I can attest that she indeed was involved in a horrible car crash that caused head trauma and for which she on occasion may need cards to reference for speeches, for memory purposes only ! The ideas that it is drug related or that she is shy are ridiculous when really she is a very open, articulate, social woman and always has been. As for her being thin, all of us close to her have worried about that. I suspect, having known her as a young adult who struggled with anorexia, that she regressed due to stress or that she may have another health issue (Grave's disease causes the sudden weight loss, buggy eyes, etc.for example). So many people struggle with alcohol issues, so why should Nadia be raked over the coals if this is in fact what she is seeking help for ? I say, kudos to her for realizing she had a problem and getting the help she needs ! Don't you people realize that she has a child, a family who are also affected by the lies you print ? As for the 30 days she took off…that was for a family tragedy of which I don't need to go into detail, but she stepped up and put her family first and was the loving, caring Nadia those close to her know and love. It's a sad world we live in that if someone chooses to go into politics and happens to have health, emotional, personal issues, that in addition to dealing with that they have to be subjected to the assumptions, judgements, and all out lies of others and the media. She has been doing a great job as supervisor and I hope she continues. I send prayers for this dear woman's health and healing.


  11. to the previous comment. oh puhlease!!!!!!!!


  12. She's a fraud and needs to resign. Get her to Betty Ford!


  13. thanx for this excellent piece… it reports exactly what everyone else is afraid to say…and the people in the comments affronted by this actual journalism are no better that the sycophants & psychos who cheered on Whitney Houston as she spiraled into her coffin. However, Whitney was not a public accountable elected politician! Nadia is the puppet wife creation of the powerful politburo ( aka coastal CA's one-party Democratic money machine ). Sadly our lowly lil' Castro Valley has become the centrifuge of the cess pool of pandering political nepotism lately. Creepy Hayashi scandal & now this? How did this happen? Wait…Wait..Don't Tell Me… $2 Million For A Supervisor Race? WTF? Please write up the Peralta college 'trustees' next, these people are a scandalous $courge on our county & state as well.


  14. Was this “low-level drug dealer” funneling money/profits through her campaign, to help legitimize himself and his suppliers? Were they/spouses/family members ever put on any campaign/government payroll at any time? All I can say is that the other side is certainly scared of this blowing up. They invested a lot of money in the two of them (politician and customer) for this to blow up like this…
    Moral is choose your politician wisely…


  15. -Re: comment charging assumptions were made for this story: a day later she confirmed it. Class closed. If the handful of sources used in this story were named, it would be the end of The Citizen and many other scandalous stories in the pipeline will never be known.

    -Re: comment on ecampaign embezzling: don't know. Many all of these campaign reports are shady looking. Remember also that she was criticized for charging her campaign thousands for babysitting their kid during the 2010 campaign.


  16. I knew there was a stinky story in the works when Bill started pumping money into her campaign and she was caught lying on her resume about being a “district attorney”. It started off bad, it could only go downhill.


  17. Hmmm would the friend of Nadia care to comment on the Mercury News article today? Sounds like she's been in rehab before even before the last few weeks. And that's where she met her lover.

    You claimed to have known Nadia very well and that she's an open book. How could you as a close friend not see the long-term substance abuse or tell her to focus on her personal instead of pushing her to run for public office? Now what should be her private demons are being vetted in the public.


  18. Bill Lockyer and his close associates did a great job of hiding the truth about who Nadia truly is. Drug abuse and rehab DURING her campaign!! In my opinion the public was badly mislead…Nadia would have never been elected if the public had known the truth on election night.

    Do the right thing for Alameda County…RESIGN NOW.


  19. To Anonymous 2/15/12 @ 3:59,

    You are a clueless fool. Every aspect of this story is right on…and my guess Nadia's problems are far from over.

    As far as Nadia's right to privacy…lets see, she is a public official, paid by public funds, to act in the best interest of the public. Clearly we have a right to know, and frankly considering what has been disclosed, the NEED to know that she is abusing drugs….very likely on paid public time, and god knows may be driving a County vehicle while under the influence or while acquiring her next fix.

    Wake up fool…if Nadia and Bill cannot manage a marriage, a family, a career, prescription drugs and perhaps illicit drugs, use common sense and good judgement…what on this earth makes you believe they can manage a County or State.


  20. Give it a break. She is a drug addict, a junkie. Maybe a high class one, but a junkie none the less. As for caring because she has a kid, or family, well the best place to start would be for her to care, and act like it. She now has a track record, and it is not good. It will take time, a lot of time to regain her status and the respect she would like. It may never happen, much more up to her than anyone else. But no matter what she did in politics, iregardless of who her husband was orr is, it doesn't change a thing. Sge is just a drug addict. Period. How about that Alameda County, is that what you want representing you, an addict. And save the part about recovery or in a program. It needs a lot of time to get through this.


  21. Bravo above!!! You hit the nail on the head. All these LOSERS who voted for a fellow LOSER are the fools. Too bad everyone else has to suffer for the greedy welfare loving leeches who support Bill and Nadia Lockyer.


  22. Wishing Nadia well in her struggle against addiction. What a tragic case!


  23. to anonymous @ 7:19,

    don't drop down to Nadia's & Bill's level with immature and classless comments….set the bar higher…everyone NOW knows who they truly are….


  24. The articles, and including this one, related to Nadia Lockyer's addictions to drugs and alcohol have been primarily, and almost only, a Nadia Lockyer story. But Nadia Lockyer is a lawyer.

    And none of the articles have mentioned that lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction, and also of domestic violence and other mental disorders, of any major profession. In other words if I was a reporter and if I was writing about the Nadia Lockyer situation, I would not have just discussed Nadia Lockyer only but would have also emphasized that her present situation is just still one more example of a lawyer crashing, acting totally crazy, going completely nuts, being a total phony, and having extreme delusions of grandeur.

    To give just a few examples, think of the names Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Kwame Kilpatrick, Rod Blagojevich, and John Edwards.


  25. In my immediately above entry, I forgot to mention the names of Robert Noel and Marjorie Knoller (in other words of the Diane Whipple incident) in the list of those paragons of honesty, integrity, and decency who have had licenses to practice law.


  26. Since Bill Lockyer arranged for his handpicked candidate, in other words Nadia, to have about two million dollars for her election campaign (for instance, I don't believe Gail Steele ever spent more than about thirty thousand dollars in any of her campaigns for election to to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors), and he also arranged for political friends, and such as for instance Jerry Brown, to endorse her, he probably instead could have also walked down Skid Row, quickly, and pretty much at randown, picked up off the sidewalk virtually any drunk he saw sleeping in the doorway, then sent the guy to the barber shop for a shave, then to a hotel for a shower, and then finally to a clothing store to be fitted in a nice looking suit so as to have his “high quality” and “topnotch” candidate for election to major office.

    And then on the basis of that two million dollar campaign war chest, Bill Lockyer's personal endorsement, and a sophisticated PR campaign, that homeless bum very likely would have been able to win a major election, and such as for instance to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

    In fact several decades ago a guy by the name of Artie Samish, and who at the time was California's real and actual political boss (the governor and the state legislature were just stooges and who did what Samish told them to do) actually did do that. In other words, Samish, and who I assume out of a combination of amusement and to also show and prove his total and absolute power, did grab at random a homeless bum (no, and especially in this economy, I am definitely not saying that all homeless people are bums, since many are primarily the victims of bad luck), arranged to have the guy put in some nice clothes so as to look presentable, and then actually, believe it or not, had the guy elected to the state legislture.


  27. By MW:

    From reading some of the various comments that have been posted in the last few days on the Internet concerning the Bill and Nadia Lockyer situation and as to the fact that he has not yet totally disassociated himself and filed for divorce from a drug addicted woman who also has been two timing him, some people seem to think he is still in love with her and therefore trying to work things out with her in their marriage.

    However, I seriously doubt that. In other words I think the real reason he is still with her, or at least pretending to be with her, and rather than having, AND INCLUDING PUBLICLY, totally broken off with her, is that she has probably made it obvious that unless she gets a huge financial settlement from him in exchange for agreeing to quickly leave the marriage, she will publicly embarrass him many times more than he has already been embarrassed.

    More specifically, Bill Lockyer has so much extreme dirty laundry in his history, that therefore, and believe it or not, if that extreme dirty laundry ever became widely known it would by comparison make the three ring circus of their marriage seem almost too minor to even discuss. In other words, more than likely Nadia is aware of at least some of that extreme dirty laundry in Bill Lockyer's background, and therefore she has quite likely at least hinted she will go public with it if she does not get the huge financial settlement she quite likely wants.

    To sum up, a lot of the “great liberals” and “wonderful humanitarians,” and such as for instance Bill Lockyer, who are the most prominent bigshots of Bay area politics are actually even phonier and more corrupt than Bernard Madoff at his very sleaziest ever was.


  28. I think you mean Lockyer being bisexual and a crossdresser? Just wanted to put out what I think you're getting at. The poster above makes some good points. Nadia Lockyer is a junkie. Even if he wanted to ease out of the marriage and pay her off its only going to go through a needle into her arm.


  29. By MW:

    Actually until the present scandal involving Nadia was first written about by the SF Chronicle's Matier & Ross a week or two ago, I had never even thought in the slightest about what Bill Lockyer's sexual orientation might or could possibly be.

    More specifically as far as his phoniness and the fact that he was and is totally corrupt, I was referring to such things as the close political friendship he had with organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar” Lawrence, and which included Bill Lockyer having a major hand in arranging the necessary backroom fixes so that Lawrence stayed out of prison in regard to such criminal activities as arson, mafia money laundering, and trafficking in drugs and undocumented aliens.

    NOTE: Altho M. L. “Larry” Lawrence was as corrupt as could be, however since he provided a fortune in both election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, therefore a lot of prominent politicians, and including such Bay area politicians as Dianne Feinstein and Bill Lockyer, pretended that Lawrence was a legitimate businessman.

    In Wikipedia you can read about just the barest tip of the iceberg in regard to the sleaziness and phoniness of M. L. “Larry The Liar” – Arlington National Cemetery Lawrence. (Lawrence was also known by such names as Larry Lawrence, M. Larry Lawrence, and Maurice Larry Lawrence.)

    Lawrence was also the primary owner of San Francisco's China Basin Building when it went up in flames in a multi million dollar fire just before it was to be the subject of a followup CAL OSHA in regard to asbestos violations. The fire also occurred at 3AM in the morning, and which is the standard time for fires in office buildings when the fire is an arson fire arranged by organized crime.

    During the time Lawrence owned the building it was also the subject of a newspaper article titled “ASBESTOS BY THE BAY.”

    But the story gets even better. The China Basin Building fire (over the years the building has sometimes also been referred to as “China Basin Landing” and sometimes just as “China Basin”) was far and away the largest fire San Francisco has had in decades. And at the time of the fire China Basin Bldg was managed by a certain real estate company which is located on Kearny Street in San Francisco.

    But then a few years later there was also the JEC fire, and which was the second largest fire SF has had in decades. And at the time of the JEC fire, longtime SF politician Carol Ruth Silver was the chairwoman of the board of directors of the JEC. And while she was the chairwoman of the board of directors at the time the JEC fire occurred, also at the same time she was secretly working as a real estate broker for that real estate company on Kearny Street that was managing China Basin Bldg when CBB had its multi million dollar fire.

    However, the “experts” in the San Francisco Fire Department, ATF, FBI, and US Attorney's Office all “knew” that both fires were caused by bad luck and not by arson, and just as for many years the FBI “knew” Lawrence was a “legitimate” businessman and the “experts” in the SEC “knew” that the fund Bernard Madoff was running was “legitimate.”


  30. By MW:

    Right now it would seem that the two major parties who will be the biggest losers in reputation, credibility, embarrassment, and public image as a result of Nadia Lockyer being publicly exposed as a drunk, drug addict, nitwit, and ditzy brainless airhead are: one, Bill and Nadia Lockyer; and two, Alameda County politicians in general.

    However in the long run the biggest losers actually will be: one, the legal profession, and which will be exposed as a sleazy mafia that also has far and away the highest rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, mental disorders, and domestic violence of any major profession; two, the California State Bar, in other words the organization that pretends to “regulate” and uphold “standards” for California's lawyers, but which will, and largely due to the Nadia Lockyer circuse and fiasco, be exposed for what it actually is, and which is a totally corrupt organization, and with a secret system of two sets of books, and whose real and actual two primary purposes are (A) to protect crooked lawyers and (B) to keep the general public from learning about the skyhigh rates of alcoholism and drug abuse that the legal profession has; and three, the city of San Francisco, a place where Bill Lockyer played a major role in protecting a politically connected organized crime kingpin and in keeping that organized crime kingpin from being sent to prison for mafia money laundering, trafficking in drugs and undocumented aliens, and also arranging a multi million dollar arson fire.

    (NOTE: That organized crime kingpin I am referring to provided so much in election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, that therefore a lot of politicians, and including Bill Lockyer, pretended the guy was a legitimate businessman.)

    However by the time the present situation involving Nadia is concluded, most people will then realize that Bill Lockyer is a pathological liar and a corrupt backroom fixer, and as a result Bill Lockyer will not be able to get away with any lies he will try to tell that he did not help cover up the truth in regard to a multi million dollar arson fire, and which was arranged by that organized crime kingpin, that occurred in San Francisco some years ago, a fire that was designed to cover up evidence related to the fact that in the coming years and decades a lot of people will be dying from lung cancer and mesothelioma caused by the asbestos violations that for years regularly went on in that building.


  31. This was an interesting article, prescient and observant in some ways, completely and utterly wrong in others. I'm not going to go into too many specifics. It's really not my place. Still, I know pretty damn well what has gone on and what is going on. If the truth does come out, which I suspect it eventually will, it will ultimately work in favor of the Lockyers. For starters, I would suggest looking at Nadia Lockyer's government page, particularly the abridged version of her resume that appears there, to see that she already had a substantial legal, political, and public career before her relationship with her husband. Second, I would point out that the idea that Nadia is shy and can't speak in public is so off the mark, it puts into question your whole article. She was always somewhat of a social butterfly. It goes at least as far back as to the fact that she was in student government. The problem isn't her ability or inability to be social, it's her ***naivety***. This is the biggest paradox: how has she accomplished so much–especially before she met her husband–while being at times so completely and utterly naive? Her colleagues, if they do roll their eyes, aren't doing so because she is shy. They are likely doing so because of her occasional use of florid and syrupy language. Just to be clear, naive doesn't necessarily mean inept, that is the whole point I'm making. She has been mostly incredibly effective and is obviously very accomplished. It's a paradox. Third, you mention Jerry Brown. The Meg Whitman vs. Jerry Brown campaign showed that votes cannot be bought. It's possible that votes can be swayed that concern legislation. I'm willing to concede to that, because it gives more of an opportunity to get your argument out. Even here, however, empirical evidence shows that people don't vote with their wallet. If the media can be bought too, then why is some small time criminal–at least thus far–largely outdoing the Lockyers? Why shouldn't I suspect that you've been bought? I remain confident that the truth will come out eventually. It's not going to happen overnight, but it will happen. Nadia Lockyer has been in recovery and hasn't yet been able to address these issues. That's where she needs to be. In so far as your article implies this, that much is true. She will have her time.


  32. By MW:

    With the crazy circus of Bill and Nadia Lockyer already on our minds, I just bumped into something additional, and totally by accident, that in some ways sounds kind of similar to the Bill and Nadia Lockyer story. I found it while sorting through old paperwork and cleaning up the house a bit.

    It relates to the total insanity that results when we members of the general public allow lawyers – in other words members of the so called profession that has far and away the highest rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, and domestic violence of any major profession – to get into high ranking government jobs.

    (NOTE: I believe everyone, and especially including myself, should clean up the house at least once every fifty years, and even whether it needs it or not.)

    Anyway, a few months ago I had printed an East Bay Express article, and which I had totally forgotten about, but less than an hour ago discovered while going through some paperwork laying on the floor, that in a lot of ways sounds very similar to the Bill and Nadia Lockyer circus.

    The article is titled “Assembly Candidate Accused of Domestic Violence,” and it is about a violent dispute between a guy named Joel Young, and who is both a lawyer and a politician, and just like Bill Lockyer, and his former girlfriend, and who is named Jessica Juarez, and who is also a lawyer, and just like Nadia Lockyer. The dispute between Joel Young and Jessica Juarez, in other words the two lawyers who were boyfriend and girlfriend, got so violent that the police became involved, and also included Juarez ending up in the hospital to be treated for injuries that she said Young had inflicted on her.

    And just like the circus involving Bill and Nadia Lockyer, the situation between Young and Juarez also included a third person getting sexually involved and also allegations of stolen property.

    The article appeared in the East Bay Express in September 2011 (in other words about six months ago), and I believe you can still pull it off the Internet if you type in the title I gave you.

    However to sum up, but perhaps the very first thing we should do is to stop electing liars, er, excuse me, I mean lawyers, to public office.


  33. I wrote the article your referencing in the Express. You're right. The stories are similar. In the case of the Young affair, a bit of a prequel to what happens when the official gains big-time poliitical power.


  34. Why am I not surprised? People in power have all the time, energy and money to do these things. I just hope there will be more witness to go out in the open to corroborate the accusations here.


  35. For more information on this topic. visit: injury attorney in Arlington tx


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