Nadia’s Boy Toy Dangles Titillating Comment Heard ‘Round The County

Feb. 28, 2012 | You have got to hand it to Stephen Chikhani, the reputed on-again/off again love interest of Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, he sure knows how to moved a good story along.

“There’s a way bigger story than sex tapes,” Chikhani said to a reporter today at his hearing in a San Jose courtroom for drug possession.

The deliciously delivered line now sits on the tongues and vibrant imaginations of many Alameda County residents and local officials. Many contacted today noted the sensational nature of the Nadia Lockyer Affair by parsing the eight word quote. “Did you notice he said tapes–as in plural,” said one county employee.

Are they more salacious videos out there? A YouTube video posted Monday morning claiming to contain the raw performance of Lockyer and Chikhani was quickly pulled from the site. One person who viewed it described it as tame, nor looking anything like Lockyer. It is believed to be hoax. To further the intense gossip and speculation over the video, some posit if Chikhani seeks to hold something over Bill and Nadia Lockyer, it would make no sense to reveal the video without any gain. Therefore, there is something more.

The rapidly increasing county and state embarrassment surrounding the Lockyer’s even gained the attention of one of Washington’s most bawdy bloggers. The Wonkette posted this tongue-in-cheek story today titled, “Nation’s Sexiest Supervisor in Meth-Fueled Sex-Tape Sexytime.” The posting imagines Bill Lockyer’s carnal excitement while watching the video and wondering if “Nadia is back in rehab again, where hopefully she will meet a nicer boyfriend.”

Stephen Chikhani

Now, back to the juicy gossip. One long-time East Bay political observer thinks the best way to predict what comes next is to note the destructive behavior of drug addicts. “They do stupid things,” they said. “They have unprotected sex, steal from each other and friends and ruin every relationship they ever had until they feed that hunger to get high.” In that vein (sorry, no pun intended), such a scenario could pale in comparison to anything Jerry Springer could conjure.

Although some local media outlets and columnists are now calling for Lockyer to resign (the Contra Costa Times used the opportunity to add Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi to the list, for good measure), not one elected or county official will publicly go on the record calling for her to relinquish her seat on the board of supervisors. That soon may change.

If I were a betting man, I would say Lockyer resigns before this Friday. Some believe Chikhani’s comment today was merely a bluff, but if it isn’t, it may be a clear signal to the Lockyers that he intends to drop the biggest bomb of them all on them and the county, whatever it may be. And if it has anything to do with the cryptic text message written by Nadia Lockyer, we could be on the eve of destruction for the legacy of her husband and the reputation of Alameda County.

Alameda County politics is a symbiotic environment. When one large piece is suddenly extinct, the whole organism is changed. In a time of continued large-scale budget deficits at the county and city-level, we have no idea how this mess will affect the region, but it will surely benefit no one.

21 thoughts on “Nadia’s Boy Toy Dangles Titillating Comment Heard ‘Round The County

  1. Nadia is a mental case. I personally know Steve and have heard first hand how this bitch is. She needs to be in a mental institution. Steve is innocent.


  2. BY MW:

    As far as Nadia Lockyer's “judgement,” and including that she allowed herself to become involved with a boyfriend who evidently has a long history as a meth adddict, let's not forget that Nadia Lockyer, and in addiction to being a politician, is also a lawyer.

    And lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, mental disorders, and domestic violence of any major profession. In fact, no other major profession comes even slightly close in those categories.

    So therefore by selecting a drug addict as someone to be her friend, associate, and romantic interest, and then also having her husband Bill Lockyer at least misrepresent, and in fact probably blatantly lie about, the incident at the motel, Nadia Lockyer was merely engaging in lawyer style “thinking,” lawyer style “reasoning,” lawyer style “logic,” lawyer style “ethics,” lawyer style “integrity,” lawyer style commitment to the “truth” and the “facts,” and lawyer style “honesty.”

    (And her husband, in other words Bill Lockyer, is also a lawyer.)

    Of course we earlier saw examples of the same qualities of lawyers in the virtually nonstop misrepresentations and blatant outright lies North Carolina DA Mike Nifong told and engaged in related to the Duke lacrosse team incident, Bill Clinton's nonstop lies that supposedly he did not have a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, John Edwards' nonstop lies that supposedly he did not have a relationship with Rielle Hunter and that he was also not the father of her baby, and the lies of Richard Nixon and the other lawyers in the White House that Nixon and the White House supposedly were not involved in Watergate.

    And Nixon's vice president, in other words Spiro Agnew, and who for decades had been receiving cash bribes, and including while in the White house, was a lawyer.

    In other words for at least a few decades now most lawyers have not been members of any legitimate legal profession, but instead have been full members of a sleazy mafia that is composed primarily of: one, leaches and pathological liars; two, alcoholics; three, weasels; four, windbags; five, yelling screaming maniacs addicted to heroin, cocaine, and meth; six, embezzlers; seven, riffraff and racketeers; and eight, seedy scumbags and scam artists.

    And do you remember Carole Migden's driving and her story that supposedly her beyond horrible driving was supposedly caused by cancer drugs, and supposedly not by being drunk and/or on illegal drugs. Well, Carole Migden's roommate and romantic interest is a lawyer, and in fact one of San Francisco's most prominent lawyers.

    And Mary “The Shoplifter” Hayashi is married to a judge, in other words to a lawyer.

    So if you want the government to stay as sleazy, corrupt, and screwed up as possible, then keep on electing lawyers and close associates of lawyers to pubic office.


  3. The Lockyer plants on this blog are sooo easy to spot…

    Political groupies are so blinded by the political BS, they fail to recall who elected these people to office and why they were elected to office. For you Lockyer groupies out there who are still clueless…an ability to use “good judgment” in all aspects of your life and career was a given when voters cast their votes.

    As mentioned above, you can spin the facts all day long…the fact is Nadia failed on both accounts. Accept it and ask her to do the right thing for the people she failed and embarrassed, and RESIGN.


  4. Stop drinking the Bill Lockyer Kool-Aid! Nadia should recover and resign! It's the best for her and even better for the residents of the county, Spin spin away all you want. Nadia has shown horribld judgment. Time for her to step down!


  5. You commenters do a better job on the discussion than Tavares. Where does he get his info? Is there any room for Nadia to recover in all this? I only saw a dedicated public servant trying to do her best.


  6. There's no fool like an old fool-even if the old fool is a dinosaur powerbroker like Fat Bill Lockyer. At least when he was banging Liz, she did'nt humilate him like Nadia has. Poor Hayward, poor South County, stuck with this slut, dope fiend for a County Supervisor.


  7. By: MW

    I do not think the situation Nadia Lockyer presently is in is really her fault. More specifically, I think it is the fault of the guy in the Personnel office.

    In other words when she walked in and applied for a job, the guy in Personnel obviously did not properly test her and did not properly assess her strengths and weaknesses, and therefore gave her a job on the Board of Supervisors, and rather than with Ringling Brothers as a circus clown and where with her particular talents she would have performed with Olympic gold medal quality.

    Also, some members of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors have been strongly in favor of having medical marijuana clinics, and by using the argument that it would cause the County to garner approx six hundred thousand dollars per year in sales tax. While I myself am strongly opposed to having medical marijuana clinics in our County, however if the Board is that strongly determined to allow anything and everything so as to raise additional sales tax, then I would suggest it put on regular movie nights, and with all proceeds going to the County, in which it would play the tapes of Nadia and her boyfriend in action.

    And since Nadia is both a lawyer and a politician, rather than the tape having some name such as Girls Gone Wild, instead we could name it “Idiot Drug Addicted Politician Gone Wild” or Idiot Drug Addicted Lawyer Gone Wild.”


  8. Tavares,

    Keep up the excellent investigative reporting, you are on a roll.

    I hope your short list includes the relationship between O'Malley and the Lockyer's. O'Malley has implied enough about her behind the scenes prior knowledge and supported by other reports to raise serious questions of an attempted cover-up…of course until it could no longer be covered-up due to Nadia's 911 call from the motel. This one smells bad, really bad!


  9. Like husband, like wife! Except Bill could control the affairs and cover up the resources.

    Karma. I feel bad for the son, and thats it. Oh, and the fools that vote for these POS!


  10. Open Letter to Big Bill,

    Do you really think Nadia should continue in office? Let's look at her judgement. First, she starts an affair. Then she realizes her lover is a psycho loser so she uses county resources to make sure she isn't being stalked. The County DA finds she isn't being stalked. Next or somewhere during this time, she takes pictures and videos of her and said loser bf engaging in sexual relations. Then Feb 3, she allows her loser bf to be near her and your son. And we now know what happened. Finally Nadia goes into rehab? Yet she plans on returning to her public stressful job.

    Oh I don't think we emphasized enough this loser ex/bf is a known longterm Meth head! How's that for picking a good one!?

    Yet you defended Nadia in the Chronicle last week. Do you still feel the same way? Or perhaps your judgment should be in question. Cuz in that letter you restated the silly statement that your wifey was the most qualified for Supervisor. Come on Bill do we have to revisit history there? But let's not digress

    Bill, tell your wife to focus on her well-being and her family. Tell her to stop embarassing Alameda County, the local Democrats, herself., and you. You just need to google to see this is making international news. Be a true leader, swallow your pride and tell her to resign. Be a good hubby and get Nadia out of the public spotlight


  11. I'm going out on a limb here, is it possible Chikhani is a very smart junkie who has the goods on the Lockyer's and is currently working with law enforcement in exchange for some very favorable adjustments to his criminal history. It is much easier to get a good job in the private & public sectors with NO criminal history to report on job applications.

    Let's face it, this guy has proven he has the ability to get into high places in California Politics that no one would have dreamed of a few years ago, and he has saved the evidence to support it. I'm thinking he may just be getting started. And to think, it all started at a Kaiser Rehab center.

    He must be a closet Republican!


  12. I wonder how Lockyer felt when his good friend Schwarzeneger was screwing around with his maid? Two peas in a pod.


  13. Tavares, you must be playing doctor with Bill Lockyer. Why don't you blame him for all of this. It's ALL his fault. He's the only one who wanted her to be supervisor. She would rather be hanging out in motels with a bowl of coke than sit next to those bozos on the board of supevrisors. Maybe he can get back together with Liz.


  14. This is the karma payback for Bill Lockyer screwing the people of California for 40 YEARS!! It couldn't have happened to a bigger slob.


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