Swalwell Releases Rap Song Supporting His Campaign For Congress

Mar. 1, 2012 | Is Eric Swalwell angling for the elusive prepubescent vote? By the way, happy birthday, Justin Bieber!

Councilman Swalwell, the Dublin upstart with designs on ending the four decades-long reign of Rep. Pete Stark in Congress, released a rap song featuring a local budding star named RapperLC.

In the two-minute song, Landon Campbell, apparently very talented young man, raps in support of Swalwell’s candidacy in the 15th congressional district. “Eric, he’s the new model/And wants us to be winners/Just like the lotto,” he quips.

The last time a politician trotted out an original campaign song in these parts, the artist was the candidate herself. Sara Mestas, as her alter ego Mo Willey, ran for mayor of San Leandro in 2010 with this tune.

Below is the track posted Thursday by the campaign. No word if Stark plans on releasing his own single–on vinyl, of course.

UPDATE: Today is also Mestas’s birthday.