Swalwell Releases Rap Song Supporting His Campaign For Congress

Mar. 1, 2012 | Is Eric Swalwell angling for the elusive prepubescent vote? By the way, happy birthday, Justin Bieber!

Councilman Swalwell, the Dublin upstart with designs on ending the four decades-long reign of Rep. Pete Stark in Congress, released a rap song featuring a local budding star named RapperLC.

In the two-minute song, Landon Campbell, apparently very talented young man, raps in support of Swalwell’s candidacy in the 15th congressional district. “Eric, he’s the new model/And wants us to be winners/Just like the lotto,” he quips.

The last time a politician trotted out an original campaign song in these parts, the artist was the candidate herself. Sara Mestas, as her alter ego Mo Willey, ran for mayor of San Leandro in 2010 with this tune.

Below is the track posted Thursday by the campaign. No word if Stark plans on releasing his own single–on vinyl, of course.

UPDATE: Today is also Mestas’s birthday.

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5 replies

  1. I hear Tony Bennett is doing a song for Stark's demographic.


  2. This is now on my top 10 “Weird-Shit-O-Meter” (apologies to Will Smith). I'm just wondering – if Swalwell put in a fraction of the time he spends on the “precious stuff” (ie, sleeve rolling up, coat removal, RAP songs) on something like, oh maybe let's say, POLICY – then we might have something. Look, I'm no huge fan of Pete Stark but given Pete or this yo-yo, I'm going for Pete. At least he has shown policy initiative and a commitment to his job.


  3. Pete is just an OLD 80 year old man that's out of touch with everything and don't even live here. Eric is just using every angle he can to win an election. Nothing new for candidates to use musicians/entertainers to help with their campaigns. It will create the buzz that is needed even if the people hate the song or skit it will bring the viewers. Each person must use their own investigative skills and check on what these candidates promises or really have to offer. Stop having your son posts on here STARK! Listen to retired Alameda County Sheriff Plumber and bow down. PDG


  4. I love this song!!!!! It is so good. Good luck Eric! Rapperlc really needs to be heard.

    Everyone, please go on iTunes and comment on his songs! http://www.tinyurl.com/rapperlcitunes


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