Hayashi Rents Castro Valley Home To Employee, Chancellor Of Chabot College

Mar. 14, 2012 | Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi’s home, high in the Castro Valley hills, offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire East Bay. Except it’s not Hayashi enjoying the view, but two close colleagues who both earn lucrative state-funded salaries. According to recently released public finance records, Hayashi rents the four-bedroom, three-bath townhouse, assessed at around $500,000, to the chancellor of Chabot College, Joel Kinnamon, and his longtime partner, Christopher Parman, who also is Hayashi’s district coordinator. While the deal may be legal, it raises ethical questions surrounding a member of the Assembly also acting as a landlord to her subordinate and a prominent academic administrator within her district. Between them, Kinnamon and Parman, who are legally married, take home nearly $400,000 annually in taxpayer money — a portion of which then goes to Hayashi in the form of rent…


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  1. I commented earlier; I am not excited about this one. Mary can rent to whomever she wants as long as it is for fair rent paid in area. I don't see any real discount here so no foul. Tony Santos


  2. So Hayashi has a rental home, she charges rent, she collects rent, she fully discloses that she earns rent somewhere between $10K – $100K, and the FPPC says she complies with the law.

    Really Tavares! C'mon…


  3. clearly neither of the two above posters read the story carefully, or better yet, read between the lines.

    The ? of fair market rent verses agreed to rent, verses what is actually collected seems to be unanswered.

    Will Mary “fully” disclose the truth?? My guess she did not respond to Taveres request to discuss the matter?


  4. “Or, it could become an instrument for a public official to funnel taxpayer funds through an employee to her own personal coffers in the form of rent payments.”

    Would it matter any if it was money coming from a public official or not? As long as she is paid then who cares if it is “taxpayer dollars” or earned in the private sector. This sentence suggests that she is purposely scheming to not just rent to people for income but to rent to public officials for taxpayer dollars for….What reason?


  5. So where does Mary Hayashi live??? And more importantly where does her husband Dennis live. These are questions that Tavares hasn't answered.


  6. Click the link to the Expreaa article, and you'll see that Mary and Dennis now live in Hayward.


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