Quirk, Green Taking It To The Streets In The 20th Assembly District

Mar. 19, 2012 | The best way to discern who the next representative for the 20th Assembly District may not come by way of the candidate who receives the most votes, but which one has worn the most rubber from the soles of their shoes.

Inclement weather of late may be stymieing the candidate’s ability to participate in effective retail campaigning, but voters in Hayward, Fremont and Union City, get ready! Here come the candidates!

Two-term Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk said he began walking precincts in late February. Union City Mayor Mark Green said he began a slow rollout a week later. Expect newcomers Jennifer Ong, Sarabjit Cheema and Luis Reynoso, the lone Republican in the field, to also come knocking–doorknob hangers in hand.

Green’s focus on walking door-to-door, handing out campaign literature and generally schmoozing with the electorate, is a huge wildcard in this race. During his 2010 run for Alameda County supervisor, Green, without much fanfare, came within a few hundred votes of advancing to the general election against Nadia Lockyer.

“I don’t have the money they have,” says Green, who will run as independent this year. Green says he can think of more efficient ways to be spending time and money on the campaign trail, but this method has done him well in the past. “I don’t think it’s the best way to use time, but it works.”

Green knocked on over 6,200 doors, he says, during his near-second place primary finish in 2010. Quirk has the same game plan in mind for introducing himself to as many voters as possible.

“The plan is to contact voters and get as many volunteers as we can to help knock on doors and not worry about anything else,” said Quirk. “There are over 400,000 households in the district. It’s impossible to visit them all. You can only do 2,000 homes in a year.”

When told that Quirk, in his clinical and scientific estimation, claimed a individual could only possibly visit around 2,000 homes in any given year, Green said with a chuckle, “I think Bill needs to do more walking.”

One thought on “Quirk, Green Taking It To The Streets In The 20th Assembly District

  1. handled right, a candidate should be able to hit 500-600 homes a week. one must start at around 2pm and catch as many people as possible home. fifty homes a day is easy picking and if you have just 10 voluteers a day, a candidate can hit 500 homes a day; the more volunteers you have the better. Actually, candidates should only walk weekends if possible. Here you would need five or six volungteers per precinct to do it this way. the more the merrier. to the best walker goes victory. Dave karp, former Mayor of San Leandro walked every house in San Leandro when he ran for Mayor; I did the same in 1984. I had my family and the folks from SOS walk with me. One weekend, just putting leaflits on doors, we did 10,000 houses in a weekend. Tony Santos


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