Stark Addresses Non-Believers At Atheist Rally In D.C.

Mar. 26, 2012 | Rep. Pete Stark is none too shy to back up his beliefs, even when they run counter to a very touchy subject–religion. In this case, the lack of Stark’s belief in a supreme being.

“When I disclosed this fact about five years ago, people said it was political suicide–hardly,” Stark said last Saturday at the Reason Rally, an assemblage of atheists, humanists and non-believers in Washington, D.C.

The rally also featured Richard Hawkins, author of the “The God Delusion” and a video by comedian Bill Maher.

In an election year, where Stark’s seat in Congress could be in more jeopardy than it has in over three decades, the reminder of his unique moniker as the highest-ranking atheist in government might be unpleasant news for many new voters in the more conservative Tri Valley area. Stark, tough, thinks voters are worried about other things.

“My constituents are more concerned about jobs, about the environment, about educating our children. These are the important things that troubling them, not whether they go to the temple, the mosque or the church. That isn’t on their mind,” he said.

Stark also took aim at the large contingent of religious right wing members of Congress who have taken their message to include the role of God in the public discussion of governance. “I’ve noticed ironically that the more a member of Congress talks about religion, the less they do to help people.

Edited video of Stark’s remarks at the Reason Rally are below:

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3 replies

  1. By MW:

    1. In regard to whether or not it could have turned out to have been political suicide for Pete Stark to admit he was an atheist.

    First of all in many parts of the Bay area, and including the section of the East Bay that Pete Stark represents, in virtually all instances as long as the person running for election or re election is a Democrat, the sheeple here will automatically vote for him no matter what.

    In fact in such districts as Pete Stark's we could save a lot of money by not even having elections, but instead just declare being a Republican illegal and Unconstitutional, and also automatically declare whoever the local branch of the Democratic Party selects as its nominee to also be the winner of the general election, and without even bothering to actually have a real general election. That would save everybody a lot of time and money, and instead of us continuing to go thru the phony and choreographed charades of pretending that the sheeple in such districts as Pete Stark's actually consider and think about the issues before going into the voting booth, SINCE IN REALITY ALL THEY ACTUALLY DO, AND DUE TO BEING THE “INTELLIGENT” AND “THINKING” LIBERALS THAT THEY ARE, IS AUTOMATICALLY VOTR FOR WHOEVER THE LOCAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY TELLS THEM TO.

    2. I vehemently and extremely strenuously object to Stark's comment that, “I've noticed ironically that the more a member of Congress talks about religion, the less they do to help people.” In other words, I think he should show a lot more respect for his fellow phonies, demagogues, and charlatans that he has the “honor” and “privilege” of serving with.


  2. As long as there are welfare loving assholes in any great number to vote for Pete Stark, he will get re-elected. Been going on for 40 years.


  3. Perhaps we citizens represented by Stark have continued to give him easy election victories because most of us believe that there is true freedom of faith in our country, and there should be no litmus test for politicians' religious beliefs.

    I would be interested in hearing MW's justifications for his objections to Stark's statement in the first sentence of his #2 item.


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