Mar. 28, 2012 | Welcome to the Dark Side, Assemblyman Fletcher.

“From the moment Assemblymember Fletcher took office, he has consistently put the people of San Diego, and the people of California above partisan politics,” said Assembly Speaker John Perez in welcoming the now-former member of the Republican Party. Fletcher is currently running for mayor of San Diego.

Although, Fletcher jumped ship he told the Sacramento press he will not caucus with either party and hopes to maintain his various committee seats.

If the San Diego lawmaker is able to be an island in the Capitol’s turbulent sea, will he be able to make it a hospitable place for another potential independent next year?

Asm. Nathan Fletcher

Flethcher’s independent streak will sound very familiar to voters in the new 20th Assembly District, especially those whose doorways have been darkened by Union City Mayor Mark Green. The candidate is actually Fletcher in reverse and a full-blown Scott Haggerty.

Green recently left the Democratic Party and will appear on the June primary ballot as “no party preference.” When asked recently, despite his new non-partisan moniker, which party he would caucus with, Green said neither.

“Democrats won’t like me because I might want to be more austere when it comes to the budget,” he said. “Republicans might not like me because I don’t have nightmares about taxes. I’ve raised taxes before in Union City when it was warranted.”

If elected, Green might not find a Democratic leadership so thrilled to see him. If the Republican Party’s response today to Fletcher’s decision is any indication, Green won’t be met with open arms. In a one-sentence statement, Republican Senate Leader Connie Conway (R-Tulare) said, “Nathan has made this decision and we accept it.”

Five-word translation: “You’re dead to us, Nathan!”