AD20 Preview: The Race To Replace Mary Hayashi

April 4, 2012 | When it comes to political representation, residents of San Leandro, Castro Valley, Hayward, and Union City have endured a brutal six months. It began last October, when their longtime Assemblywoman, Mary Hayashi, was caught shoplifting $2,500 worth of clothing from Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. Hayashi ultimately pled guilty, but her legal troubles and public embarrassments have left her Assembly district without effective representation in Sacramento. Indeed, if Hayashi were not termed out of office later this year, there probably would be a recall campaign against her.

But she is being termed out, and so five candidates are vying to replace her in what promises to be an interesting showdown among contrasting characters and styles, featuring a wonky former astrophysicist, a gregarious longtime mayor, and an optometrist/political operative. After the June election, the top-two finishers, regardless of party affiliation, will compete in a November runoff…


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  1. By MW:

    I think if an elected official is unusually outstanding and definitely a serious contender for the very greatest of all time, and such as for instance Mary Hayashi and Nadia Lockyer, and to give two examples, then he or she should not be subject to term limits.

    In other words not even Barnum and Bailey's Ringling Brothers operation ever had circus clowns that could even begin to match Hayashi and Nadia. And since most politicians these days are not good for anything other than being clowns and providing silly entertainment, we should even add circus clown politicians to the Olympics, and then Hayashi and Nadia could be Alameda County's entries in the competition, and hopefully they would both bring home gold medals.

    Then all of us residents of Alameda County could be so proud and even sell, buy, and wear sweatshirts proclaiming our county to be the home of the biggest and greatest circus clown politicians in the entire world.

    (NOTE: However we would not allow The Sovereign State of the People's Republic of San Francisco's politicians in the competition, since when it comes to total insanity and ultra extreme craziness, and especially among its professional circus clown politicians, SF is not even the same universe, let alone the same world, as the rest of amateurs.)

    However getting back specifically to Hayashi and Nadia, since virtually every branch of goverment is insisting that it is extremely short of money, we could make Hayashi and Nadia's primary job while they are on the government payroll of going on stage in nightclubs and on pay TV and telling funny stories, since the lies, er, excuse me, I mean the funny stories, they could tell would make much better entertainment than anything any Hollywood actor, actress, or comedian could produce.


  2. I think of other adjectives to describe Quirk other than wonky.


  3. I think it's a mistake not to recall Hayashi right now. Why let her serve out her term? What's the purpose of that? She is a public leader and she broke the law. Send a message to other criminal politicians that the public will not put up with this stuff. This leniency makes other politicians think that it is okay to break the law too..just have powerful friends and you will be forgiven. Essentially, all of the politicians in Alameda County have been around for way too long. We need new blood. Politicians are like a baby's diaper, both need to be changed frequently. After Hiyashi and Lockyer, Nate Miley needs to go. He's corrupt and uses his position to get money for his ladies (yes, plural) and his family members. Maybe he should even head out before the two ladies. I don't understand why no one serious will run and oppose him. Can we write someone in on the ballot? He's disgusting.


  4. you need to write in chuck norris so he will go in and start whooping some tail


  5. Ladies and gentlemen, your modern Republican Party supporter. Yes, what we need is Walker, Texas Ranger to start kicking political opponents in the head. Would you like him to smack around voters in Alameda County while he's at it, Anonymous?

    There a lot of people in the conservative movement who advocate violence as a settlement of political disputes. Many have taken this to heart and committed terroristic murders, maimings and bombings in recent years. Timothy McVeigh is the most notorious in a list that gets longer all the time.


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