April 15, 2012 | Just three days after sending an email to a local reporter so shocking that the newspapers feared for her safety, embattled Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer appeared in public Saturday night in Fremont with her husband, State Treasurer Bill Lockyer.

The couple attended a Democratic fundraiser at Ohone College in Fremont Saturday in honor of Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski. It is believed to be the Lockyers first public appearance since reports surfaced linking her to drug and alcohol abuse in early February.

Attendees of the event say the Lockyers appeared to be putting on a happy public face in front of some of their long-time supporters just as stories of their private life continue to make headlines. Last Thursday, a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News wrote of receiving an email from Nadia Lockyer suggesting her husband supplied her with drugs long before meeting her now ex-boyfriend, Steve Chikhani. She ominously ended the message by saying, “I simply can’t bear this any longer. Goodbye to everyone.” The remark sparked a call to Hayward Police, who later found Lockyer safe at home. She later admitted writing a portion of the email, but denied sending it. Lockyer later claimed Chikhani hacked into her phone, added references to Bill and sent it to the reporter.

Photos from the Democratic soiree posted on Wieckowski’s Facebook page show one photo of the couple seated in the distance and enjoying the night’s program. Another image shows a who’s who of East Bay Democratic leaders, including the Lockyers, posing on stage, all raising a thumbs up to camera.