Sutter Health Issues A Statement Regarding San Leandro Hospital

April 19, 2012 | Sutter Health issued a brief statement Thursday afternoon regarding San Leandro Hospital:

We are pleased that the California Supreme Court elected not to hear the District’ s appeal, and that the District’s claim that the 2008 agreements were void due to a supposed conflict of interest is finally resolved. Sutter Health has maintained from the outset that the 2008 agreements were lawfully entered into by the District, and are binding and enforceable agreements. It was terribly costly, and an unfortunate use of assets, for the District to argue otherwise. Sutter Health has honored its obligations under the 2008 agreements, including the construction of a 130 bed state of the art hospital at a cost of $320 million dollars. We expect the District to now honor its obligations under these agreements. To that end, we will be evaluating all options relative to the future use of San Leandro Hospital and the resolution of our claims against the District for monetary damages and attorneys’ fees.

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  1. Now that Sutter has one the fist fight they are now going to stomp on the face of the districts limp unconscious body like a ghetto street fight. Real class, Sutter


  2. Sutter should clean out the bank acct of the health district. Way back the district was told by their attorney that they would lose this fight with sutter. They fired that attorney and higher another, who has probably made millions on this case,

    The ETHD does not deserve the public trust, they should be investigated for mismanaging the money entrusted to them. Sutter of dubious ethics would be a better stewart of the money, how hard is that to say, then those fools on the board, headed by the biggest fool Carole Rogers.

    Follow the money, it aint going to patient care.


  3. You are wrong. The legal fees the District has incurred, and whatever money Sutter may extract from them in the future, has been necessary to keep all SLH services open. Sutter announced they would close the hospital in 2009. The lawsuit was the only thing that prevented them from doing so, sInce Sutter was unwilling to negotiate reasonably.


  4. To the poster of 4/20/12 4:45 pm, where do you get your facts and what do you know about ethics ? Lets start from the beginning, how many ETHD meetings did you attend, because I did attend those meetings and I dont remember seeing any anonymous attendees, all I saw were interested parties, so I am left to wonder where did you get your facts, only a fool would say the things you do since you were never at the meetings of the ETHD, secondly the board deserves applause for their relentless struggle to keep the much needed hospital open and running, I think the closest thing that came to being the truth was your saying Sutters dubious ethics, I would ask you to google Sutter Lawsuits, I think you will see that this effort by Sutter is not just the first time Sutter has been in courts, and also it is not the first time that they have tried to close a needed hospital, it is a shame that we have such wimps in our community that they would post anonymously comments such as yours, and make such ignorant statements especially since they dont attend the ETHD meetings and find out what is really going on, and you are also allowed to voice your opinions there and not hide behind anonymous on the EBC site. John Kalafatich ( PAPA JOHN )


  5. Oh John don't you mean to say that you would have been out of a job sooner. come on, isn't about your employment?


  6. It is none of your business ,whether it is our employment or not . You are just jealous because Sutter pays us big money !! We are professional
    people . We deserve it . SLH is not going to close !! You jealous freak .


  7. no court in this state has agreed with you


  8. Set aside the legalities; it should be easy to do, if you have any humanity at all. Sutter can afford to provide the subsidy to maintain all SLH services. They've made billions of dollars in profit in the last decade; the subsidy for SLH would be peanuts for them.

    Why are you rooting for a hospital to close?

    What is wrong with you?

    Why shouldn't people be worried about jobs?

    What is wrong with you?


  9. This is for anonymous post 4/21 6:54, what makes you think my job should enter into this issue, do you know me or anything about me, because I sure dont know you, and I guess I never will since you continue to remain anonymous. I am also not the only one who would lose their job, their insurance, and all of their other benefits. So while my job and possibly my future could be jeopardized, that is not the whole story here, I guess you are sitting pretty wherever and whoever you are, but one day there could be tragedy enter your life and if you are a local resident, you could lose your life because they had to take you somewhere farther than this hospital. So think about this anonymous, it might be a good idea for you to remain anonymous because if we do lose our jobs, we might come calling on you. I figure you are pretty well set so jobs are not to much of a concern for you. Well lets just hope for you and everyone else in this community that there is an awakening by Sutter about the consequences of closing this hospital and where these poor and uninsured or poorly insured residents will go, Welcome to the new Sutter Castro Valley Hospital. John Kalafatich ( PAPA JOHN )


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