Hayashi Inquired About Open County Supervisors Seat

April 24, 2012 | Neither Neiman Marcus security, misdemeanor, nor benign brain tumor can stop the political aspirations of Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi.

The Citizen has learned Hayashi personally contacted three of the four remaining Alameda County supervisors about replacing former supervisor Nadia Lockyer, who resigned last Friday.

Hayashi’s name was reported on a short-list of possible candidates for the interim position last weekend in The Citizen, but the extent of her interest was not know until Tuesday.

A county source, though, said, “She would never get it,” but the political chutzpah of the infamous assemblywoman is as much bewildering as it is shocking. It was only in late October 2011 that San Francisco Police nabbed Hayashi shoplifting $2,450 in high end clothing from Neiman Marcus in Union Square. She plead guilty to a misdemeanor last January and then dropped a bombshell when her lawyer revealed she was struggling with a benign brain tumor.

There was no answer today at Hayashi’s district office.

Hayashi is termed out of the assembly at the end of this year. Because of a two-year open window until she could potentially run for state senate in 2014, her options as public official are dwindling along with public support.

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  1. Mary has $800,000 in a state senate campaign account. She is not going to sit in a rocking chair for two years.


  2. She has money, but how much would it cost to run off copies of her mugshot for every house in the senate district? Not much.


  3. Mary is a very legitimate threat (and I use threat in the negative way) to winning the Supervisor seat. If the board appoints Gail Steele to serve until november, then Mary will run. Make no mistake, she has the money to create slick flyers that tout her legislative accomplishments, she will push on the County Dems to endorse and we have seen the County Dems cave in before (Nadia over more experienced elected Dems). Hayashi will be a factor. And if she wins, then she is pretty set for the rest of her career. But the County will suffer from her style of politics.


  4. She and Torrico are the biggest jokes –self-promotional blowhards. This county needs people who put public service ahead of their own vanity.


  5. she must think voters are stupid and dont remember her crime drama too!! think again sweetie. by the way isnt her husband an elected judge too?? why hasnt she resigned like nadia? these nutbags need to go away


  6. Can we just review the only public comment Mary Hayashi has made in the past 6 months, her famous “apology” press release.

    A few gems from that statement,

    “I offer apologies, not excuses”

    “I unintentionally walked out of a store with items I had not paid for”

    “I made this absentminded error”

    “My medical condition may have complicated the situation” (she has never released anything on this condition to the public or the court)

    But the following is my favorite–

    “Losing track of how fast you are driving is no excuse for speeding. And losing track of clothing I was purchasing is no excuse for walking out of a store without paying”

    I'm sure all the voters can identify with Mary's simple lack of attention.
    After all, we've all driven 45 mph in a 35 mph zone, and Mary's theft of $2,500 of goods is roughly comparable.
    I'm sure we all agree.

    I'm thinking Mary lives in a world, in a legislature, and with a staff, where everyone smiles at her.
    Any wonder she hasn't yet made a public appearance where the citizens can question her?


  7. I didn't think I could be stunned by much anymore but I am. We have just lived through the Hayashi and Lockyer nightmares and “Nightmare 1” asked us to start it all over again. She really is delusional! My husband looked at me a couple of weeks ago and said “how much more do we have to deal with in this cracker-box-palace of an area.” A well placed question.


  8. By MW:

    Since Mary Hayashi is being termed out and Nadia just flunked out, perhaps Nadia and Hayashi could trade jobs.

    In other words we could pretend that the AC Board of Supervisors and the California State Assembly are each a baseball team (or perhaps a circus with circus clowns would be a better analogy), and the general managers of each could work out a trade of, “I will trade you my circus clown for your circus clown.”

    Or if they can't be “traded” to another “team,” then perhaps the AC Board of Supervisors could attempt to sell the very talented and extremely versatile Nadia Lockyer – in other words she can get drunk, she can take drugs, she can lie, and she can make a total fool of herself with the very best of them – for a price of ten cents or best offer.

    And the State Assembly also could see if anyone would be foolish enough to pay ten cents to buy Mary Hayashi.


  9. The average voter does not pay attention to politics until right before the election nor is their memory long-term.

    Hayashi and her political machine knows this and will craft a sleek campaign which espouses what a great Assemblymember she was. She will have the backing of the politicos of the area because we've seen them roll over time and time again. The County Dem Party will back her cuz they are scared of her and want her to contribute money to them.

    Mary will probably have a million dollars in her campaign fund by the fall. She will be formidable.

    It's up to those of us who pay attention to spread the word. Tell your family, friends, and neighbors, Mary is a trainwreck. No way she should be on the Board of Supes.


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