Assembly Candidate Questions His Opponent’s Ties To The Lockyer Scandal

April 27, 2012 | Independent 20th Assembly district candidate Mark Green wants to talk about Nadia Lockyer and he says his opponent, Democrat Bill Quirk, should have known about her problems with substance abuse during the 2010 Alameda County supervisorial race since Quirk was her campaign treasurer.

“How about all the money [Bill Lockyer] forked over after June [2010], knowing his wife, the candidate, was in drug rehabilitation,” said Green last Wednesday, referring to the $1.8 million Bill Lockyer used to fund his wife’s supervisorial campaign. Green is currently mayor of Union City and was also a candidate for supervisor along with Nadia Lockyer back in 2010.

“Now who thinks Quirk didn’t know that?” said Green. “He was her treasurer. What was his personal judgment on this? Is he (A) blind, or (B) blind to his allegiance to the party and to the Lockyers?”

On Friday, Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk said Green’s comments are “clearly campaign rhetoric” and “It is time to leave Nadia alone.”

“She is a private citizen in recovery trying to be a good mom,” he said.

After Nadia Lockyer’s stunning fall from grace last week that resulted in her resignation April 20 from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, the Lockyer brand is certainly in need of a reboot. But, Green’s attempt to make their recent failings a campaign issue is the first move by a candidate searching for weaknesses within Bill Lockyer’s once prodigious support in the East Bay. Quirk’s assembly campaign is endorsed by both Bill and Nadia Lockyer.

Green also faulted Bill Lockyer’s judgment over his wife’s 2010 campaign while she struggled with addiction. In a report last week, Nadia Lockyer admitted she was in rehab some time around the June 2010 primary, which she won. Green said Lockyer should be removed from his position as California state treasurer for urging her along in spite of her illness. “He knew that she was in drug rehabilitation and he still push her down everyone’s throat,” said Green. “He kept saying she’s a worthy candidate and vote for her. From a societal point, he should be called on that and shouldn’t be in office.”

The fear of political reprisals from the Lockyers is less likely for Green, a former long-time Democrat who left the party last year to become an independent. Nevertheless, his disdain for the party’s power structure is still clearly evident. A certain frostiness also exists between Green and Quirk, who has the full-backing of the Democratic Party going into the June 5 primary. In fact, Green continued his attack by mocking Quirk’s more serious, professorial public persona following last Wednesday’s candidate’s debate at Cal State East Bay in Hayward.

“He’s not exactly David Letterman, is he? He’s not Mr. Charisma. He’s not the type you have a drink with. You’re not going to go on a fishing trip with Bill Quirk,” Green said before pausing to grin. “There’s no excitement there.”

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  1. You must admit, Green brings up a very good point as it relates to Quirk's involvement in the Lockyer scandal and the apparent cover-up that led voters to believe Nadia Lockyer was the best person for the ALCO BOS.

    I believe it would be in the voters best interest to avoid any candidate with ties to the Lockyer's until the State AG releases their report or presses charges related to this matter. Electing Quirk may lead to a second scandal if he is later implicated in misuse of campaign funds in an effort to cover-up Nadia's addictions, or god fore bid, used to acquire drugs or further enable Nadia's addictions.

    For all those that don't read national news, there is a trial currently underway involving former Pres. candidate Edwards having many of the same revelations and allegations that are rumored to be hanging over the Lockyer's at present.

    People of Alameda County, don't make the same mistake twice!!


  2. Interesting comment by Green; Mark normally is quick with a quip and he uses it here. Lockyers probably not in position to respond. problem is AGs investigation probably will not be completed in time for Green to makehay out his comments. Tony Santos


  3. By MW:

    While I do not really know anything about Bill Quirk, however I am “extremely impressed” to learn that: one, he is the choice of both Bill and Nadia Lockyer; and two, some people actually think we should give Bill Quirk and his candidacy a lot of respect since he is endorsed by and the choice of Nadia Lockyer.

    Frankly if I was running for public office and thought the voters had IQ's higher than their shoe sizes, if I was the choice of Nadia Lockyer I would request that she not tell anybody I was her choice, or better yet that instead she told all potential voters that she thought my opponent was the best candidate. Since I could think of no higher and better recommendation than to have Nadia Lockyer “find” my qualifications “lacking” and for her to also “think” my opponent was the better choice.

    In fact in all future elections any time I do not have time to study the issues and candidates, I think I will then just ask Nadia Lockyer for her opinion on what she thinks is the proper way to vote, and then I will just vote the opposite of whatever she recommends.

    NOTE: In regard to “experts” similar to Nadia Lockyer, I used to watch a TV show that featured a particular stock market “expert” whose judgement was so extremely deficient, that therefore you could be almost one hundred percent certain that whichever stocks he gave his very strongest recommendations to were almost certain to totally collapse, and whichever companies and stocks he predicted were going to completely collapse instead would do great.

    So if I were Bill Quirk and had the backing of Nadia Lockyer, I would request that she not tell anybody.


  4. Thank you Mark Green to say the right thing.


  5. Quirk's “involvement” in the Lockyer scandal? Wow, that's pretty horrible. What “involvement”?

    It's not as horrible as what Mark Green said, however.


  6. I dunno maybe if more people had ask tougher questions Nadia's problems could have been identified sooner. But no anything to get in Bill's good graces.

    What does Quirk expect? He commits to a relative unknown over a colleague with more experience and ties to the community. He takes a leadership role in her campaign. It's fair to ask. Did you see something that caused you concern? Maybe Green could have phrased it better.


  7. If Quirk has any hope of avoiding the quick-sand of the Lockyer scandal, he better come clean now.

    As any good criminal prosecutor will tell you, “just follow the money”…and oh is their plenty of money to follow in the Lockyer scandal.


  8. Mark Green sounds desperate. This sounds like “guilt by association.” everybody dislikes Mark Green


  9. to 9:08pm…

    speaking of desperate…”everybody dislikes Mark Green” is as desperate as it gets….surely you don't believe you are speaking for “everybody”?

    Quirk's ONLY hope is to go on the record about what he knows and what role he played…playing cat and mouse with the public leads to a road currently being traveled by Hayashi and Lockyer…do you want to join them Mr. Quirk?


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