Young Dogged By Another Alleged Misdeed Over False Endorsement

May 8, 2012 | Last October, Carolyn Thomas-Russell, the executive director of one of the Bay Area’s most noteworthy nonprofit organizations, met 18th Assembly District candidate Joel Young for the first and only time, she said. Thomas-Russell was among a large group of supporters at Everett & Jones restaurant in Oakland’s Jack London district for an annual event held by her nonprofit, A Safe Place, which helps victims of domestic violence. Young spoke at the time about his aspirations for replacing termed-out Assemblyman Sandré Swanson in Sacramento, and recounted his own story of allegedly being victimized by an ex-girlfriend. Thomas-Russell listened to Young’s pitch and wished him luck. However, other than a few invitations from the Young campaign to attend a fundraiser, for which she said she did not respond, Thomas-Russell never paid much attention to Young or their conversation — that is, until three weeks ago…


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  1. Now we know why Goodwin's been active on here lately. Nice try Mark. But can't defect attention from the shadiness of Joel Young.


  2. By MW:

    Joel Young is a lawyer.

    And over the years having seen such characters, er, excuse me, I mean such practitioners of the “honorable profession of law,” in action as Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, Fred “The Corrupt Money Launderer” Baron, Nadia Lockyer, John Edwards, Bill “I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman” Clinton, Charlie Rangel, and William “Cash In The Freezer” Jefferson, I have now become convinced that Joel Young, and due to the fact that he is a lawyer, would not lie, misinform, deliberately deceive, or try to pull anything.


  3. To me, a candidate's record of action in office and policy proposals are what matters. I'm going to continue to try to start a conversation about that with anyone who will listen. I recognize some would rather turn the discussion away from the decisions candidates made as elected officials and I can't control that.


  4. The coverup here is bigger than the crime.


  5. Mark,

    Sooooo a candidate can have carte blache to act however they like? Is that is what you are saying?


  6. I really would like to see Mr. Tavares take Mr. Goodwin up on his offer. We keep reading about Mr. Young's character flaws, but nothing about what he can do if he takes office. Mr. Young deserves a fair chance to speak on all these issues and truthfully there are many who would like to hear what he has to say.


  7. I'd like to see that too. Hey Steven, when a fellow blogger Zennie Abraham posted a blog about the restraining order being dismissed, you wrote Joel an email claiming that we had bribed Zennie and that he was known in “professional journalist circles to be for hire.” He's since written critical posts and endorsed Guillen for the race. Still think he's on our payroll?

    Better question, are you getting paid by Guillen?


  8. Goodwin spends a lot of time on here. Perhaps more time on campaign instead of focusing on Tavares would be time better spent.

    And you never answered the carte blanche question.


  9. When I was in journalism school they never, ever provided guidance on how to react to a candidate and his manager trying to campaign against a reporter. If Mark Goodwin wants to stand with Zany Abraham in their corner, then so be it. Everyday gets weirder with the Young campaign and in a couple of weeks we'll have a better handle for explaining what is going on behind the scenes with them.

    I'm just doing my job and frankly covering Joel Young is not an enjoyable experience–maybe fun for the readers–but, not for me.


  10. The problem is Joel Young really has no record of note in office; neither has he done anything in the community. His biggest AC Transit accomplishment was bailing out in that board's largest contract vote by taking a (short-lived) paid job with a labor organization that ceated a conflict of interest had he fulfilled his responsibilities as an AC Transit board member – some view this as, by design, his way of ducking the issue – just what we need in Sacramento these days…


  11. I share Steven's astonishment with Goodwin's statements on these comments threads. They're, well, unusual.

    Let's recall, though, the candidate himself took confidential questionnaires completed by Guillen and Bonta and provided them directly to business groups, even though Joel had completed the same questionnaire himself in his pursuit of the same Labor endorsement. He wasn't savvy enough to get one of his operatives to do this dirty business, not that savviness in service of such an agenda would be a virtue. Even some of the business groups were taken aback at the utter lack of ethics that Young displayed by doing that.

    So, it becomes less surprising that Young's campaign matches the candidate: lacking in trustworthiness and political wisdom.


  12. Steven and Anonymous poster (6:47):

    I raised this in another thread, but I didn't get an answer. As someone new to the area, I'm wondering where I can go to get *actual* news that could help me decide among the candidates in this election. All of you are only covering the process without covering the substance of the issues on which the election should depend, and I think that you have failed us as journalists. This, and, unfortunately, all the other blogs or papers I could find covering the race read like insider rumor mills. An example: should I really believe that anonymous (3:36 PM), who wrote about a “paid job with a labor organization..” isn't a political insider? The only difference between him and Mark Godwin seems to be that Godwin isn't anonymous and is responding directly to things in your actual article in an open way.

    Second, I didn't even understand exactly what anonymous (6:47) meant until I did a google search and turned up another posting on this blog, but I gather that it involves a confidential questionnaire for a labor union endorsement. Are you telling me that these labor unions give secret questionnaires to candidates that are supposed to be secret from the voters or other constituents?? Doesn't this mean that a candidate could make a secret deal with one group and that nobody woudl ever know about it? I think that's the real scandal! I wouldn't even care about all these endorsements, but now I wonder what is being promised in exchange for them. I noticed, by the way, that the anonymous poster capitalizes “Labor.”

    This is a real education about how political campaigns work, but I am really quite desperate to get some actual information about the issues. The issues that matter to me are:

    1. jobs and economic recovery in San Leandro and Oakland,
    specially in the new green economy
    2. equality for women in the workforce
    3. fixing the education system
    4. community healthcare
    5. the state funding crisis
    6. things that an assembly representative (not the President of the US!) can actually do at a local level to influence these issues I care about.

    You guys, the journalists and political insiders, tell me where I can go to get this information. Why can't you write articles about these issues?

    -Marcie Peterkin


  13. The problem with the SEIU questionnaire was that Young was courting their endorsement and received it along with Bonta and Guillen. Essentially, he was vying for their backing and then backstabbing their other 2 candidates behind their back. Many believe it was probably the most detrimental mistake he made to his campaign for assembly. Lots of anger and mistrust has come from it.


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