Assembly Speaker Names Hayashi To Special State Reorganization Committee

May 16, 2012 | The beginning of Mary Hayashi’s political comeback may be underway. Assembly Speaker John Perez announced the appointment Wednesday of Hayashi to the special committee to explore the governor’s proposal to reorganize the executive branch. She is among 12 assembly committee members and one of two from the Bay Area. The other is Alamo Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan.

Despite pleading no contest last February to shoplifting $2,450 from a San Francisco Neiman Marcus and intimating a previously undisclosed benign brain tumor made her do it, Hayashi managed to hold on to her chairmanship of the Assembly Business, Professions, and Consumer Protection Committee. Perez and Hayashi are known to be political allies. Apparently, the two are also karaoke partners, as this infamous video of the two and other lawmakers lip-synching Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” on a tour bus last year shows.

The appointment comes weeks after it was reported she queried Alameda County supervisors about replacing Nadia Lockyer on the board and thereby setting off a firestorm of speculation and fear among potential November challengers that she will use over $800,000 in campaign coffers to win the seat in November. Hayashi is termed out of the assembly in December.

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  1. You see junior. Crime does pay. Hayashi..Go get'em girl.Now nothing surprises me with the corruption in our elected officials.

    So if I get arrested at Nordstrom I will get a great job too?? Now I see hoe we can cure unemployment. Just shoplift then you get a job.


  2. Since her arrest for felony shoplifting, this woman has yet to appear at a event where a citizen could ask her a question.

    She has only shown up to programs where she briefly introduces someone, then she quickly slips out the back door. No questions.

    No professional reporters have interviewed her.
    Essentially she has been in hiding for over 6 months. Only issuing PR Wire releases saying she has given a reward to someone for something.
    Blah, blah, blah, “person of the year” for some group.

    So insulated from the public's disgust with her, that she actually thinks they'll all forget what happened.
    Does she really think we don't have copies of her press release issued the Monday following her “late” Friday sentencing.
    That press release, her ONLY comment on the entire matter.

    In it she throws out excuse after excuse and once again hints at her “brain tumor” as a cause.
    A “brain tumor” which she has never shown the public or the courts has any reality in fact.
    A “brain tumor” that the head of neuro-surgery at UC Davis Medical School, says, IF it existed, would not cause a person to shoplift.

    Mary thinks the public are fools that would believe her statement where she says

    “I unintentionally walked out of a store”
    “I intended to purchase what I had, but I didn't”
    “My medical condition may have complicated the situation”
    “I made this absentminded error”

    Or the favorite..

    “Losing track fo how fast you are driving is no excuse for speeding. And losing track of clothing I was purchasing is no excuse for walking out of a store without paying”—
    (meaning that driving 45 mph in a 35 mph zone is about the same as walking into a store and stealing $2,500 worth of merchandise)

    Sure Mary, we all agree. By gosh, we've already forgotten about the entire incident.


  3. Hey Steven, if one were moved to send a letter, a letter, NOT an email, demanding the resignation of this lady, to whom should one send it?


  4. By MW:

    Committees often have subcommittees. And in such cases it is usually some of the subcommittees, and rather than the whole committee, in which most of the work gets done and most of the member time is spent.

    So I therefore recommend Mary Hayashi be appointed the chairwoman of a special subcommittee whose main responsibilities will be: one, monitoring department store security and determining if any of their security guards commit any “offenses,” and such as for instance embarrassing shoplifters, for which those security guards should therefore be fired; and two, also monitoring the overall conduct and business practices of such luxury department stores as Nieman Marcus.


  5. Mw… You continue to not be funny. It was a little funny the first time…. Now your just wasting space


  6. Hayashi has been indicted into the Shoplifters Hall of Shame


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