May 23, 2012 | Less than two weeks ago, the Bay Area News Group published an article detailing former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer’s temporary restraining order against ex-lover Steve Chikhani. The date of the scheduled hearing is May 24 in Pleasanton, but Chikhani says he will not attend because on the eve of the court hearing he has yet to be served with the reported restraining order.

“I’m not going to show up,” Chikhani told The Citizen. “There’s not reason to.” Chikhani and his attorney say they expected to be served during a scheduled court hearing last Thursday in Santa Clara County regarding a separate legal manner, but the summons never arrived. Instead, he believes the timing of the restraining order by Lockyer was meant to blunt potential damage his comments about the affair with Lockyer and drug use might cause. He says the Bay Area News Group reporter may have tipped off the Lockyer’s when asking for their comment after his reported four hour interview earlier the week.

Indeed, the resulting article pushed Chikhani’s version of some events with the former supervisor, who resigned from the fallout last April 20, from the lede in place of the restraining order angle. In the document filed in court, Lockyer charged Chikhani with repeatedly calling the Lockyer home, texting her young child, threatening to call Child Protective Services and enlisting a person named, “Tiny” to rape and kill her.

“Everything they’re putting in the paper is totally false,” said Chikhani, while adding, “She’s making things worse.”

UPDATE: The scheduled court hearing Thursday for Nadia Lockyer’s restraining order against Steve Chikhani was postponed to June 14, according to a report from the Bay Area News Group. Lockyer’s lawyer told the paper they could not locate Chikhani to serve him.