Young’s Pattern Of Dishonesty Now Includes Mistaking San Leandro For Sacramento?

May 24, 2012 | Add a poor sense of geography or downright lying to Joel Young’s list of transgressions this campaign season. The candidate for the 18th Assembly District is in hot water again about the issue of his honesty and integrity over his whereabouts before a debate last month.

After Young arrived 20 minutes late for candidates forum April 12 in Oakland hosted by the Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA) and several other influential local Asian community members, he apologized to the group saying, “Pardon me for being late. I was coming from Sacramento.”

Except Young was not en route from Sacramento, but, instead, traveling from a kickoff fundraiser in nearby San Leandro for Alameda County Board of Education candidate Aisha Knowles. Numerous attendees tell The Citizen, they saw Young hobnobbing with other Knowles supporters at the event starting at 6 p.m. The APAPA candidate’s forum began at 7 p.m. sharp. One attendee of the fundraiser said they even witnessed Young chatting with Knowles.

Mark Goodwin, Young’s campaign manager, maintains the candidate was in Sacramento that day for a meeting with the Legislative Black Caucus and says Young twice called him from his car just minutes before arriving at the forum held during a stormy night in Oakland’s Chinatown.

APAPA chose to not comment on the matter and say they are non-partisan and do not endorse candidates for office.

It is still not clear why Young chose to obfuscate about the reason for being late, but it continues to fit into a pattern of half-truths and outright muddling of the truth by an Assembly candidate, most political observers say should have had no trouble finishing in the top two in the June primary. Instead, he may be scrambling over the next 10 days to overtake Abel Guillen for a spot in the November general election.

Young’s proclivity for trolling support at another person’s fundraiser is not new. The crashing of fundraisers by Young is a common complaint among East Bay political observers. Carolyn Russell-Thomas, the executive director of an Oakland domestic violence agency that Young falsely said endorsed his candidacy, said in an interview last month, that her first encounter with Young occurred unannounced at one of her events last October. She said others had told her later that “this was something he did.”

Young’s habit of favoring opportunities to scrounge for drying up fundraising sources over attending debates featuring his two opponents still continues. Voters in San Leandro expecting to hear from Young at a debate May 16 hosted by many of the city’s most influential homeowners associations, showed up, instead, to listen to vagaries of his campaign manager. Young had a previous engagement, said Goodwin. “We only found out about it on Monday.” A representative for one of the homeowners association, seeking to set the record straight said, the groups had unsuccessfully tried to contact Young’s campaign through its Web site for over a month. They were only successful two days prior to the event at the Bal Theatre. San Leandro is new to the 18th District that now also represents Oakland and Alameda.

Nonetheless, the San Leandro debate was not the first time Young has missed an opportunity to be sized up voters in such a setting. His absence has been so frequent that one of his opponents last week doubted Young would bother joining them for the race’s final debate May 30 in Oakland.

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  1. Once again, I offered to provide you with real, on-the-record sources that would contradict your anonymous sources. Just like with the smartvoter story, when I had an LWV staff member willing to talk to you on-the-record, you refused to take me up on it.

    This is completely absurd.


  2. You offered me people saying he was in Sacramento EARLIER in the day. I don't care about earlier, I only care about 6pm to 7:20pm. You want to tell me there are people in San Leandro whose eyes betrayed them?

    I did not take you up on the LWV staff member because I don't trust you and you told people conflicting reasons for the problem with SmartVoter. The point of that story was that you two have floated so many lies around that any little thing creates a frenzy. Obviously, you made a mistake. My lede even jokes about Guillen endorsing Young on the SmartVoter page.


  3. Yep, I do. Numerous people report seeing UFOs too. That doesn't make it true. Did you ever ask Aisha Knowles, since they were supposedly chatting?


  4. And you're right, I did make a mistake. Joel had nothing to do with it. Your story, again quoting anonymous sources, makes it seem as though it couldn't have been a mistake. That it must have been done intentionally, which is completely untrue.


  5. By MW:

    I am sure the whole thing was nothing more than a misunderstanding or an innocent mistake by Joel Young, since he is a lawyer, and I am extremely confident that a lawyer would not lie, intentionally mislead, engage in trickery or deceit, or try to pull a fast one.


  6. Official bafoon of the east bay citizen =MW!! Please go away


  7. Mark Goodwin needs to lay off the commenting and maybe focus on the ongoings of the district. How does Young's campaign not know about a debate sponsored by 5 of the neighborhood associations in SL? That Young didn't make the debate is inexcusable!


  8. I'm in this assembly district and getting the mailers.
    Approximate count thus far.

    Young – 5-6 mini cards (almost one per day)
    Guillen – 1 large mailer
    Bonta — 2 mailers

    Also two “hit” mailers against Young from someone.

    So what is the expected outcome 10 days out?
    Bonta a lock on a slot? Percentage?
    Young and Guillen neck and neck for the other spot.

    Dose anyone have a guesstimate?

    I really know very little about these guys.
    Bonta seems like he come across more comfortable to a broad spectrum of voters.
    Tailor made for the new “top two” where the extreme positions don't dominate the primary.

    Haven't heard too many bad things about him.
    Not involved in “trouble”
    Not channeling dual personalities.
    Not as tightly “owned” by the CNA and CTA.
    I'm tired of those two groups as well as others carrying 20 times the sway as average citizens.

    On the other hand, he is supported by Don Perata and that isn't comforting. You know, Don Perata, who moved from Alameda to Oakland to run for Mayor, and then a few weeks after losing to Quan, Perata's loyalty to Oakland evaporated and he moved to Orinda or is it Lafayette?

    So is it Bonta 40% vs 30.1% vs 29.9%..?

    Given the recent past in Alameda County, I may well vote for the candidate who has the best mental health, which of course has been a problem with several office holders.

    I'm sure the final 10 days will bring some informative and educational mailers.. yeah sure.

    I'd like to know which candidate has the best math skills.


  9. By MW:

    If I had decided to attend that event but arrived late, agues I could have blamed the fact that I had previously been in Boston, Massacusetts and it was, and as I am sure everyone would realize, a long way and very time consuming trip from Boston to the Bay area.

    (NOTE: The one and only time I was ever in Boston, or for that matter anywhere in Massachusetts, was a few decades ago, and it was only for a few minutes and to make a transportation connection to visit a college in Maine.)


  10. I didn't know anything about Joel Young or his allegations until I began receiving daily mailings including multiple photos, and a letter from his mother attempting clean his image. It did the exact opposite, it's telling. I'm embarrassed for him, and at least now, I know who not to vote for. Prior to looking into exactly what the allegations were, my sister and I had already concluded from the mailings, exactly the type of person Joel Young seems to be. Young, arrogant, narcissistic, manipulative, dishonest, and will say and do anything to gain power. This is the LAST person I want in any elected position. I will not now, nor will I ever vote for Joel Young.


  11. OK, Saturday I got several more mailers for the Assembly race.

    Another large one, slamming Young.

    Then 2 from Bonta, containing the most clear cut example of “flip-floping” I've ever seen.

    One showing Bonta reading a article on at a desk with his pen in his right hand, to make notes.
    The next one at the same desk but with his pen in his left hand.

    In fact, the entire picture is “flip-flopped”.
    Even the plant in the background has “flip-flopped”

    Same photo, used in the two mailers, but with the photo reversed.. “flip-flopped”…

    Young should divert attention from his own problems and decry Bonta's clear cut case of flip-flopping.

    Telling the voters, “If he'll flip-flop the photos, he'll flip-flop the issues, don't trust him”…

    OK guys, how about a mailer that really grabs our attention? Get creative.

    I remember one from a Oakland city council member who had their flyer punctured by about 8 bullit holes…saying they'd be tough on crime.


  12. Bonta is a JOKE! I live in Alameda and can tell you that he almost swapped our golf course to local land owner Ron Cowen for vacated commercial property (before locals like us raised hell), backed a southern california group to take over the naval base (again, before we raised hell and “flip-flopped”), and is totally in the pockets of the firefighters, who own this town. Dude's claim to fame is his parents worked with Caesar Chavez – he should be ashamed to tout his parent's work and perform the exact opposite. Also a lawyer. How about Abel?


  13. Why Abel…

    In pockets of CTA and especially the CNA.

    And OMG Peralta Community Colleges Trustee Marcie Hodge supports him.
    That alone is almost a disqualification.

    I ask you, what were his comments when Marcie Hodge was running up the Peralta credit cards in Las Vegas?

    Peralta was a financial mess. What were his statements about Elihu Harris when the scandals were brewing.

    I'm sorry, but Abel Guillen seems straight out of “central casting” from Bay Area Democratic insider politics from the past 40 years.
    The little club that has driven our area into the ground, all too ready to back any public employee union, while at the same time being totally negligent of the economic prospects of the lower income, lesser skilled workers of the district.

    If you've got a pressure group on your side, they'll listen, but if you are just some average guy, they'll agree to policies that ruin your economic environment.
    Paying lip service to your plight while kissing the butts of the nurses, teachers and other pressure groups agendas.
    The Grand Colition that leaves the unrepresented long time residents in the back of the bus, or even off the bus.

    None of the candidates is great, but Guillen is certainly one of those who is totally beholden to all that is “acceptable, normal, behavior” in the disaster that has befallen so many lower income workers.

    Plain and simple, say you are a carpenter or construction worker, living in San Leandro.
    You aren't in a union that is doing government jobs.
    What has happened to your work prospects over the past 15 years, your wages, your benefits, your ability to get work?

    What is Abel's position on that guy's economic plight? I'd say for every proposal Abel would have to help that guy, he'd have two others that damage the prospects of that guy.
    But the “club” never talks about that guy because they have too many other groups to please.

    Sorry, but while I may not like everything about the other candidates, I don't want a retread of the failed policies of the past 20 years. Abel almost guarantees that.


  14. Funny thing though 12:08 is that Bonta is a Perata protege, you can't get more East Bay insider that that.
    Young comes close though, he use to be on the Dem Central Committee and worked for the Labor Council.
    Those two facts poke big holes in your theory there buddy!


  15. By MW:

    To “learn” more about lawyer style “honesty” and “integrity” do not study only the statements of Joel Young, but also study: one, the statements and actions of Bill “I Did Not Have Sex With That Woman” Clinton; two, the bribery that Spiro Agnew was involved in for decades; three, Richard “I Am Not A Crook” Nixon; four, the everchanging stories of Nadia Lockyer; five, John “The Money Launderer and Pathological Liar ” Edwards; six, Ted “Mary Kopechne” Kennedy; and seven, the law firm of Dewey & LeBoeuf, and whose highest ranking members, and while they refused to fund the pensions of the lower ranking people in the firm, still “knew” that they themselves were “underpaid.”


  16. Look, I'm not overly pleased by any of them.
    I'm left with the least objectionable.

    Right now, that is Bonta.

    Frankly they all seem to pander to narrow groups that don't include a large percentage of the people who live in the district.
    Look at their mailers. I mean look at the issues, the groups they tout as supporters.
    Its as though they feel compelled to tie in with and touch all the points.

    Bonta's latest on Stopping Violence in Oakland

    1. Establish a emergency Prevention Fund….

    2. Hire dozens of community prevention officers…

    3. Protect these “funds” from local budget cuts and make them “accountable”…..

    4. “Invest” in education, job training, technical and vocational training and reentry programs….

    Blah, blah, blah, blah….

    And that, from the guy I'll probably vote for.

    Sorry, but in Oakland you can't save, prevent, or train them as fast as the current school-machine produces them.
    Less than half of some groups even graduate from high school.
    Job prospects for that “class” each year, perhaps 25% at best… 75% unemployed and uneducated.
    Some silly training programs, why you'd need a entire new school system to just handle the rejects from the current education factory.

    Face it, none of these three, nor Jean Quan has the slightest idea about, or imagination of what to do. 100% clueless and thus driven to make foolish statements about sound-good programs which have all failed in prior versions.

    East Bay political leaders are some of the least imaginitive people around. NO creativity and locked into political correctness.
    They have led the less fortunate no-where over the past 40 years.

    These three are just as clueless.
    So thats why I'll probably vote for Bonta.
    Makes sense, huh?

    Millions of dollars for program x-y-z….
    Dialysis centers costing $75,000 a year to treat each patient, and yet most of these folks can't walk down the street and even buy some decent vegetables needed for a proper diet.

    I'll keep checking the mail box.
    Oh yeah, another hit piece on Young. Same source.
    And one from Young claiming he is wrongly accused.
    I guess Guillen took the day off, nothing directly from him today.


  17. The comment above about Rob Bonta being a “Joke” really shows how far we've drifted from the substance in this race – especially that last dig about Bonta being a lawyer, which tells me all I need to know about that reader's lack of objectivity. As for the other criticisms, I would ask that person to make remarks based off what Bonta has actually DONE as a member of the council. Bonta's long-standing and consistent opposition to SunCal is an inconvenient truth for those who continue to perpetuate lies to the contrary. Bonta was not part of the council who chose SunCal as the developer at the Point, was not in favor of SunCal's ballot measure, and in fact, voted against it. Since the no-cost conveyance of Alameda Point to the city from the Navy, the city continues to moving forward to develop Alameda point WITHOUT SunCal and with the city holding the reins. Finally, while Bonta has been in office, the city has aggressively fought SunCal's litigation against the City and got SunCal's claim for over $100 million against the city dismissed.

    The contributor above also criticizes the fact that Bonta talks about his family’s history with the UFW and the Civil Rights Movement. Those are family accomplishments he can rightfully be proud of, and almost certainly have shaped his outlook and values. The fact he has progressive roots that began with his mother and father are absolutely a consideration for anyone still deciding who to vote for because they can speak to his commitment on progressive issues and concerns. Yes, I'm voting for Bonta and absolutely hope others do the same. But whoever you choose, please make your decision on their record, their relevant background, and their merits.


  18. I have posted this on another subject, but one with Mark Goodwin all over it. Perhaps he can respond quicker if it's posted here. It goes:

    Here is another anon for you, Mr. Goodwin. Sound like you have a better chance of representing the 18th, since you are doing such a fine job of representing your client. Why don't you run instead?


  19. during the debates i though the same. Mark Goodwin will make a better candidate. I think he can be par to Rob Bonta. Abel has no clue. Joel is another joke.

    I would vote for Mr. Goodwin. I would really.


  20. Did some checking after reading the posts above, and judging from his record, looks like Bonta seconded the motion killing any proposed golf course land swap with a developer and seconded the motion to bring in Greenway Golf as a long-term operator.


  21. I’ve looked at all the candidates, at all the mailers that I and my friends have received over the past month. I’ve talked shop and studied like the good responsible voter I am.

    To me, it’s pretty clear that Rob Bonta has the broadest range of experience and has actually worked in positions relevant to all the major issues he wants to tackle. He has real, concrete accomplishments that he can point to, from raising $84 million for EB schools to helping get Alameda Point conveyed to the city of Alameda for free (which will create many jobs for his city in the near future.) Not that I’m a slavish follower of the SF Chronicle, but the Chronicle also says that Bonta has a broader scope of public-policy experience, and that’s why they endorsed him.

    But most important, he has life experience I can relate to. He’s the only Democratic candidate running that has a family of his own. He has school age kids, like I do. He sends them to public schools like I do. I can’t tell you how much that matters to me in an elected official – knowing that he understands what I go through as a working parent, on the most basic level. Bonta’s got my support.


  22. Rob Bonta cured cancer.


  23. 4:05 pm is probably a college intern copy and pasting from Bonta's talking points.

    Now how did he raise 84 million for EB schools? What position was this? W was it cause he endorsed some ballot measures? What role did he actually play?


  24. About the $84 million, I think the following provides the answer the previous post was looking for…


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