June 6, 2012 | First-term Alameda Vice Mayor Rob Bonta won the California primary in the 18th Assembly District Tuesday night in relatively easy fashion. Bonta bested Peralta Community College trustee Abel Guillen by nine points. The two will face off once again in the November general election.

In what was once predicted months ago to be a close three-person race between Bonta, Guillen and Joel Young, turned into a smooth road to victory for Bonta, who came away with 37 percent of vote, followed by Guillen at 28 percent and Young with a dismal 19 percent.

For Young, the results were a damning reminder of the damage he wrought on his own campaign starting with the domestic violence allegations in March 2011. To make matters worse, he narrowly beat Republican Rhonda Weber by percentage points. Weber did not campaign and never appeared at any candidates forums in the past year.

Clearly over $100,000 in special interest money used on highly negative mailers against Young were effective in reminding and introducing voter to his large menu of recent indiscretions.

Going forward, the Bonta/Guillen race will solely be about winning over voters in Oakland. Guillen may have a slight advantage, but he will also have to attempt shaving a few percentage points off of Bonta’s totals in San Leandro and even Alameda. As opponents of Alameda failed sales tax measure showed Tuesday night, there is a contingent of Alamedans who don’t like Bonta that could be plucked away by Guillen. And, how will the forces that torpedoed Young’s campaign, presumably on behalf of Guillen, turn their guns on Bonta and vice-versa. This race may not only be Bonta vs. Guillen, but Bonta’s public safety unions against Guillen’s nurses and teachers.

18th District……………VOTES….PCT
Rob Bonta……………….15245..36.84%
Abel Guillen…………….11562..27.94%
Joel Young……………….7819..18.90%
Rhonda Weber……………..6551..15.83%