After Controversial Stalemate, Supervisors Leaning Toward Valle Over Apodaca

June 9, 2012 | The presumptive favorite to win appointment to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, appears to have become the victim of political skulduggery and labor union backroom deal making. When the board meets early Monday morning, it will likely be former Union City Councilman Richard Valle taking the oath of office, rather than Ana Apodaca, according to those with knowledge of the situation.

Almost a week after the board caused considerable exasperation after its four remaining members were deadlocked, 2-2, between Valle and Apodaca, Monday’s meeting, scheduled for 8:30 a.m., will almost certainly produce an appointment to replace Nadia Lockyer, who resigned April 20. The board must make a decision before June 19 or risk having Gov. Jerry Brown make the appointment. It’s a scenario they want to avoid.

Supervisor Keith Carson said as much last week when he described a conversation with Brown, who communicated an interest in making the choice himself. “Hell no,” Carson said to Brown. Newark Councilwoman Ana Apodaca said Friday she is led to believe Carson and the board are determined to make the pick on Monday.

In addition, despite a flood of phone calls, emails and letters to Supervisors Wilma Chan and Nate Miley–both surprisingly voted for Valle last week–are not expected to budge from their choice to install Valle to the board, according to county sources.

Supporters of Apodaca have hurled angry criticism towards Chan, in particular, after being led to believe she was adamant about appointing another woman to the board. Last Tuesday, Chan reiterated those remarks, but said she sided with Valle for being the better choice to begin the district’s healing from disillusionment surrounding Lockyer’s shocking fall from grace.

“I thought her statement was telling,” Apodaca told The Citizen, while also noting her two votes last week came from two men–Supervisors Carson and Scott Haggerty. “It’s just politics from here,” said Apodaca.

Critics were quick to allege Chan had caved to county labor groups in deference to Valle’s candidacy. The Alameda Labor Council and building trades have reportedly impressed upon supervisors the importance of choosing Valle, instead of Apodaca, who initially was the only candidate who received unanimous votes in an earlier stage of the appointment process. Although Apodaca’s friendliness to labor is noting to scoff at, Valle’s resume also features a strong relationship with both Bill and Nadia Lockyer. This connection made Valle, at least at the outset, the prohibitive favorite for the five-month appointment.

Days before the controversial stalemate last week, community members, primarily in the Tri Cities of Fremont, Union City and Newark, received an inflammatory email alleging former Alameda County Supervisor Don Perata was somehow manipulating the board’s appointment process by backing Apodaca.

“Perata is calling Supervisors, cutting deals and making promises to place Ana Apodaca on the Board so he can have a puppet and gain more control in Alameda County,” says the unidentified email.

“But we can Stop Don Perata by e-mailing our County Supervisor and saying “NO” to Ana Apodaca and Don Perata. We’re tired of Don Perata’s backroom deals and politics for profit!”

The source of the email is not known and linked to a Web address purchased May 31 and does not feature a working Web site. Numerous Tri City residents who received the letter speculate the list of email addresses is from an old database. Apodaca agrees and says she does not know who is behind the email, but, “It could be come someone trying to be a player again” She also denies any involvement with Perata. “I haven’t talked to him in years,” she said.

Whomever is the choice Monday, the new supervisor will have to go into campaign mode immediately. Several candidates, including Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, reportedly have interest in running for the seat this November. The winner would then fill out the remainder of Lockyer’s first term and again fight for re-election in 2014.

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  1. Wilma Chan puts politics above even her own beliefs. She only cares about her own interests!

    How can Wilma say that Valle can heal the district when Valle was/is a big supporter of Bill/Nadia Lockyer? The rumor was Valle is the handpicked successor for Nadia! That should raise red flags!

    The better choices for interim supervisor should have been Steele, Green, or Apodaca. None of those supported Nadia in her election. They would represent a clean break from Nadia which is what the County need.

    Valle is entrenched in the Dem Part/labor establishment. These are people who are either responsible for supporting or did not speak to the indiscetions of Mary Hayasi and Bill & Nadia Lockyer. Valle has been a leader through all this yet has never spoken against it. That speak volumes.

    Instead of seizing the opportunity to start fresh, Valle is the political establishment's pick.

    I guess Wilma's time in Sacramento instilled in her to protect her own hide first, instead of the greater good for the district and County.


  2. Common sense, folks. Valle just got 15k votes in district for central committe. Apodaca most votes ever? 1900… Who represents the district more


  3. Nice post above. Couldn't have said it better myself. It's a shame it's come down to what could happen in the next election rather than who is qualified to immediately take over and do a good job for the district.

    Valle is a nice guy and will do ok, but the current supervisors are going to rollover him like a mac truck vs a squirrel. He's also going to have a very hard time saying no to any of the labor groups. Hopefully the Sups have all of the labor contacts negotiated for the year.

    I guess the bottom line is if the Sups don't pick Valle, the Governor will. All it will take is one call from the labor council. So as I see it either way he gets it.


  4. Valle “may” get the appointment…but he “may” have a difficult time keeping the seat. If Mary and Valle run, the other candidate(s) my win by default.

    I can see the mailers already…Mug shots of Mary, and pictures of Valle with Nadia/Bill with the tag line: “we hand picked Valle for the job”. Game over!!

    The ALCO BOS is a complete joke! They keep digging themselves a deeper hole. If they only would all stand together with the candidate who has no connections to the past scandals…Labor would have no choice but to support that candidate.


  5. Thanks for bring up Central Committee of which Valle has belonged for years. Which one year touts campaign limits, the next year they roll over and take Lockyer money. They criticized Meg Whitman for trying to buy election, yet Nadia outspent Meg if you look at $ per vote.

    The central committee which would bash a republican nonstop and call for their resignation if they were caught shoplifting, yet think Hayashi is the cats meow.

    The central committee which stood by silently while the community begged for Nadia to resign to take care of her personal problems.

    Valle has been a stalwart on that committee for years. Hence he represents the same ol same.


  6. Thanks for the update Steve! Too bad the Board schedules the meeting at 8:30 a.m. so as to avoid more phone calls from the public!

    And too bad the Board doesn't put video of the past meetings up for public scrutiny. Your account of Wilma's own words are the only ones out there. But everyone clearly heard somethign to the effect Wilma say she would vote for a qualified woman. Then she does the about-face after the all out blitz by labor. Now Valle is the healer!?

    Although I generally agree with labor on most issues, labor accounts on what is best for labor. And sometimes what labor wants is not best for the entire community. Maybe Valle is the most approriate candidate, but the Supervisors should decide that on his qualifications not cuz labor would threaten to pull support or run candidates against the current Supes.

    But this has also shown who has a political backbone and Wilma is showing she does not. Maybe she'll make surprise everyone and go back to what she touted in the first place. If not, then time to find a good candidate to run against her.


  7. The Valle & Apodaca vote comparisons is apples and oranges. Valle ran for an Assembly wide election during assembly district primary. A hot one at that Quirk vs. Ong. Apodaca ran for a city election and Newark holds their elections in off years. Therefore, you can't compare the two.


  8. You are wrong.

    Valle won over 15,000 votes in the 2006 election for this same County Supervisor District 2 seat. He lost to incumbent Steele by about 500 votes. He has already shown that he has a lot of public support from the voters of this District, which includes Hayward, Union City and Newark.

    Meanwhile, Apodaca was unable to win the Maupr's race in her own city of Newark. Who has demonstrated that they have more support from the public?


  9. Most of the above postings speak to the past, and the history of Valle and Apodaca and their respective prior election successes/failures.

    Considering what has occurred in ALCO over the past year…voters will be looking for candidates with the cleanest slate and zero connections to past scandals. The number of votes in long ago past elections is immaterial. Valle will never be able to disconnect from the “hand picked replacement” label, and Mary's problems will be picture perfect (Mug Shot).

    The voters of ALCO may not be the quickest group in the world…but simple pictures of the Lockyers with Valle and Mug Shot's of Mary will need very little in the way of detailed explanation.

    Btw…if either Valle or Mary (attempt to)spend more on their campaign then Steele spent on average in winning the seat…they will be labeled as the next Nadia Lockyer…game over!!


  10. Steve,

    We don't use Paypal(past security issue) …so where can donations be mailed to help you continue your work.

    Btw…are you still driving that Black Nissan?


  11. The best thing the Board could have done, and apparently will not do, was to appoint Steele to hold seat on interim basis and allow new election in November to make the real choice. It now appears too much politics have entered the contest and it could lead to divisive campaign. Tony Santos


  12. Chan did not support Steele for personal reasons it seems. Again another instance where Chan put her own interests ahead of the good for the County.


  13. Ana Apodaca served on Newark city council, but never stuck her neck out to show leadership or courage. She went along with whatever majority of council wanted. She did not ever champion any issues or show any leadership. She couldn't even get a measly 5000 people from her own town where she grew up and lives to vote for her. There's a big gap there.


  14. OK, assume the high probability that Valle will be appointed Monday morning.

    Next item of business. Now Valle becomes a very short term “unelected” incumbent.

    Who will be running in the November special election for the seat and what is the probability that they will do so? Filing in what, 80 to 100 days (anyone know?)

    #1. Valle 99.9% likely
    #2. Apodca ____ % likely
    #3. Hayashi 80-95 % likely
    #4. Corbett ____ % likely?
    #5 Other A ____ % likely?
    #6 Other B ____ % likely?

    If they run, named and unnamed, who will support whom? Labor, Central Committee, office holders, teachers, nurses, Democrats, Republicans, Sierra Club, men, women, hispanic, Asian, seniors, etc. etc.
    Remembering only a plurality is needed in a special election.

    Who has money? (that is eligible to be spent).
    Remember, 25% to 30% could win a special election with multiple candidates.
    Mary Hayashi would indeed want as many candidates as possible since is it unlikey she could gain 50% if she was Valle's only opponent.
    Of course, that is IF she even runs.
    Clearly the sitting supervisors assume she IS running.

    What say ye.. your thoughts/feelings on who will run and how probable it is they will run.


  15. Ana Apodaca was never the presumptive favorite. She just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Being a woman doesn't necessarily make you the best candidate. And, if her City ran elections like every other normal City in this State, during even years, she TOO would be a candidate engaged in another race (for Mayor).

    Instead, she got credit for all the wrong reasons.

    In fact, Apodaca is the prime example of what is WRONG with politics today. She lacks leadership, loyalty, and courage. During her nearly EIGHT years spent as a Newark City Councilmember, she has NEVER stuck her neck out. She has NEVER fought for progressive values. She has NEVER lead the charge to change Newark's elections from odd to even years to increase voter participation in that City. She NEVER emerged as a Latino leader in Newark, a City that is becoming increasingly Latino. She has NEVER even fought for young people in that City by offering to establish a City Youth Commission. She has NEVER ONCE stuck her neck out and taken a tough vote on the Newark City Council. Instead, she rolls with the status quo in that City.

    She's also incapable of running a strong campaign. When she ran for Mayor last year, she outspent ALL of her opponents more than 2 to 1, and she was the only candidate to get support from the Democrats and Labor, both of which sent out dozens of volunteers to help deliver a victory for her: and SHE STILL COULDN'T WIN.

    Your earlier posters are correct: the most votes she has ever earned in this County has been around 1,800 votes. Unbelievable for a woman who has been in office for nearly 8 years. She could never win a contested supervisorial seat in November.

    The Supervisors have a lot to consider in their decision, far beyond who Labor likes. They have to think about who they can count on. Who they can work with. Who will display leadership and courage in a time of tough budget cuts and dwindling support from the State. They have to think about who has the stomach to stand firm on tough issues, who will be open-minded, and who can take the heat when they have to make the hard, sometimes unpopular decisions that will impact hundreds of thousands of families in the County.

    Definitely not saying Valle is the perfect candidate. He may not be. But there are a lot who believe Apodaca is not ready for prime time.

    And as angry as we are at the Lockyers, it's pretty far fetched to believe they are behind the scenes calling the shots. Seems like their family is crumbling apart right now. They probably don't have time to meddle in this selection process, and even if they did, I can't think of one Supervisor that would play along with that.

    Nadia blew it, plain and simple. At least she had the sense to step down and resign. Which is more than we can say for Assemblymember Mary Hayashi, our lying, unstable, shoplifting thief of a Legislator who is gearing up for a possible run for Supervisor and then Senate.

    At the end of the day, our Supervisors have more to consider than Labor, as some have tried to simplistically boil it down to. There are other issues and concerns at play.


  16. Has anyone ever been to or watched a Newark City Council Meeting? They are a complete joke. They last for about 10 minutes, and 99% of the time produce 5 – 0 votes, mostly on superficial items, because, as former Mayor Dave Smith would say, “That's just the Newark Way”.


  17. The comments section of this blog does not represent the average citizen of Alameda County or the 2nd Supervisorial District.

    Richard Valle has no responsibility for Nadia's troubles, none at all. Valle has plenty to recommend himself as a qualified candidate for Supervisor that has nothing to do with the Lockyers.

    All the bitching about the County Democratic Party and Labor is revelatory. If you hate those structures, work to change them if you're a Democrat or in Labor, butt understand they have power because voters in the County are on their side. If you're a Republican, improve your Party's policy positions, because at an ever-increasing percentage County and State voters hate Republican policies.

    The vast majority of the blame for our poor State governance is due to Republican intransigence, which they are able to pull off even though they hold only 38% of the Legislative seats. This screws up local government as well, because Counties, Cities, school districts and other jurisdictions have much less money now than they did decades ago, before Proposition 13 began its poisonous effect on California.


  18. To: 1:54pm

    your spin is not going to fool readers of this blog…though it may fool the general public…sadly.

    I don't recall Valle asking Nadia to resign…though I do believe most of ALCO will remember Valle was Nadia's hand picked replacement.

    BTW…did anyone see Bill Lockyer's “SEC” article yesterday in the BANG. It appears the guys trying to get back up on his horse and ride…though the article for the most part makes no sense…considering his personal experience…and is a complete political pipe dream from a now lame duck Treasurer.


  19. wow…
    here it goes.
    Now a days election are bought.
    Just look at this way.
    Ong = Hayashi = Chan
    Way to go $$$ in elections.
    Did you expect anything different from Chan?


  20. WHen Democrats have the majority it is not possible to do anything the Republicans want. Blame anyebody else bnut us Democrats.
    Lockyer, Hayashi, Ong and Chan wants all of us to look away from Democrat problems.


  21. I don't think any of the people who applied for the seat could possibly beat Hayashi or Torrico, if he runs. I say let Hayashi win then everyone will realize we've hit rock bottom. Nothing will change until then.


  22. You don't know how State governance works under Proposition 13. The Democratic caucus cannot pass their own budget without Republican votes. The GOP caucus has stuck together very well during the last few hostage negotiations that we call a budget negotiation. At a time of war, recession and historically low taxes at the Federal level which reduces the revenue Washington provides our State, the Republicans in Sacramento have prevented almost any new revenue streams at the State level. This slowly but surely destroys our government. But from the the perverted mindset of a Republican, governing poorly is a feature, not a bug. Governing poorly is what they want to do, because it destroys citizens' faith in government.


  23. Chan was suppose to get things accomplished yet she has'nt delivered on much. But I see she's already trying to shore up her base by getting Valle the higher office he's always been seeking.


  24. and what's with Valle admitting that St. Rose's financial situation worsened under his watch? he's on that board. the health care safety is probably the most important thing that County provides and we're gonna appoint a guy who's admits to not being able to get St. Rose to stay afloat without more County $$$.


  25. Good point about St. Rose and Valle that makes Chan's backing of Valle surprising. She was clearly not happy with Mahoney and how he hid the hospital's growing problems, yet Valle was sitting on that board the whole time. It may not be the biggest question in the appointment process for Chan, but health care and the county's hospitals has been front and center for her since returning to the board


  26. As been pointed out by several, Chan is all about her own political future. She made lil difference on one of the biggest issues in her district, SL Hospital. In fact, County attention and resources have shifted to St. Rose. She views this appointment on who can help her politically. Labor will view her more favorably if she bows to their wishes.


  27. San Leandro Hospital is still open, isn't it? Sutter hasn't announced closure, even though they have the legal right to announce plans to close the ER in 90 days. Yet, they haven't.

    So, you don't seem to know what you're talking about.


  28. SL Hospital is the same limbo it was when Chan started. How's that for progress? My point being is Chan hasn't made a difference. Maybe that's why she scared to piss off labor.

    Maybe your reading comprehension is what's off.


  29. You have no idea what's going on in the internal discussions regarding San Leandro Hospital. (Neither do I.) You don't want to admit that, so you decide to claim that Wilma has done nothing to affect the situation. No news is good news when it comes to the potential closure of the Hospital, and every day is another day in which we can get a deal done to keep services open permanently.

    So no, my reading comprehension requires no assistance, thanks.


  30. Happy Bow To Labor to Save My Own Hide Day, Wilma!


  31. Congratulations to Richard Valle, hopefully he can fend off Mary Hayashi!!!!


  32. As the leadership fights Rome burns. So much could be done if the leadership could effictively communicate and work towards a vision they all could agree on. The only one who made the right decision to not fight was Councilman Mark Salinas. He truly cares about his city of Hayward and made the residents of that city his priority by finishing the job he's started. Way to go Mark.


  33. Hang on to your hats folks, filing for the November special election for District 2 is right around the corner.

    Filing opens on July 16th, 2012

    Yes, just five short weeks from today!

    Filing closes (papers in) on August 10th, 2012

    So who, besides Valle will be running?


    Who is “for sure” and who is “probable” and who is “unlikely”?

    Any surprise dark horse candidate rumors?
    Only takes a plurality to win.


  34. I don't think Apodaca is running. Corbett & Torrico would have to move.


  35. With the strong support of the unions and the Democratic Central Committee no one would dare to put together any serious campaign for this office. I forsee Supervisor Valle being in the seat for as long as he wants. Then the Assembly will be his as well. Enjoy the ride Mr. Supervisor and good luck. Give my best to the Lockyer's, Mayor Sweeney, and Congressman Stark.


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