Valle Alludes To Tantalizing Secret He Told Supervisors; Vows Story Will Soon Come Out

June 11, 2012 | Just when you think the Alameda County Board of Supervisors was heading back to a comfortable place out of the view of controversy with the appointment Monday morning of Richard Valle, here comes a bizarre, but tantalizing secret, the new supervisor says he will not yet reveal.

Valle, who replaced Nadia Lockyer is the south county’s District 2, twice made reference to undisclosed information he gave to the board of supervisors that, he believes, may have aided in his appointment.

During Valle’s remarks to the board that following the unanimous 4-0 vote, Valle read aloud inspirational quotations, including one alluding to honesty and righteousness. “I sincerely believe in speaking the truth no matter the audience,” he added before thanking the board and his supporters, but not before posing a potentially salacious comment without offering an answer.

“It’s very difficult, as you four know, based on the statements which I just made, to withhold information, but I think in time, people need to know.” The line appeared to be an peculiar non-sequitur, however, Valle repeated the oblique reference afterwards to The Citizen.

“There’s something else that is important that should come out at some point and my quotes are based on something that happened that I believe the supervisors needed to know and I think that made the difference and I’ll just leave it at that,” said Valle on the way to his new office at the county administrative building. He declined to elaborate about the subject of the secret he reportedly told supervisors.

At this time, nobody at the county level either has no idea what Valle is referencing or are not saying. One supervisor rolled their eyes when asked about Valle’s vague statement. Some speculate the information proffered by Valle has something to do with his potential November opponent, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi. While Valle’s personality and political background in Union City would appear to make re-election a less-than-certain prospect, the full support of the county’s labor apparatus makes Valle a viable candidate to ward off Hayashi’s formidable Sacramento contacts and propensity for brass-knuckled campaigning.

Could Valle be sending a warning shot for Hayashi that portends for a nasty fall campaign? Yes. Could it be gibberish? Yes.