Lobbying Group Is Giving Hayashi A Taste Of What Is To Come

June 12, 2012 | A group vehemently opposed to physician-owned therapy referrals along with a senate bill currently sitting in an Assembly committee, registered the first tangible signs that opponents of Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi will be more than willing to use her shoplifting plea against her now and in the future.

People Opposing Referral for Profit Kickbacks offered a political cartoon last May skewering Hayashi and her support by various physical therapists groups. The cartoon panel highlighted the Oct. 25, 2011 shoplifting incident at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco. Hayashi plead no-contest to misdemeanor charges and two years probation involving the theft of $2,450 in clothing.

The group repurposed a new version of the same cartoon for even more biting effect and posted it to its Web site June 7. In addition to the new tagline, “Could Mary Hayashi shoplift SB 924?” the physical therapists depicted in the panel is now taking the senate bill out from Hayashi’s Neiman Marcus bag with a thought bubble saying, “This woman can’t be trusted.” The bill, SB 924, was passed by the State Senate last January and sits in the Hayashi-chaired Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protections Committee. It is not scheduled for debate over the next two weeks, according to the Assembly Daily File, but could be heard as early as June 26.

Nevermind the pros and cons of the bill, but the group’s willingness to use Hayashi’s Achilles’ Heel against her for political gain is a gambit many in the East Bay are preparing to bear witness. Most believe Hayashi will run for Alameda County supervisor in November. The expectations of a vociferous and nasty campaign are high on the potential cringe-inducing reactions. So much so that cartoon above might look mighty tame in comparison to the mud that may be thrown at Hayashi this year.

(h/t SF Bay Area Observer)

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6 replies

  1. No matter how you look at it Hayashi will be followed by Jennifer Ong in special interest contributions into Ong's campaign. Just a glimpse of Hayashi and Ong more of the same continues.


  2. Love the line drawing. It would be hilarious if they could animate it.


  3. Love the line drawing. It would be hilarious if they could animate it.


  4. this woman must think the voters are really stupid and wont remember what she has done. if she is smart she would just go away. is her husband an elected judge in alameda county too?? when is his term up? would her shananigans hurt his re election too???


  5. OMG,PMP & LOL!

    The media…especially those across the bay will have a field day if Hayashi runs. Look at what they've done to the Sheriff…ALCO would be the laughing stock of California if they elected a convicted shoplifter with an unclear medical condition that may without warning result in criminal activity and/or the use of very bad judgement.

    The fact her husband is a Judge is sure to be part of the media inquest.

    Personally, I kinda hope she runs…it will be the best “twisted” show in town…since Nadia Lockyer.


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