Hayashi’s Problem Is Not "The Mugshot," It’s Her Inattention To Needs Of Alameda County

ELECTION ’12//ALAMEDA COUNTY SUPERVISOR | With Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi’s plans to run for the Alameda County Board of Supervisors this fall now a certainty, the convicted shoplifter is hoping contrary to what she told the Bay Area News Group this week, that voters in Southern Alameda County are not all too smart.

While the entire East Bay political appears to be in a constant state of ruin, good work is actually being done at all levels of government, even by the rogues gallery of drug addicts, thieves and philanders. However, all of the infamous characters, whether they the Lockyers, Hayashi and others, have one personality trait in common–extreme and obscenely hostile arrogance.

Take Hayashi’s comments to Josh Richman on Saturday. She didn’t reason her candidacy for the Board of Supervisors would necessarily give her specific opportunities to help downtrodden residents of the county where unemployment still greatly outpaces nearly every part of the country. Instead, she simply said she’s running because she can and the final smart, cold political arithmetic penciled out at one of the fancy Sacramento dining establishments she reportedly loves to frequent appear to add up to victory in November. “I’m not coming into this blind,” she told the paper. “I think the research shows I can win this race.”

She also repeated what has been and will likely continue to be a major talking point in fighting back critics of her January conviction for shoplifting $2,450 from Neiman Marcus in San Francisco; that line of course, contends Hayashi owned up to her mistake and offered no excuses. In fact, her previous non-excuse was to blame the incident on the alleged presence of a benign brain tumor. She now tells the Bay Area News Group the brain tumor did not, in fact, make her steal a pair of black leather jeans and two blouses and blamed her attorney Doug Rappaport for the statement to reporters minutes after leaving a San Francisco court room last January.

I was one of those reporters who hung around the hallways of the San Francisco Hall of Justice waiting hours for the rumored arrival of Hayashi to presumably plea to something. It’s funny what happens when a gaggle of bored reporters have time to kill and a subject as controversial as Hayashi to converse about. Stories about Sacramento lawmakers loathing to deal with the erratic and sometimes unstable Hayashi turned to lascivious rumors she not only once posed as a Lesbian for the purpose of gaining fundraising dollars to actually being Lesbians, herself. Some Sacramento reporters even dabbled in a long-rumored gossip over a marital affair between Hayashi and a legislative aide, which may have led to a $130,000-a-year job on her staff.

What now appears most striking about the disclosure of Hayashi’s brain tumor on that January day was how Hayashi, standing meekly next to her attorney, said nothing to refute his explanation. A few days later, a press release from Hayashi seemed to have concurred with the tumor defense theory. In fact, after paying her fine at the court room, Hayashi was seen giving a heartfelt and seemingly relieved embrace to Rappaport, her lawyer, as she left the building. If she disapproved of her lawyer’s handling of the media, it did not show that day.

Conversely, the somewhat disavowing of the brain tumor aspect of her defense is actually surprising. A few East Bay insiders were unanimous about the belief Hayashi might be able to stave off criticism of the shoplifting conviction by using her alleged malady as a vehicle to drum up voter sympathy. As one insider told me, a lot of voters will feel sorry for her and chalked up the conviction to a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes, right?

Although disenchantment with Hayashi might appear to some to be a relatively new and potent cottage industry of derision and outrage among East Bay residents, it is easy to forget, she was already one of the most disliked and controversial politicians in the area, if not, entire Capitol. Before “shoplifting” became the word most likely to be attached to her name, the moniker of “carpetbagger” was once the top answer. There is truth to both assertions. Hayashi is not a product of the Northern California and the word carpetbagger is also packed with other distasteful connotations, primarily the notion she is nothing but a political opportunist. Outrage also followed her when she transferred $50,000 from her campaign to that of her husband, Dennis Hayashi, who was running for Alameda County Superior Court judge at the time. Dennis won that seat after a string of unfruitful campaigns. The criticism over Hayashi buying her husband’s seat is now viewed as the precursor to Bill Lockyer spending nearly $2 million to stash his wife, Nadia Lockyer, on the Board of Supervisor. Ironically, it’s the same seat Hayashi is seeking this November after the drug-addled Lockyer resigned last April.

Observers of this potential firecracker of a race for the Board of Supervisors between Hayashi, current Supervisor Richard Valle and Union City Mayor Mark Green believe the road to defeating her is simply matter of running off a few thousand copies of the shockingly brutal mugshot taken after cops nabbed her late last October and surely celebrating in her defeat. However, it may be better to think counterintuitively about campaigning against Hayashi this year. Make the conviction a tasty and satisfying side dish and run against her in a more conventional and issues-based manner because truthfully Hayashi is one of the least remarkable lawmakers in the entire Legislature.

If the being uncommonly connected to the community is one of the main prerequisites for county supervisor, then Hayashi fails. Chalk it up to her natural arrogance or her background as a carpetbagger, but Hayashi’s record in the Assembly bears little resemblance to the wants and needs of her constituents around Hayward. In fact, the hallmark of much of her legislation is almost entirely focused on broad-based and often nebulous bills. Sure, she “votes” the right way, meaning she sides with her liberal caucus in the Capitol, but, that too is controversial after the San Francisco Chronicle reported a few years back numerous cases of someone other than Hayashi doing the actually voting on the Assembly floor. Hayashi’s desire to carry the water for special interests, primarily those connected to health care, is likely an outcome tied to her desire to one day run for Congress. Her unnatural distance from her constituents and their problems is not a good fit for a county supervisor who is expected to get their hands dirty in the everyday problems of citizens lacking health care, suitable employment, food and shelter. It is also a huge negative that Hayashi comes from the government body most in local municipalities viewed as the root of the headache as they watch Sacramento continually fix their budget problems on the backs of cities. On this subject, there is no better ally for Hayashi’s opponents than Hayward Mayor Michael Sweeney, who has lambasted Hayashi over her votes in the Assembly he believes have stymied Hayward’s growth.

The perfect snapshot to highlight Hayashi’s disconnect from the people of Alameda County is to recount an incident that occurred over two years ago. As residents of San Leandro fought for a legislative solution for keeping San Leandro Hospital in operation, they turned to Hayashi and Sen. Ellen Corbett. The bill co-authored by the two rival local lawmakers sought to hamper Sutter Health’s ability to close the hospital by asking for the unlikely consent of voters. When the bill came before Hayashi’s Assembly Health Committee, how did she vote? Not surprisingly, with the bill’s fate in the balance, Hayashi declined to vote, effectively killing her own bill and removing a road block for Sutter to eventually take control of the facility this year with eyes on closing its doors sometime in the near future. “The Mugshot” may seem like a loaded gun itching to go off in Hayashi’s black leather jeans, but her real political problem is her abysmal record in helping the citizens of Alameda County.

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28 replies

  1. Good point Tavares. I had forgotten her performance and vote record on her bill for Sutter. I still like her mugshot though.

    Hayashi needs to resign as a last ditch effort to save her little remaining honor before her term expires.

    Hayashi just needs to apologize in a news conference and resign even if it is for the last day of her term.

    Honorable Mary Hayashi do the right thing.


  2. Mary HO-yashi doesn't even live in the Second Supervisorial District. The last time I checked Castro Valley was represented by Nate Miley.

    Obviously, a carpetbagger can get an apartment wherever. If she does make it, the proper title will be Mary Duh Hayward Ho Ho-yashi!


  3. My name is Mary Hoyashi, and I am LABOR'S whore.


  4. She lives in Stonebrae in the Hayward Hills. She just had a bigtime fundraiser there. It's definitely in District 2.

    Tavares wrote an article awhile back about her CV home and how she was renting that out to one of her employees for awhile


  5. No kidding! How can someone living in Stonebrae or owning a place in Castro Valley be running in District 2? She should be taking on Nate if anything. Bleah. What a clown parade.


  6. Interesting side issue, noted in today's Matier & Ross column on Mary Hayashi.
    On the main page, they always show three comments with the number of thumbs up and thumbs down.

    For the first three comments there are a combined total of 522 thumbs up, and only 1 thumbs down.

    I don't ever recall seeing such a near unanimous vote.
    Seems people wanting Mary to run for supervisor is near zero, but then again, the SFGate crowd isn't made up of typical District 2 voters.

    Still, I like to see Mary read that article, then glance at the comment ratio. Gulp!


  7. Steven, good article. You could have left out the “gossip” from other journalists and made your point without the FOX news slant.


  8. 1051 the gossip seems to be a trend lately.


  9. If you really want gossip go to CNN.
    But, I don't really see that here. The news are just being reported as it is. East bay is just very corrupt in politics.


  10. This site goes beyond “corrupt” politics. Steve uses this as a way to even the score with people who are no longer political figures. He is very bias.

    Just my .02


  11. to 2:39, Corrupt site?? Mary Hayashi, Greg Jones, and many others are public figures. Truth is bias on being truthful.
    I say Tavares give us more.


  12. I don't understand what anonymous 2:39 is trying to say about evening the score. Am I Batman or something and the East Bay is Gotham City? Huh?

    The people who have been or are in the middle of screwing with the citizens of this area already know what's coming. They're not scared of me and what I'll write to expose them. What they fear way more than anything is to read what you will write in these comments sections about them.


  13. Who the hell called her “Honorable?” What a jackass!


  14. Hey Steve-O…didnt we talk about her move to Hayward as a reason to run for Congress? Well, all be damn, we were wrong, its to run for Supervisor…shes as sorry a piece of work as I am.

    The tumor defense was great; now she knows its insulting to people, so its her lawyers fault, but whats he care, he's got his money.

    I'll say publicly, anyone that votes for her, must also have a tumor.


  15. By MW:

    In regard to tumors, most lawyers are a cancer on society.

    Also, in the overwheleming majority of situations when a lawyer is speaking in court he is not under oath, so therefore, and even under the court's rules, it is considerd perfectly legal for him to tell any lies he desires and no matter how absurd, ridiculous, and totally farfetched.

    (It is true that even when under oath, lawyers usually engage in virtually nonstop lying, however in that particular situation they are in violation of the law, altho usually judges let them get away with it since both lawyers and judges are members of the same sleazy mafia, in other words the so called “legal profession.”)

    However in general a lawyer representing Hayashi would be free to tell any lies he so desired, and including that supposedly a tumor caused her to walk out of the store with merchandise she did not pay for, since lawyers are normally allowed to lie without being considered in violation of the law.

    In fact, we should stop referring to them as practitioners of the law and instead start referring to them as sleazy professional pathological liars and common criminals with law licenses.


  16. More good news for Mary Hayashi.
    Tuesday, Inside Bay Area, Tribune and Hayward Daily Review (probably the Argus as well) will be running a fairly damning opinion piece by Tammerlin Drummond.
    You can see it online now.

    Goes over the points very well.

    I must say, between the comments following the Matier & Ross column, the Josh Richmond interview, and the various Patch sites, and now the Tammerlin piece, you'd begin to think that 98% of the public would never vote for Mary.

    However, she will be sending out sophisticated mailers to the folks to who don't read these sites, and don't read the papers all that deeply, and who certainly don't post comments to either.
    That is her audience and she has a plan and no doubt a fair bucket of money to work that plan.

    Thus far however, I think her comments and those of her campaign spokesman, don't come off well.
    Cast them in what THEY can do so THEY can win, rather than doing something for the people.
    The photos that ran with Richmond's article, weren't flattering. Looked harsh and arrogant rather than warm and helpful.

    I wonder how much of her own personal money she might pour into this campaign. $100K…. Heck, she'd make that back “after tax” in her first year in office.
    Perhaps if she has it, she'd kick in $200K. Anything to keep the career going.


  17. One posting I read was correct. This area will elect Mary Hayashi because all she has to do is do exactly what Jennifer Ong did to make it to november. Just spend a shit load of money on glossy mailers and it does not matter what mailers say.

    On those fliers Jennifer Ong was inconsistent and even contradictory along with a very lousy on the forums, heck even the Oakland tribune thought of Ong as a know-nothing.

    Mailers do work. Just wait until we get the potted plants and oven mits from Hayashi. It does not matter how lousy the political candidate is. Just spend bucko bucks and you win in the east bay.


  18. I live in the district and I won't be voting for this disgraced thief. I wonder if she is now stealing from Saks or Barney's since she can't get into Neiman Marcus.


  19. i will scream if i get a stupid oven mit. maybe she should send out reusable neiman marcus shopping bags. (lined with foil to confuse the door detectors) is her scary mug shot on her mailers for her headshot. take a one way trip on that ridiculous bullet train that we cant afford and never come back.


  20. I don't care what anyone says, those 'hot' pants screamed to Mary, “Take me outside, where it's cooler.” When she refused, they lept off the rack, flew all the way across the floor and landed smack dab on her chest. At that point the pants burrowed under her jacket and forced her to start moving toward the exit. Damned if that ol' rascal of hot pants didn't cause poor Mary to high-tail it yonder out of Neiman Marcus. Forget the tumor, the Devil done made her do it! Hey, if it was good enough for Flip Wilson.

    All hail duh Hayward Ho, by way of Castro Valley, no less!


  21. Nice quote in today's Sac Bee “The Buzz”

    Doug Rappaport commenting on the Josh Richmond article where Mary Hayashi says the “brain tumor” excuse is no longer operational and was caused by her lawyer saying things he shouldn't have

    “Rappaport declined to comment on his earlier statement or his ex-client's interview, saying he hadn't read the article.”

    “I made hundreds of comments and I'm no longer her lawyer,” he said.

    Google “mary hayashi” go to news.

    Mary seems to be trying to jettison all the sticky elements in her prior excuses, leaving only the cleaner theme
    Hayashi said she had been distracted by a phone call when she left with the unpaid items.
    “Of course, I intended to pay for them,”
    That recent quote to go with her January 9th statement where she said
    “I unintentionally walked out of the store”

    “the situation where I made this absentmined error”

    So now, according to Mary, its down to the following:

    1. “I intended to pay”
    2. ” I unintentionally walked out”
    3. “I intended to purchase what I had”
    4. ” this absentminded error”
    5. “losing track of clothing I was purchasing”

    Only one sticky problem.
    She was widely reported in the news as having brought with her, that empty shopping bag. The one she eventually hid the goods in. Reported by the Mercury news as “a Neiman Marcus shopping bag that she brought into the store”

    The question which thus far Mary has not addressed, is why she would bring a empty shopping bag into Neiman Marcus. She was not returing merchandise.

    I mean, this isn't Trader Joes, where you bring your bags back for reuse.

    Mary, What about the bag? Were you planning something, and needed the bag? What?


  22. The Mary Hayashi daily press-release machine is all cranked up. Not sure anyone reads it, but it makes for good filler on her own site.


    The lastest fluff–

    “July 24, 2012 — Assemblymember Mary Hayashi extended her best wishes to the California athletes who will be participating in the 2012 Olympic Games in London”

    Tomorrow, Mary says she supports, motherhood and apple pie.


  23. Shoplifting is a disease. She could afford that stuff. Recommend Rehab, room mate with Nadia.


  24. Mary Hayashi continues her daily PR Web press releases.

    Today July 25th

    Assemblymember Mary Hayashi Congratulates California Labor Federation Honorees
    Assemblymember Mary Hayashi congratulated the award winners at the California Labor Federation’s Solidarity Awards Dinner on July 24, 2012. The 11 honorees were recognized with the “Furthering the Vision of High Speed Rail Award.”

    See them all


    She is a one-woman PR release machine.
    The one today includes the photo op
    “Assemblymember Mary Hayashi with U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis”
    For future campaign flier.

    All part of Mary's plan.
    Everyone in every publication, in nearly every comment can't stand her, but she's not looking for votes from them. No, she is counting on the “glossy flier” crowd, who are quite satisfied by 16 words and 6 photos, on a nicely done flier.

    Wondering where her $500,000 is going to come from.

    Folks out there, contact your favorite union group. Call or email them, tell them NOT to give any money to Mary. Tell rank and file firefighters, police, sheriff deputies, to just say NO to their organizations supporting Mary.


  25. Said it before and will say it again: “My name is Mary HO-yahshi, and I'm LABOR'S big-time whore. But you can call me the 'Hayward Ho!'”


  26. New today, Daily Review– Tribune– Argus editorial on Mary Hayashi's decision to run for Nadia's seat.

    Key word: REALLY!

    Don't forget, Friday, Hayashi will be holding her Senior Health Fair.
    As usual with the post arrest events, there will be no occasion where the general public can ask Mary a question in a open forum where she would be on the record.

    This is the pattern she has followed since her arrest.
    Senior Scam Stopper at CV library
    Pet Health Clinic at Hayward City Hall.
    Senior Health Fair in Hayward, Friday 27th

    All nice photo ops with no open forum questioning.

    Mary has not held a town hall in the entire 9 months since her arrest.

    BTW, anyone get a flier for the Sennior Health Fair.
    If so, where do you live.
    I live in her district and got nothing. Then again, I am far from the District 2 supervisor seat she is running for.


  27. Mary Hayashi,
    “My opponents may use the issue to try to smear me, but I trust the voters to be smarter than that,”


    Definition of smear – Merriam-Webster's Student Dictionary
    3 : a usually unproven charge or accusation

    Lets see, Mary pleads guilty to the charges.

    DA Gascon says “This is a case that clearly contains the elements, in our opinion, of a crime as a felony,”

    One of those elements, “intent”.

    Now she backtracks, saying “Of course, I intended to pay for them,”

    Mary, Mary, Mary… you are tripping over your own words and past statements and admissions.

    Next think you know, Mary will be saying she never “intended” to give a no-contest plea.
    Blame her lawyer for that, just like she now blames him for the “brain tumor” excuse.


  28. Mary Hayashi is simply UNFIT to hold public office…PERIOD!


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