South County Dems Issue Hayashi A Vote Of No-Confidence

ELECTION ‘12//ALCO DIST 2 | Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi received one of her most stunning rebukes yet last Wednesday from members of a local Democratic club that lies within the supervisorial district seem hopes to represent this fall.

The chair of the Tri-Cities Democratic Forum, Dr. Raj Salwan, also a planning commissioner in Fremont, said its members voted “overwhelmingly” to issue a vote of no-confidence against the controversial assemblywoman who is aiming to resuscitate her political career as at the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. Hayashi is termed out of the Assembly at the end of the year and was convicted of misdemeanor shoplifting last January after she purloined $2,450 in apparel from Neiman Marcus in San Francisco.

In a statement, Salwan said Hayashi’s behavior and her current campaign for county supervisor is unacceptable to Democrats in the Tri-Cities of Fremont, Union City and Newark.

“We hold our public servants and elected officials to the highest moral and ethical standards, and rightly so–they create public policy that impacts every aspect of our lives,” Salwan said. “The most basic of our expectations are simple: honesty and obedience to the law. We realize that not everyone is perfect, and we all do make mistakes.”

However, our members felt that Mary Hayashi’s behavior has created deep and critical concern among local democrats. In addition, they felt that her insistence on continuing on in public service is seen by many as unacceptable. Although we wish her well in her personal endeavors, the members of the Tri-Cities Democratic Forum have chosen to make a public statement of disapproval for Hayashi’s continuation in public office.”

The Tri-Cities Democratic Forum is not the first south county group to register disapproval for Hayashi’s run. Earlier this month, the South Alameda County Young Democratic Club also supported a vote of no-confidence against Hayashi.

Although, the stern tone of the rebukes may be increasing from a small group of local groups, it is clear Hayashi’s star among special interests with deep pockets has not diminished. And while, she has not yet been able to procure endorsements from any local leaders of note, the flip side is none have come close to issuing any type of public condemnation for either her brush with the law or her run for supervisor. The reason, according to many in the area, is Hayashi still holds cache among monied interests and her ruthless reputation still precedes her.

CURIOUS PHONE POLLING Over the past week, numerous sources in Hayward have reported receiving phone calls from pollsters regarding the Board of Supervisors race in District 2. They include queries gauging voter acceptance for a candidate previously convicted of shoplifting and interests in a candidate who suffered from a brain tumor. Sounds familiar, huh?

However, two sources reported being asked another highly curious poll question. “How would you feel if a candidate had breast cancer?”

Although men can certainly face incidents of breast cancer, it is far more prevalent in women. Of the four candidates for supervisor—Richard Valle, Mark Green, Mark Turnquist and Hayashi—she is the only woman.

The poll question maybe nothing more than the campaign testing the waters for a gambit eliciting sympathy for Hayashi or a merely a strategy that never sees the light of day. Hayashi’s campaign had no comment.

VALLE’S BID TO BE THE SAVIOR OF HEALTH CARE Supervisor Richard Valle has been making the rounds recently giving speeches and attending round table discussions about the state of health care in Alameda County. On Friday, Valle spoke to residents in Hayward to discuss how to save St. Rose Hospital along with stabilizing the county’s hemorrhaging problem of serving more uninsured and underinsured residents.

On the subject of St. Rose, Valle is certainly an odd choice to lead the community hospital’s renaissance. Over the past decade, as a Union City councilman, Valle sat on the St. Rose board of trustees during a time when the facility nearly went bankrupt. Through rising health care costs and an increasingly poor payer mix that features a high percentage of uninsured patients, the hospital has surely been struggling for some time. However, there is more than enough evidence to show it was also poorly mismanaged under former CEO Michael Mahoney.

After the fiscal mess at St. Rose was finally revealed to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors earlier this year, the once pristine reputation of Mahoney quickly became that of a charlatan who hid the facility’s dire financial health from county supervisors until the moment it could barely meet payroll. At that point, the county rushed in to prop up the hospital with loans and a proposal to merge the facility with the nearby Washington Hospital Health Care District.

So, when did Valle, as a member of the St. Rose board, first know of the hospital’s poor financial situation and why didn’t he sound the alarm?

48 thoughts on “South County Dems Issue Hayashi A Vote Of No-Confidence

  1. Agree with 9:02 PM

    Or if you won't door knock, then at least call a teacher in Hayward or San Leandro and ask them why they are allowing the name of their organization to be used by their presidents who have sold their souls to endorse Mary Hayashi.

    Mercedes Faraj – President, Hayward Education Association
    HEA Office (510) 538-1051

    Jonathan Sherr – President, San Leandro Teachers Association

    Fine for those individuals to endorse Mary, due to past favors, but please leave off the names of the organizations, lest you give the impression that most Hayward teachers want Mary elected.
    If I was a Hayward or San Leandro teacher I would voice my complaint to the president.
    Taints the name of the organization to be endorsing a convicted shoplifter.
    Tells the kids, don't worry, if you shoplift, you'll quickly be forgiven and given a raise in pay.

    BTW, you don't have to be supporting any other candidate, to still be opposed to your organization's name being used to endorse Mary Hayashi.


  2. Great late night entertainment. It means nothing to the electorate. You have to get behind your candidate and door knock.


  3. 8:02 PM…

    “Mary Hayashi DOES NOT have the support of Senator Steinberg or the Assembly Speaker. Heard that now from several sources.”

    Uh, have you taken the time to go to
    Take a look at Steinbergs quote…
    Perez also listed and he has said nothing but nice things about Mary from her arrest to her sentencing.

    No, I don't know what you heard, but these two guys would sell their souls to get at Mary's $850,000.

    Now if you want some real fun, go to this page and then click right on the very tip of Mary's nose.
    Very scary!


  4. No 7:39, you're the FUCKING MORON and probably don't even live in the district! You can go whore yourself for Dick Valle. I have integrity and will be casting a write-in.

    Look in the mirror if you want to see a profile in shame!


  5. It's not only Steve's job to hold Mary accountable…everyone on this blog should make calls to their representatives and tell them the “ho has to go”…ok…don't say that…but you know what I mean.


  6. Steve Tavares, please follow up on this story:
    Mary Hayashi DOES NOT have the support of Senator Steinberg or the Assembly Speaker. Heard that now from several sources. Easy to verify if you call their press contacts. She's already starting her manipulative, deceptive campaign by misrepresenting her supporters. This is just a glimpse of what's to come. Please hold her accountable and make some calls to confirm.


  7. 12:12 pm, you are a fucking moron.
    Someone is going to win that race. It's not going to be a write-in candidate.
    Do you want a convicted felon representing you?
    You should be ashamed of yourself.


  8. No, dummy above. Either EXPLAIN yourself, or shut the f— up! You need to get with the program and stop defending the ho's of Alameda County: HO-yashi, Lockyer slut, and the jerk Valle.


  9. 8:59 am, it's people like you that are going to help us elect Mary Hayashi as our next Supervisor. Idiot.


  10. The FACT is 7:29, going back in time two years and having ONLY the Lockyer boob brain and Liz, I'll take the latter any day of the week. Is she the salt of the earth? No. Would she at least not have had a bimbo eruption or a Lockyer-meltdown? I say she wouldn't.

    Again, it was picking the better of the two available at that moment in time. And now aside from having to head-off the Hayashi political ho, we have a no-brainer union slut like Valle. THERE IS NOBODY GOOD IN THIS!!!


  11. The election between Lockyer and Figueroa was nothing but a woman's alpha fight over Bill since Nadia “beat” Liz and married him. Then Bill had to step in and “protect” Nadia with his money to make sure she won the race. It was sad there were no other choices. The voters had to deal with their personal fight at the cost of a valuable official state legislative seat.


  12. I was wondering why Mary got the UFW endorsement that she is playing to the hilt on her new website.

    AB 1313

    Seems she recently signed on as a “co-author” of the bill after seeing it was going to pass.
    Early on, her name wasn't anywhere on the bill.
    Even now, I don't see her name listed, but perhaps there is a way to claim such, by quickly attaching your name to a bill you had nothing to do with, other than simply voting yes.

    She has so few union endorsements, that she is making a big deal out of the UFW deal. Lots of UFW members working in Alameda County?

    See on her site, her June 25th blurb

    June 25, 2012

    Assemblymember Mary Hayashi Co-Authors Legislation to Provide Overtime Pay to Farm Workers
    Assemblymember Mary Hayashi announced that she is co-authoring Assembly Bill 1313, which will allow farm workers to be eligible for the same overtime pay protections as other workers.

    (I don't doubt Speaker Perez had a LOT to do with the UFW coming across with this endorsement. You see, Mary is going shovel a huge chunk of her $850,000 warchest to Perez via the party and via other candidates he tells Mary to support. Same deal with Steinberg. That is why she got both of their endorsments AND the UFW to boot)


  13. Actually that's an insult to all dung beetles. Liz is garbage.

    She never reached out her hand to help anyone. Neither did her protege Ana Apodaca. Just as useless. That's why they are both home knitting.

    Seems like all the useless, reject politicians from the Tri-City area could form a club: Mary Hayashi, Pete Stark, Liz Figueroa, Ana Apodaca, Anu Natarajan, the Dutras, and Sue Chan. What an all-star line up!


  14. 2:07 pm and 6:17 pm
    I hope you're kidding. Have you ever had a conversation with Liz Figueroa? She has the IQ of a dung beetle.

    She was in bed with numerous men during her career (which is how she landed a career), including Bill Lockyer and Don Perata.

    I challenge you to have a substantive conversation with that bimbo. She's empty.

    Nadia was much smarter and way more capable, but ultimately flawed and apparently suffered from an addition.


  15. Difference is that Liz would have been better and then this whole Lockyer/Valle/Hoyashi mess would NEVER have happened. That's the point I'm making, not that Liz is virtuous.


  16. We need a Reynoso at the county or state level for the Hayashi fiasco. He will take care of business no holds bar.


  17. Liz Figuero was another whore had had her issues and she had made some people upset over the years. Hayashi is the worst of all. She's got to go!


  18. Nadia's 'indiscretions' were due to Nadia. She was and is a whore. Only in it for herself. Blame her and her old man. If Liz Figueroa had won in 2010 and the dumbshits who supported Lockyer had stayed home, none of us would be going through this now.

    Gail Steele, who NEVER endorses, did so her one and only time. Did the voters listen? No! They deserved the crapfest they got. Unfortunately, the rest of us were taken along for the ride.


  19. i went and saw the movie Campaign (Will Ferrell) this weekend so funny yes it has alot of naughty talk and curse words but it is not far from the truth at how dirty politics/elections are with the scratchng and clawing to the top.


  20. Mary Hayashi needs to go! Hayward has suffered because of her wheeling and dealing, but the problem is that not enough people know about it. How do we get the word out?

    The response to this vote of no confidence, by attacking the messenger by making up false accusations against the president of the club is what the Hayashi campaign will do with Valle.

    Valle is too nice to have to deal with the ruthless tactics of Hayashi. The people need to rise up and send a strong message to the common man. We will not take this Sh*T anymore!

    Nadia's indescretions were due to an addiction. Mary has no excuse.


  21. 9:51 AM, well said.
    By the way, I agree 100%. If you don't want to support anyone who has endorsed Mary, then you should cross Sue Chan off your list. That disgrace of a “councilwoman” has her own local issues. To top it off, she fully supports Mary Hayashi.

    Let's make sure Mary's political future ends this November.


  22. Mary has a lot of nerve. No smarts just nerve! Isn't she on 3 years probation for her shoplifting? Sticky fingers needs to move away far away.
    I have a family member battling brain cancer right now. She is fighting for her life. It's a bitch to watch her going thru this. Mary should come with me to the hospital and see what I see.
    Mary makes me sick. She has no brain!
    I will not vote or support anyone that endorses or supports Mary! Mary had her chance and she threw it away. No one to blame but herself. No brain and no coscience!


  23. That's what I say, to the person above. They're all crooks! I've never been for Mary, person two spots up. Stop with 'your preposterous suggestion' that people vote for the incumbent. That's exactly what you're saying. Again, for the record: Hoyashi is a whore; Valle is a shill, and the other two are just as worthless.

    If they're all rotten to the core, why not vote for a write-in candidate? Obviously, you support corruption, just in a different guise. I'm against all of them!


  24. 7:16 pm, let's keep our eyes on the prize.
    Please stop with the preposterous suggestion to get people to vote for a write in candidate.

    Stay focused on defeating Mary. She embodies everything that is wrong with politics and politicians today.

    Will you join our movement to take Mary down?


  25. The old expression of voting for the lesser of two evils comes down to voting for the lesser of four whores. Mary and Dick Valle prostitute themselves for Labor and their own superegos. M. Green is a shill for developers and big business. M. Turquist is not a serious contender, and who most likely is Green 'light.'

    Alas, the poor, wretched and miserable voters of the second district. If we're going to throw away our votes let it at least be for integrity, honesty, and ethics. Vote for GAIL STEELE as a write-in. It's not like any of the names on the ballot offer anything by way of being for the people or community.


  26. Regarding the angry post by 10:29 AM

    So I'm the 12:52 AM individual you refer to.

    You say to me the following-
    -“please get off this string”
    -“you are out of your league”
    -“Go back to watching reruns of the West Wing. Stay off this string”

    OK, nice enough, I guess I didn't read the requirements needed to post here. Only pros need give their opinion? Average Joe, take your opinions elsewhere. How very democratic.

    But you don't stop there, NO, you go on with the following,

    “WE know exactly who YOU are, and if YOU post one more time, WE will reveal your name on this blog.
    So post at your own risk, you f__king weasel”

    Again, not enough to tell others who can and can't post, but to enforce your opinion, you resort to threats.
    One wonders who you mean when you say “WE”.
    And I suppose when you “reveal my name” to the world, you will include yours and your buddy's name as well. Or do you just do anonymous “outing”, a one way street?

    Funny, but it seems 98% of the posts here are anonymous. You're going to be a very busy man if you have to threaten everyone you disagree with.

    Well, I plan on continuing to post here as often as I see fit. So you'll just have to REVEAL me to the world. I guess it will include my name, (watch the spelling… wouldn't want a innocent party destroyed)
    After your outing, I suppose I will be shunned in respectable party circles. My neighbors will avoid eye contact. My life ruined, I'll have to move out of state.

    As the post that followed yours said,
    “Wow! Someone needs some anger management classes and a refresher course on Freedom of Speech – Geez!”


  27. Down with Mary Hayashi!!!
    We need to start the revolution and organize people at every major intersection telling people about the evil work of Mary Hayashi. She is a ruthless, cold hearted snake who pretends to be a good democrat. We need to shun her away from the democratic party.
    Way to go Tricity Democrats for taking the lead! It's nice to see someone has the balls to do this. Hopefully, others will consider joining and standing up to Evil Mary, Chris Parman, and her corrupt machine.


  28. Good point 4:31
    I think we have lots of cowards there too just like in Hayward Chamber of Commerce and Hayward City Council on the issue of Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia. Cowards everywhere around us.


  29. if you're a representative with the County Democratic Central Commmittee, you should
    1) Identify yourself
    2) Did you vote to endorse Hayashi, the last time she ran
    3) did you publicly speak up on Nadia Lockyer's antics?
    4) why did you wait til now? Why didn't you take action when Hayashi was caught shoplifting?


  30. The comments by Mary, her staff and Capitiolo – her consultant have crossed the line. I am a representative of the County Democratic Central Committee. I would hope the same resolution would come forward to the committee to cast my vote of no confidence for this lady.. The comments against Dr. Salwan have crossed the line.


  31. If Mary Hayashi is cheating on her husband along with the stealing thing at Nieman Marcus, then I am seriously worried that she is is not trustworthy and seriously. Hayashi must be stopped and everyone far and wide needs to let everyone know about Mary Hayashi's antics.


  32. It's nice to see Tavares and local democratic organizations taking a stand against Mary Hayashi. Hayashi won't go away quietly and will retaliate against everyone, but her corruption must be stopped. We can no longer have a blemish on Alameda County. Go Tavares!


  33. 8:11am – total BS by Mary Hayashi team to discredit a well known And respected democrat. The vote is that of the members of the democratic party and not an individual. Welcome to the beginning of Mary Hayashi's dirty mud-slinging campaign. No one will be spared the wrath of the crazy Mary Hayashi.


  34. Wow! Someone needs some anger management classes and a refresher course on Freedom of Speech – Geez!


  35. 8:11 AM = Mary's staff. Nice try. You are pathetic.

    Trying to throw mud at others to distract from Mary shows just how trashy and desperate she and her supporters are.

    The vote was taken by a number of democrats, not one man. Are you going to try to find fault with every democrat who cast a vote against the convicted felon Mary Hayashi that night? You are just as insidious and pathetic as Mary herself.

    The bottom line is that hundreds of local democrats have now voted to show that they no longer have confidence in Mary's ability to hold office.

    Someone asked 'why now'? Because that crazy bitch still thinks she should continue to run for office and serve the people.

    She is openly cheating on her husband, she is considered a lunatic by leaders in Sacramento and in her District, she was found guilty of grand theft, and she was trying to funnel money back to herself by renting her home to her staff, after giving them a massive raise.

    I realize Mary has asked you to come onto this string to try to defend her, but look around: you are fighting a loosing battle.

    And this other fucking idiot at 12:52 AM who thinks they are a damn consultant, please get off this string. We know exactly who you are, and if you post one more time, we will reveal your name on this blog.

    So post at your own risk, you fucking weasel. Your time is probably better spent at Mary's campaign headquarters, trying to make her feel likes she's actually got a snowballs chance in hell.

    You are severely underestimating the sheer number of enemies Mary has in both the District and Sacramento. People have been waiting years for this moment, to take that snake down, and give her a dose of her own medicine. Those people are all starting to connect and talk. They are forming a coalition. Once that can't be sidelined by $1 Million and dozens of slick mailers.

    You are out of your league, 12:52 AM. Go back to watching reruns of the West Wing. Stay off this string.


  36. Tavares, the Valle on St. Rose board should have its own separate posting. This is very important issue to examine. What did Valle know and when? What actions did he take?

    St. Rose has literally needed millions of public and private money to subsidize it and stay open.


  37. By MW:

    To 8:11AM,

    While I am not familiar with Dr. Raj Salwan and nor any business activities he may possibly be involved in and/or have been involved in, however if he is a high ranking member of the Democratic Party, in other words the political party that pretends to represent the interests of the poor, the middle class, and ordinary working men and women, then I am extremely confident that he is not a phony, nor nothing but a big windbag, nor a hypocrite, nor a ripoff artist, and nor a sophisticated crook.


  38. Tri-City Dems finally chime in when one of their own is facing a strong challenger? Where were they when this all first came out against Hayashi? Like the rest of the Dems :.. they were silent. They only speak out now when Valle is running.


  39. The Tri-Cities Dem Forum expects the highest morals and ethical standards from public servants…like Dr. Raj Salwan – its chair? Would this rebuke be from the same Dr. Raj Salwan, the Slumlord King of the East Bay? The same Dr. Salwan who buys dilapidated properties whose residents are mostly seniors and the poorest of the poor – fails to bring the apartments up to county health and safety codes, but then attempts to illegally raise the rents above acceptable limits of city rent control ordinances through strong arm tactics of its property managers? And if poor seniors cannot pay nearly double the rent in 30 days from the time the company takes over a property, he files eviction orders with the county that is counter to affordable housing laws? The same Dr. Salwan of Salwan Property Management that has numerous complaints by seniors for unsafe living conditions and attempted illegal evictions? PRICELESS!!!


  40. By MW:

    In regard to Mary Hayashi hoping to be elected to the AC Board of Supervisors.

    Every once in awhile I will read about a situation in which a particular person for a long time had a certain job, but who had not performed very well in that position, is eventually transferred to another position and at which he or she then performed like a superstar.

    So while I am sure there are a few people out there who would be outstanding employees no matter what job they were given, and also a few people who no matter what job they had would still be horrible employees, however on the other hand for the overwhelming majority of people they would be outstanding employees it they were placed in the proper job and one that matched their particular skills.

    So while I think Mary Hayashi would do a horrible job as a member of the AC Board of Supervisors, however I think she would be one of the greatest of superstars if she got a job as: one, a circus clown; or two, a “booster” for a shoplifting ring.

    Therefore I am going to write her the appropriate letters of recommendation so that she can apply to those particular employers who have the type of jobs she should be seeking.


  41. 98% of the voting public doesn't know about, or care about what the Tri-Cities Democratic Forum, or the South Alameda County Young Democratic Club say, or vote on.

    It can't be express strongly enough that this is a “special election” and requires only as little as 33% to win. She doesn't need the so called “base” to win. That, more than anything, is why Mary entered this race. She knows she couldn't win a regular election, but fate has given her a Golden Chance to salvage her nearly destroyed career.
    She is NOT going to let this “gift” situation pass by without a supreme effort.

    She has done her polling and she will be focusing her efforts on those she has been told she can sway to her side. She will be much more focused than the other candidates.
    I doubt she'll say anything negative about the others.
    Instead, she'll count on them to spend half their money trying knock her out, and the other half battling each other.

    I keep seeing these posts who suggest you merely send out some mailers with Mary's mugshot, and she is blown out of the water.
    Mary is counting on that kind of thinking.
    She is also counting on winning in November.


  42. About time that Mary got slapped by the Democrats. She should be ashamed of herself. And yet somehow, she's still able to hold her head high.



  43. Good questions about who knew about St. Rose Hospitals financial situation and why it was not made public.


  44. maybe she could get the endorsement of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce since Armas controls the reins there. I am sure they have confidence in her ability to continue to operate without ethics.


  45. Too bad there isn't anyone to support Reynoso in his bid to have a vote of no confidence in Jesus Armas. If he could muster 2 more votes then Armas would have to leave his position as President of the BOE and become “just a member”..with no more power than the next trustee. He couldn't control the meeting; couldn't control what goes on the Agenda for board meetings; couldn't command special meetings with the Superintendent and staff; couldn't bully anybody who dared to challenge him. OMG! Armas would be just a little guy(matching his stature) with no power.

    Maybe he if that happened he would have to go to some retreat to help him with the onset of dedpress over his loss.


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