Armas Will Not Resign From Board; "Thank You For The Invitation," He Says

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | Hayward school board President Jesus Armas resisted calls Wednesday night by some members of the community to resign after reports of an alleged affair with board member Maribel Heredia.

“There are a couple of people in the audience inviting me to resign,” said Armas. “Thank you for the invitation, but I will decline that invitation because I see no reason to take that course of action.”

Armas said the school district’s improvement over the past two years and the passage last June of Measure G with over 71 percent of the city’s vote shows the community’s support for the direction of the school district. He also brushed aside accusations by board members William McGee and Dr. Luis Reynoso of collusion among Armas and Heredia on unspecified votes in the past. “If we look at the voting record, we mostly vote all the same,” he said.

When pressed later by numerous public speakers whether the reports in The Citizen of an affair between Armas and Heredia, both in exclusive relationship, were true, he asserted anyone can post “anything on the Internet without substance.”

However, those in the audience Wednesday night were not buying it. Ann Terrazas, a former school district employee called the alleged dalliance between Armas and Heredia, “unbecoming behavior for a school board member.” Terrazas also called for Heredia resign. Neither Armas or Heredia are seeking re-election to the school board this November.

“You have Filet Mignon at home and you go out and get hamburger,” Hayward resident Jim Drake said, directed at Armas. “It’s not right. It’s not morally right.”

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  1. And just what do you really know about Dr. Reynoso's teaching skills or his work history????I think that you rely upon rumor and speculation.

    Dr. Reynoso has consistantly concentrated upon what needs to be done to provide services to all students in HUSD. He has questioned: expenditures;
    the value of consultant contracts;
    contracts that were given without benefit of a bidding process;
    the real outcomes of the myriad of programs that have been introduced to our students;
    the lack of real data to show that students have benefited from these programs;
    the amount of money that is spent upon administrative salaries.

    I have been watching the board of ed meetings since before his election and quite frankly, he is the only one that has raised significant issues regarding how well we use our money to educate all of our students.


  2. Parent of children in HUSD,

    To the dumb lousset at 4:42, If Dr. Reynoso drops this topic of the corruption in the votes from the affair of Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia then I will lose respect for the only man that has any integrity in politics in this area of HUSD. If you lousset want to drop this then you must be a corrupt cowardess yourself.

    I do not think you are listening to Dr. Reynoso, that it is not the sex but the voting that is the issue with RAms, Heredia, and Bruner.

    Let me tell you for as tough as that man is Dr. Reynoso, he even visited Kaiser to check on one of his students which is my child. So I will not allow you, a worthless stupid coward, to defame an intelligent brave caring teacher.

    2 of my children were educated for 2 years at Harder Elementary by Dr. Reynoso and he was the BEST teacher they have ever had. I was the parent responsible to make sure he got the best teacher award at Harder when he was there. The principal Ms. Ford along with Ms. Deversy politically destroyed his program shame on them. My daughter is going to UC Berkeley BECAUSE of DR. Reynoso.

    In his seminars at HArder he taught all of us parents how to make sure good teaching goes on in the classrooms. I even donated money to his curriculum because it was so cutting edge.

    so 4:42 stop trashing a great teacher. Dr. Reynoso gets praises from all of us because he is brave and not a coward among all of our politicians in Hayward. I value his outspoken personality for justice.

    Dr. Reynoso I will support you and my family stands behind you. You should run for mayor of Hayward soon because we need a very strong person in our city too.


  3. 4:42 sounds like the Hayward Chamber of Commerce.
    We need to be sure that people do not join that corrupt organization an do not renew their membership

    I have already not renewed mine as of last week due to the Armas and Heredia crap. Thank you Reynoso.


  4. French fries

    All this diatribe, just think if hayward citizens used it to help the city reduce crime! The distict may be rife with corruption, but so is all government. If you want better schools and test results, you folks need to get off this nonsense and help your own kids succeed, and if you know your next door neighbors kid is struggling help them too! All this talk makes you all look like clowns.


  5. 7:03, schools are funded by government. Wake up.You sound like an ignorant stupid clown even more stupid than Lisa Brunner, Maribel Heredia, Jesus Armas, and Heather Reyes. Get smart and get involved.

    To be aware what the school board does is to make sure schools get properly funded and managed. I think you do not know anything about civics. Did you graduate from HS or take any government classes?

    People need to pay even more attention to school boards. Ask more questions about misuse of money and corruption. The Jesus Armas and Maribel sexual corruption of votes is only the tip of the ice berg.

    Ask. Ask. Ask


  6. 6:52, get your facts straight. The Chamber of Commerce has nothing to do with the school board. Their purpose is to promote and encourage the businesses of Hayward so that we can have a prosperous community for everyone.


  7. 8:55,If Hayward Chamber of Commerce has nothing to do with school board then why were they so interested in endorsing school board candidates? Better yet why did they insist to have Jesus Armas from the school board be in that same endorsing committee??

    The chamber is to corrupt lets get rid of it. I will not renew my membership in October either.
    Get your facts straight it seems you are out of touch with what the CoC does.


  8. ditto to 9:18


  9. The Hayward Chamber of Commerce has been renamed the Hayward Chamber of Horrors.


  10. I hope Jim Drake runs for the board. He would provide coherent leadership for Dr. Reynoso and Mr. MaGee to rally them to clean u HUSD. Drake ,Reynoso and MaGee. That's a winning team.


  11. 9:37 lol good one


  12. Here's a poll. Who will be the guest speaker tonight?
    A. Clint Eastwood
    B. Rush Limbaugh
    C. Dr. Reynoso
    D. Jim Drake


  13. Speake at the Rep convention


  14. I think it will be Clint. But Reynoso would bring the house down


  15. jim drake coherent???

    LMAO..yeah sure, the town drunk running for public office


  16. 4:42 you are right about reynoso…fool loves the sound of his own voice..he babbles incessantly and makes everything adversarial.


  17. at every single commentary made at the meeting, reynoso manages to make it about him..remember march's meeting?

    “i kept breakfast treats around for the poor”


  18. 10:20 and 10:21, I think in commentary of board members like Reynoso are supposed to speak of why they will vote a certain way. The voting practices come from their personal experiences. Obama and Clinton did that all the time. You need to be more aware on why politicians vote or lean a certain way. You sound like Maribel Heredia or Lisa Brunner or Heather Reyes or one of their friends. I like that Reynoso is a compassionate man. Did you see his facebook?


  19. Jesus Armas resign and take your harem with you of Maribel Heredia and Lisa Bruner. Please go away. We are in hell.


  20. 10:17, you mean Otis?


  21. Jim Drake calling Maribel Heredia hamburger, insults hamburger


  22. 1000 signatures about a POSSIBLE wind turbine but only 16 signatures to help change an EXISTING situation impacting our children. Says volumes on why we get the candidates we do in Hayward.



  23. Adminstrative positions now open in Hayward Unified. Candidates must be willing to 1. Misappropriate Funds 2. Violate the Education Code 3. Ignore Public requests for information 4. Lie on command 5. Torment administrators who do what's right for kids 5. Hire your friends and family while you collect your kick back! Interested candidates please contacts Kathryn Benson, certificated administrators please do not apply. No prior teaching or site administration required.


  24. Pleasure of the board?! Try at the mercy of Armas!!!


  25. That Jesus Armas has no shame for himself or his family that means that his wife must be just as sleazy too for allowing him to behave that way all those years with all the hos.

    Armas showed up at the million father event and I wish he had not. He tainted that whole even at my school. All the teachers talked about was Armas as soon as he left.


  26. Maribel Heredia and Jesus Armas a cockroach couple made in hell. The two sleaze bags that betrayed the public trust. They still keep on voting and the Hayward leadership see no problem with that??


  27. Apparently, Hayward leadership is part of the problem!


  28. Chuey Armpits take you chonchiless Mari Hardon and get lost.
    Marinel Heredia is an embarrassment to her family and so is Jesus Armas. Those two sick sexual weirdos need to go away from our kids and take Lisa Bruner with you.


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