ALAMEDA COUNTY | Although many believed former 18th Assembly District candidate Joel Young was out-of-work during his disappointing run in the June primary, he is not now flipping burgers at a well-known burger joint these days. Instead, he is an attorney for two Oakland residents who allege racial and age discrimination against In-N-Out Burger.

“We believe individuals that are applying for store associates and custodial positions at In-N-Out burger. Certain individuals are being discriminated against by their age, race and or color,” Young told NBC. Young is a partner at the Tidrick Law Firm in Berkeley, according to its Web site.

The suit filed last Tuesday in Alameda County Superior Court alleges two African American men from Oakland, both over 40 years old applied for positions at the noted West Coast burger chain last June and were denied employment last month. They alleged the reason was their race and age.

The suit is receiving quite a bit of press since in the last day and marks a return to the public sphere for Young, whose campaign for the Assembly this spring, once promising over a year ago, nosedived after allegations he struck his girlfriend in the face in March 2011.

A rash of negative mailers by independent expenditure groups followed and led to a third-place finish in the primary to winner Rob Bonta and runner-up, Abel Guillen.