HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | Apparently Hayward school board member Maribel Heredia has a note from home.

Following her conspicuous absence from the school board’s last meeting, Aug. 22, due to a family emergency in Southern California, the district’s superintendent plans to offer a resolution Wednesday excusing the absence and allowing Heredia to be paid for the missed meeting.

However, last month, Heredia’s family emergency appeared to have also been a late summer vacation, according to postings on her Facebook page and reported in The Citizen.

Heredia’s unknown family emergency just two days before the first day of school was not remarked upon on her Facebook page. Instead, she wrote Aug. 21 from the Marriott Newport Coast Villas in Newport Beach, “In the pool, one last time b4 the kids go back to school.”

Hayward school Superintendent Dr. Donald Evans reported during the board’s last meeting of Heredia’s emergency in response to a resident who challenged the board to withhold her pay. Heredia has also been chronically late for board meetings recently and in another East Bay Citizen report admitted in a court deposition she does not read the board’s agenda packet. It is also alleged Heredia and fellow board member Jesus Armas also engaged in a then-unknown affair. Both declined to seek re-election to the school board this November after the revelations became public in late July.

In a memo from Evans to the board contained in the agenda for this Wednesday night’s meeting, he references the board’s bylaws regarding the requirements for payment of services following missed meetings. They include illness, jury duty and the vaguely written “hardship deemed acceptable by the Board of Education.” The resolution offered for approval by the board states Heredia meets the criteria for an excused absence.