Ong Touts Poll Showing Large Lead In AD20; Endorsement From Green, Primary Rival

ELECTION ’12//ASSEMBLY 20 | A new poll released last week shows optometrist Dr. Jennifer Ong gained a significant lead over former Hayward Councilman Bill Quirk in the 20th Assembly District race. Quirk, however, refutes the data. 

The poll, compiled by Global Strategy Group, states that after hearing positive statements about both Ong and her opponent, the voters chose her by a significant percentage, 52-37.

The survey of over 500 voters in the district, further states that after hearing criticisms of both candidates, the poll moved more “decisively” in Ong’s direction, favoring her over her opponent by a 31-point margin, 54 percent to 23 percent. Ong’s campaign states that this poll shows a “clear path to victory.” Ong was also clear the poll had no direct or indirect contribution from her campaign.

The polling, however, runs considerably counter to Quirk’s internal poll, released last month and conducted by Godbe Research. That poll showed Quirk with a double digit lead over Ong with 43 percent to 30 percent and evaluated 602 likely voters, along with both candidate’s ballot designation and excerpts from the candidates statements.

Quirk had also funded another poll prior to the primaries, also conducted by Godbe Research, showing Quirk with a significant lead among his four other opponents. That poll proved to be not far off the mark as Quirk took first in June primaries with 30.3 percent of the vote, a 4.6 lead on Ong who finished second with 25.7 percent.

Quirk points to his primary poll and first place finish in the primaries as a legitimate indicator of his potential victory, “Jennifer also had a poll showing she would win the Primary. My poll showed I would win, and it was right,” said Quirk. “The same firm, which I used for the primary, used the same procedures to take my poll for the general. Look at the results. I stand by them.”

Ong also received the support of one of her primary rivals. Union City Mayor Mark Green endorsed Ong for Assembly last week. Last month Ong told The Citizen that although he supported Ong he would not likely come out with an official endorsement while he was running for the Alameda County District 2 supervisorial seat left vacant earlier this year when Nadia Lockyer resigned amid a drug and sex scandal. Green also sought the appointment to Lockyer’s seat, but was passed over for Richard Valle.

Even though Green’s support was originally thought to have been quid pro quo he decided to come out officially in his support for Ong. The mayor ran for the Assembly this year, but lost in the primaries, finishing third with 20.3 percent. The gregarious, long-time mayor, who typically eschews loafers for sensible shoes, ran as an independent, as he is this fall.

Shane Bond is a regular contributor to the East Bay Citizen.

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43 replies

  1. So Green comes out and supports Ong.
    Any indication of who Ong supports for supervisor?

    Does Green's endorsement of Ong give him any benefit in his supervisorial effort if the endorsement is not reciprocal

    BTW, for all these candidates, assembly, supervisor, etc. when and where will be get our first glimpse of any campaign contributions?
    Also interesting will be anyone getting money from Hayashi's $850,000 fortune (since she can't directly spend much it on her own campaign)
    Would Ong or any local candidates dare take any money from Hayashi?


  2. Good, This Quirk is a bona fide NUT! Might as well have Lou Filipovich run. What a loon. Go Ong.


  3. I bet Big Shot Nick Terry wishes he had run. And where is this slob? Does he still dress in public like he's going to mow the lawn????


  4. Choices are a dumb crooked idiot – ong or a crooked idiot – quirk?


  5. GO ONG. I want her to win!


  6. We all want her to win. This Quirk is a looney tune.


  7. I must have missed it but where/why/ what did quirk do that are making people call him crazy?


  8. Quirk's just kind of awkward and not a good dresser. Anyone who thinks that's a reason to vote against someone should go back to the lunch tables at high school where they belong. Ong knows that Quirk is smart and qualified–so I guess her strategy is to play image politics, like Swalwell is doing with Stark on his age. That's baloney, to put it nicely. Making politics and campaigns about image over substance is one of the reasons our system is so warped and can't get anything done. Vote for whomever you prefer, but do it for the right reasons instead of acting like high school girls.


  9. Bill Quirk was the yell leader for Calpine's power plant being built next to Hayward's shoreline adjacent to the Hayward-San Mateo Bridge as well the home of wildlife and endangered species.

    Not only did Bill vote for the 2nd largest polluting power plant in the entire 9 county Bay Area, but he has proclaimed “Bringing Russell City Energy Center online is good for Hayward and better for the environment.”

    First, the electricity being generated is for the SF pennisula, not Hayward.

    Second, anyone who is willing to allow a huge polluter to come into an already federally sanctioned polluted area – further damaging the health of local children and seniors and the existence of an endangered animal, should not get the power of voting in Sacramento.

    This was the biggest pay to play project to pollute the air of Hayward for the next 30 plus years. Bill received the maximum campaign donation from Calpine, they get the okay and city land to build.

    Breath in Hayward, cough, breath out – all thanks to Bill.


  10. 8:53 What is the “maximum” campaign contribution, that you indicate he took? Is it $7,500 or what?


  11. Quirk has received $3,900 from Calpine on June 2, several days before the primary election. This is the maximum amount allowed for the primary. I'm sure the check was intentionally given so late so the polluter's money doesn't show up in the campaign reports before voters get to choose who will represent them.

    Quirk has also received $2,250 from employees of Calpine. In total, he has received $6,150 from Calpine. All can be verified at

    Breath in Hayward, cough, Breath Out!

    BTW – all of our home values in West Hayward and beyond are going to sink like the Titanic as soon as the power plant begins operations. Thanks Bill!


  12. My God, Quirk is agains clean air. And, he takes money from special interest groups. I bet he's also in the back pockets of big corporations and in support of open boarders. He must be a Republican. I sure won't vote for him. Now I am sure Ong would never accept money from special interest groups, nor would she be friendly with those big and bad corporations, and you know she thinks keeping our boarders open to provide the diversity the Bay Area is known for will continue. You know she only wants clean air and clean water as well. Add the fact that she probably flosses 10 thimes a day leads me to believe she is the best person to be our Assemblyperson. Go Ong.


  13. Jennifer is also hot. Quirky Quirk is not


  14. Ong is all special interest money. In the primary her money got her to second. She is still the dumbest candidate in the entire race.


  15. But she's hot


  16. “Vote for Jennifer Ong. She flosses 10 times a day!”


  17. Dumb is still Jennifer Ong. I wil not vote for dumb candidates.


  18. Bill Quirk may appear to be a scientist, geeky guy…but let me tell you, he's committed to the people. While being on the Hayward City Council, he listened to the residents, followed up on concerns, and was TIRELESS in making the City livable again. He walks the talk, and has experience and dedication that makes him the best candidate….


  19. The power plant he was so thrilled to support is going to damage West Hayward. Southland Mall has been struggling and this will only put the nail in its coffin.

    Who wants to shop, eat at restaurants, or live near and BREATH filthy, smelly air?

    Tell the migrating birds and endangered animals at the Shoreline how LIVABLE their environment will be with that huge monstrosity blowing toxic emissions out.

    It's one thing to accept contributions from corporations who may want a favorable business climate, but its another thing to accept contributions from a polluter placing a health hazard next to the SF Bay and wildlife refugee as well as children with asthma, seniors with heart conditions, and the biggest investment most people own – their homes.


  20. 12:01, I have no horse in this race, but your post has to be one of the most absurd I've ever seen.

    A nail in Southland Mall's coffin…Pleeze

    “Who wants to shop, eat in restaurants, and breath filthy smelly air?

    You are a scientific idiot. You have a mall situated between 880 and Hesperian, and Winton. All busy crowded, filled with cars. The relative “extra” pollution that could ever be added from power plant that distance away would never amount to even 1% of the pollution from all those cars on ajacent roads.

    Your entire premiss regarding Southland is cooked up in a pea brain scientific formula.
    Its just too laughable. Worse yet, you probably believe it to be true. Speaks volumes about our current state of science and math education.

    Just too funny, or perhaps sad.


  21. 12:01 do ya need help packing your bags? If you can find somewhere that doesn't have it's share of environmental concerns you speak of I suggest you move there and be happier. Isn't it strange that a scientist would approve of such a facility knowing of such dangers? Obviously, you know much more than he does.


  22. 12:38 – so your logic is because an area already has some pollution, it's okay just to dump more onto a bad situation instead of working to reduce pollution. WOW!

    The power plant that you claim, without any scientific proof, would be only 1% more – come on! You expect anyone to believe that crap? This isn't an additional fireplace at Mimi's Cafe – the power plant will be the 2nd Biggest Polluting Power Plant in the entire Bay Area – billions of pounds of additional greenhouse gases! Bill Quirk was the yell leader and one of the policy makers that allowed it to happen.

    I would surmise that either you don't live, shop or eat near there OR you are Calpine's public relations officer OR you work on Quirk's campaign. Which is it?


  23. Listen knucklehead, the issue in the post was specifically about Southland Mall, not greenhouse gases or melting icecaps.

    I simply said that, the pollution “filty smelly air” from that power plant, that reaches Southland mall, would not amount to more than 1% of the existing “filthy smelly air” that currently blows over the stores, shops, restaurants, from the ajacent Hwy 880, Hesperian, and Winton.

    A shopper or eater in Southland Mall won't be able to tell any difference. In fact, the air today and 3 years from now, in Southland Mall is many times cleaner than it was in the first 20 years of the mall's existance. Of that there is no doubt.
    Did you live here then? Back in the 60's and 70's?
    If you did, you'd know. Back then despite air being far worse, the mall thrived.

    That is my point. YOu have another agenda. Political and global.


  24. 1:30pm – well golly geez – the half life around Chernobyl must be down to fish only having three eyes now, not five or six. Isn't that progress!

    Why if you just wear a protective suit you'll be just fine – fashionable one might say. Just hold your breath from the car to inside the stores at mall – they have those fancy new air filters.

    Yes with this polluting power plant, Hayward will become the Rodeo Drive of the Bay Area. I can see the Chamber business development brochure now – happy shoppers under the cloud of toxic smoke scrambling for their cars. That sure should pull business away from Dublin/Pleasanton!

    It's sad when our politicians' visions are on campaign contributions and not looking out for the best interest of their constituents.


  25. You know, despite their being far more air pollution back when Southland Mall opened up, I'll bet you that 90% of those folks still around would tell you that their overall environmental quality of life was far better then compared to now.
    You are so stuck on the emmissions from this plant, as though you can somehow live in a world without electricty.
    Clearly your post indicates you don't want any more nuclear plants. You'd probably be all for shutting down Diablo Canyon which supplies over 20% of the power Northern California uses.
    You'd certainly never allow any Sierra Stream to be dammed. You don't want any natural gas plants.
    You won't allow coal power (unless it comes across state borders, burned elsewhere)

    Oh I know, you're one of those who will say we can boost our solar power from the current 1% to 50% by 2025… Yeah, especially while we go to electric cars.

    So where you gonna get YOUR power, that runs your computer, home, and office? From Milpitas?


  26. It's not an either/or argument. First, I never said I'm against natural gas plants. I'm against natural gas plants located next to the SF Bay's wildlife refugee and an urban area comprised of 500,000 human lungs.

    Natural gas is fine if the emissions are dispersed in a rural area. You've heard of power lines, right?

    Yes, the air probably is better now than in the 70s, but once the power plant begins operation, the air will be as dirty, if not dirtier, than the 70s in HAYWARD.

    Again, this plant will emit BILLIONS of pounds of greenhouse gases each year. Greenhouse gases is a politically correct way of saying – billions of pounds of cancer causing crap that will impede your health, lower your quality of life, and value of your property as it oozes over it and you.

    Bill Quirk's hands are dirty on this one.

    Breath in Hayward, cough, Breath out!


  27. A “rural area”…. Hello citizens of Tracy, Hayward is gonna build a power plant your way, dumping the air pollution over you close up and personal, then sending the clean electricity back over the hill, to environmentally pure Hayward. OK with you?
    Sure Hayward, great idea. Send us your garbage also, after Altamont fills up.


  28. 4:41 – Extend your power line out a little more. The good people of Tracy shouldn't be subjected to this pollution either.


  29. 9;12 I can already hear them coughing in Oakdale


  30. 9:38 – Finally, you admit the health hazard of the power plant. Since the power plant only needs 25 employees to run it – some rural area of 25 people would be acceptable. The same 25 who work there can live next to it and breath.


  31. 7:38 AM, Sure, put it out in a rural area, then when someone spots a brown spotted field mouse on that site, then you and your buddies will declare that site off limits, because its the only place in the world where brown spotted field mice live.

    Eventually you'll end up importing more electricity all the way from Utah where they produce it with coal.
    Face it, you don't want a new power plant anywhere.
    You use power in everything you do, in every store you shop, in every business you work, but you just want it to magically appear, or you live in some dream world where it will all be produced on the roof of your house. (enough to even power your electric car)
    Enter the need for a course in basic math.


  32. Your argument is full of fallacies, too many to respond.

    You keep supporting this power plant located next to the SF Bay, in an urban area that doesn't currently meet federal air standards, below the flight path of Oakland International (going to be a bumpy landing), and spewing its toxic, cancer causing air all over Hayward and the East Bay.

    Hope you have time to visit the children suffering from asthma in the hospitals. Maybe you can send them a card with an owl on it. That should make their pain go away!

    Just wait – when this power plant begins operations and the public wakes up to what has been built – it is going to be a mess! Whatever idiot thought that this was a good location should be forced to live next to it. Oh – Bill Quirk!


  33. 11:28 OK, you live in a world of monsters..
    “spewing its toxic, cancer causing air all over Hayward and the East Bay”

    So, you are so filled with facts. Why don't you give us a link to a independent website where the actual facts are contained.
    They had to of had a Environmental Impact Report with before and after projections.
    According to you, the bad stuff must have gone from .05 to 500 for certain toxics you are frightened about.

    Please don't include the greenhouse gas stuff as you moving the plant east of Escalon wouldn't change that.

    Also include the exact distance to the nearest residences of 250 or more people.


  34. 12:14 – You obviously don't live near this plant and couldn't give a crap about its affects.

    Report after reports (CEC – EPA) shows the toxins that will be spewed, but because of Calpine's ability to buy emission credits (I'd like to call them “Crap Credits”) from Solano County, it's miraculously okay to spew more filth in Hayward even though Hayward already has too much filth according to federal standards.

    It works like this – Bay Area Air Quality Management District (comprised of 9 counties) says we can have X amount of crap spewing in the air for the entire area. Calpine can buy credits from some fireplace that went out of service in Solano County and use it to spew its dirty air in Hayward.

    Calpine was able to buy enough credits to allow its dirty emissions. What it doesn't change is the actual air quality in Hayward. In theory it might, but we don't live in theory, we live in reality.

    It's amazing that our Hayward City Council not only voted for the plant, but gave them the land to do so. What leadership! (sarcasm)


  35. I work on Quirk's campaign but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?


  36. 9:38 you have your head stuck up your arse so now's the time to breathe deeply, cough, cough.


  37. 12:50 PM Apparently you don't have a independent or even a biased site with the actual facts on “toxins” and such that will be raised in Hayward.

    You talk about emission credits, but do you have anything on that issue for other than greenhouse gases? Because, as you have said before, you are more than happy to move the plant East of Tracy and put out those same greenhouse gases into the air.


  38. 1:47 pm – any idiot can go to or and search “Russell City Energy Center” – all the reports will show you the toxins this plant will spew. I don't have the time to type them all out here – as it is lengthy.

    Any idiot with the responsibility of zoning doesn't place this type of hazard next to a wildlife refuge that contains endangered species, placing their own constituents in harms way, and then takes campaign contributions from the polluter.

    It's like putting an adult entertainment establishment next to an elementary school! There are better places to put it!

    I get the fact that we need energy and I get the fact that people like you are against investing more in renewable energy, but if you want to place a toxic power plant somewhere – DON'T DO IT IN AN URBAN AREA where there are children and seniors whose health will be significantly impaired by the emissions.


  39. 1:47 so do you agree that every city council member that agreed to this project needs to be removed from council?


  40. 1:03, Oh sure, to be replaced by a optometrist who “can see Russia from her house”


  41. Did Jennifer Ong voice her opinion on the Russel City project before it started? If not then she is completely out of touch whether she agrees with it now or not. She is clueless and dumb. I think she was selling hotdogs with her parents when all of this was going on.


  42. Jennifer is hot and Quirky Quirk is not


  43. We actually should be taking better benefit of the greatest source of energy and heat of all time, but the obstruction being man-made, currency, its a tad difficult when the world is rotating around the dollar bill instead of humanity and existence it self, for the greater good. diesel generator for sale.


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