Swalwell Voter: ‘I’m A Tea Partyer. I’m Voting For You’

ELECTION ’12//CONGRESS 15 | Eric Swalwell, Rep. Stark’s Democratic challenger in the 15th Congressional District, may have been bitten by the hand that is feeding his hopes of upsetting the 40-year House veteran—right wing conservatives. But, do they know what Swalwell thinks of them?

The New York Times reported a scene surely to warm the hearts in Stark’s camp, who is going to great lengths to portray Swalwell as the least liberal of the two candidates. In the scene, a crotchety Tri Valley voter opens his door to Swalwell, However, before the young Dublin councilman can get out his message, the man immediately shuts the door, but not before telling Swalwell, “I’m a Tea Partyer–I’m voting for you.”

Swalwell’s courting of conservative votes in the Tri Valley is well known, but less so is disparaging comments he has made, notably in vastly more liberal parts of the district. During a Latino-themed appearance in Hayward earlier this month, Swalwell told the group he hopes members of the Tea Party are “cycled out” out of Congress.

The exchange in the Times is a gift for Stark’s campaign team who has seized every opportunity to equate Swalwell with Republicans since noted labor leader, Sharon Cornu, came on board this summer. Cornu has attempted to create linkage between the Rep. Paul Ryan budget plan and Swalwell as well as charging him with swift boating Stark with the flimsy assertion he supports Citizen United.

Swalwell may have received the vote of another Tea Party supporter, but how many staunch progressives in Hayward did he lose with the undivided support of right wing ideologues?

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  1. Stark has got to go. Let's get him out. Swalwell may not be perfect but he has a chance to unseat this Dinosaur.


  2. Stark will win, when you really examine how much he has done you to will vote for Stark.




  4. Is Pete gonna show up anywhere between now and election day (other than in mailers)?

    The lack of appearances will only highlight any that he does make.
    I'm wondering if the newspapers will do any interviews?

    At some point many voters will pick up on the fact that he is staying low in order to avoid gaffes.
    Time will tell, but I'm not sure Sharon Cornu has a feel for the average voter.


  5. Vegas would give $1 million-to-one odds you will see Stark from here to Nov. It's not a good bet. Save your money.


  6. As a tea-partyer, I will vote for neither Stark or Swalwell. Voters in Alameda County get the quality representation that they deserve.


  7. Every single article on this website is riddled with grammatical errors and lies.

    I hope all these readers can find a new source of information rather than this shlock.


  8. 3:50, Hey, you got a problem? Why do you come here?
    Probably because stuff gets covered here you won't see elsewhere. The major papers have cut back staff to bare bones. Too often only major races get covered.
    We'll be getting dozens of articles about Obama vs Romney when California has nothing to do with the outcome.
    Everyone reads about that while local politicians skate along, doing what they want, with little fear of ever being exposed.

    AS to your grammer problem, just do a little internal editing if something strikes you wrong.


  9. who is morgan?


  10. First off Tavares, your stupid Morgan is not ONLY a girls name, but with the sissy reporting you do, and how you bend over and take it for the Stark campaign I'll bet your birth name was Ashley.

    Swalwell courting Conservatives is not bad at all. I know all you Stark people wish is was a bad thing, but it just proves you guys are scared.


  11. Tea Party People HATE Stark, so they will vote for anyone to get him out. Nothing wrong there. The Enemy is Stark, NOT Swalwell.


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