Hayward school board members Jesus Armas, Maribel Heredia Oct. 5 at City Hall. PHOTO/Shane Bond

HAYWARD SCHOOL BOARD SCANDAL | Even after the revelation of their salacious scandal, both Hayward school board members Jesus Armas and Maribel Heredia, were seen last Friday night sitting together at the League of Women Voters forum for school board candidates and seen walking the streets together afterwards. Both are sitting board members that have been allegedly involved in an affair with one another revealed by The Citizen last July.

PHOTO/Shane Bond

The couple did not arrive together, but they did sit together for much of the forum, sometimes talking with one another, before they got up and left together about ten minutes before the forum concluded.

When Heredia was asked if she thought it strange to be with Armas at a forum where a number of the attendees were aware of their affair she replied with some hostility, “What kind of question is that?” Heredia didn’t see it as inappropriate for the two to be seen sitting together and leaving together early. She was also asked if the two were still together romantically to which she gave no reply. The lonesome lovers were also seen at another school board forum last month. However, Heredia sat conspicuously in the back of the packed room at Westminster Hills Church, while Armas sat near the front.

About 20 minutes after the forum concluded, during an interview with Hayward school board members Luis Reynoso (who is running for re-election) and William McGee outside, Armas and Heredia were spotted walking the streets together in front of Los Pericos, located across the street from City Hall. While it is not certain where the two board members went to or what they were doing when they left together during the forum, they continued their walk to the parking structure across the street from City Hall before separating.

PHOTO/Shane Bond

The two board members have been dismissive of evidence that The Citizen posted in July where text messages revealed an explicitly romantic relationship between the two. The relationship draws a sharp contrast to another scandal that took place on Hayward City Council two years ago when then-City Manager Greg Jones was allegedly having an affair with former councilwoman Ana May. According to numerous sources at City Hall, Jones was on the path of being fired for the improper conduct, but resigned before it happened. Coincidentally, a current candidate for the Hayward school board, Heather Reyes, is being advised by May. Last week, Reyes refused to answer questions pertaining the school board and the city’s apparent problems with handling potentially improper and undisclosed government inter-personal relationships.

For Armas and Heredia, neither has shown interest in resigning, but they have not filed for re-election this fall and have yet to offer a reason for discontinuing their work on the school board. Since then it has been reported that Heredia who missed a board meeting last month and sought pay because she was supposedly visiting her ex-boyfriend’s dying grandmother in Southern California had allegedly lied and was never at the hospital the grandmother died in according to a family member of the grandmother. Instead, according to Facebook posts made by Heredia, it appeared that she was on vacation.

Shane Bond is a regular contributor to the East Bay Citizen.