ELECTION ’12//FREMONT MAYOR | Aziz Akbari, the young 18-year old who is running for mayor of Fremont, was featured on Comedy Central’s Indecision for a stand up gig he did at his college. The young candidate is currently a Sophomore at USC where he is studying mechanical engineering.

“His set isn’t bad, for a first-ever set. Mostly wordplay. He took a little long to build up that first joke, and the Justin Bieber bit felt gratuitous, but unlike Bieber he didn’t throw up on stage. So, pretty good gig,” joked the website. Akbari got a kick out of it himself, “It was a big story so a lot of people saw it and I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments. People have been supportive and they understood the satire,” said Akbari.

The posting on Indecision was quite critical, in comical fashion of course, about Akbari’s age. “He’s so ambitious! Maybe too ambitious. Aziz, you’re still young. So young. This thing called life is a marathon, not a sprint. Just punch in 55378008 on a calculator and hold it upside down, then take a nap.”

“I’m use that kind of commentary,” said Akbari, “It is how people generally feel about me but when they meet me and hear my passion they are usually surprised. But when people try and judge me solely on my age they don’t get the big picture.” Akbari said he did the gig to try and break out of his shell and become more comfortable in front of an audience.