ELECTION ‘12//CONGRESS 15 | Eric Swalwell might sing “Rubber duckie, you’re the one” in the bathtub following a hard day on the campaign trail, but the floating yellow novelty he’s passing out to the voters is not made in America, says Rep. Pete Stark.

On Friday, Stark’s campaign went on the offensive skewering Swalwell’s use of Chinese-made rubber ducks throughout his campaign. Citing a portion of Swalwell’s plan for creating jobs, contained on his campaign website that states, “Rebuilding American manufacturing is the key in rebuilding our economy,” the Stark campaign asks, “So are Eric’s rubber duckies made in the U.S.? No, not at all.”

Swalwell has handed out rubber ducks throughout his campaign at campaign events to mock Stark’s unwillingness to participate in candidates’ forums over the past six months, even though rubber chickens are more commonly used. However, rubber chickens are far more cost-prohibitive than tiny plastic ducks.

Campaign finance reports released this week show expenditures totaling $1,300 made Swalwell to the popular novelty company, Oriental Trading, over the past few months. Company representatives say the items are manufactured in China, according to Stark.

Stark says he has supported and co-sponsored legislation to create local jobs in the past, “I’ve fought to deliver real results, not rubber duckies,” said Stark. “Our economic recovery is fragile, and now is not the time to send a rookie – or a rubber duckie – to Congress.”