Mary Hayashi: The Comeback Kid?

ELECTION ’12//ALCO SUPERVISOR DIST 2 | Sometime before Richard Valle was appointed to replace disgraced Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer in June, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi was already lurking in the background, gauging political support in advance of her likely campaign this fall. However, conventional wisdom quickly coalesced around the belief that her run for District 2 supervisor would be dead on arrival. After all, she was convicted of shoplifting last year. Just plaster her mugshot on billboards and mailers, many said this summer, and witness the final chapter of Hayashi’s once promising career.

But now suddenly Hayashi appears to have a decent shot in the race. The reason? Valle has been reticent about confronting her in public about the conviction. In addition, Hayashi has put together a string of well-honed and aggressive criticisms of Valle. As a result, what seemed impossible several months ago could actually come true on November 6: Hayashi might win this thing.


20 thoughts on “Mary Hayashi: The Comeback Kid?

  1. I agree that very little makes sense. I wish that I answers; I don't.

    I can't explain Mark Green except that he has a vendetta against Valle. In his mind, I suppose, that is enough.

    If Valle hadn't been so brazen as to flaunt the bags–on his own Facebook account, no less–then I don't know that anyone would know. Self-inflicted wound. Has he spent other county money on his campaign besides bags? I don't know, but I think that it is a distinct possibility. An independent investigation would answer that question. I have done my best to alert the county, Keith Carson, who came very, very late to Valle, the news media, Matier & Ross, who won't touch anything in this race, the Green campaign, and others. I simply want the appropriate individuals to investigate and then let the chips fall where they may. I suppose in this day and age that that is asking too much. At the very least, I want the voters in District 2 to have ALL the information, then they can do whatever they please. Dumb decisions have happened before from the presidency on down, and no doubt will happen again. For that I am sorry. Such is the price of a representative democracy.

    Just as almost no one is interested in 'playing the Mary card,' the same seems to be true of the 'Valle card.' In the old days there would have been publicity which might have led to an investigation and to again coin a phrase, 'let the chips fall where they may.' Too bad that whoever comes out of this will not have a mandate, be tainted in some form, and surely won't have the voters' best interests in mind. I've done my duty and have already cast my vote. I'll continue to use what voice I have left to let my fellow voters know about the two damaged candidates who seem to be the 'favorites.' The best scenario I can see is waiting out the next two years and either having a non-incumbent in that race or knocking off the tainted incumbent. Such is our lot.


  2. 11:52, I would be more inclined to give some merit to your approval of Mark Green, if Mr. Green had ever taken this race seriously. Perhaps he is the best choice, but he has never taken step one to make a serious race of this.
    Last I saw he had raised only $7,000 and not put any significant amount of his own money into the race.
    Essentially he has said, “I am not really serious about this race”.

    He has no significant groups of supporters who are wallking precincts or making calls.
    Why in the heck did he even enter the race if he wasn't going to make a serious effort?

    He is destined for a poor 3rd place finish. The more this goes on, Green will be lucky to get 20% whereas its going to take 35% or more to win.

    The finish, something like Hayashi and Valle taking 75% of the vote between them, with Green around 20% and Turnquist picking up 4% of disgruntled people.
    There is not 1 chance in 100 of Green winning this race.
    He is a bright man, why did he run?

    Many mysteries in this race. Only Hayashi's run seems to make logical sense.
    -Turnquist is just running for some crazy motive.
    -Green is qualified but has decided to make only the most minimal effort.
    -Valle has everything he needs to win, but has for unknown reasons, decided to throw away the best weapon in his arsenal, Hayashi's criminal past.

    One almost begins to think Hayashi is secretly managing all three of the other campaigns and perhaps paid the filing fees for 1 or 2 of them to split the vote.

    Not much in this race makes sense.

    My only current problem with the “swag-bag” stuff is that, and I'm serious, there are not 100 people in the entire district who will go to the polls, knowing anything about the issue. It won't be influencing the votes of even 10 people on election day.
    At least some fair number of voters will have some awareness of Hayashi's crime.


  3. So here's the deal for you $aint Rich of St. Rose apologists: EVERYONE who has viewed the self-incriminating photos of Dick with his swag bags has seen them. Who has made the charge besides me? I don't know and really don't care. Remember Watergate? That began with one person knowing that wrong had been committed and we know the results. As to giving “us”an official charge, again misses the point completely, but you are so covered in muck in trying to protect your precious $aint Rich that it is beyond nauseating. I don't know 'Richard Green,' but the one frustration I share with you is that nobody seems to care about the corruption committed by BOTH HO-yashi and Valley.

    All vitriol and smugness aside, we are in the homestretch of the grand finale. You will continue to tear down Mary and go after her deservingly. You have my blessing. I, however, being more noble than you two dunces, will continue to tear both of them down since BOTH committed wrongs, the latter with COUNTY $$$.

    As for the young lady who is the last poster before mine, ma'am, who gives a crap about a 'couple of bucks' for stupid bags….YOU completely miss the point. The amount spent on these 'dumb bags' was at least equal to if not greater than what Hayashi shoplifted. I don't care how many you've seen or not–the issue, little girl, is that the big bad Valley STOLE taxpayer $$$ to fund his campaign, along with the official endorsement of county governement–the great seal. Either you just don't get it or more likely don't give a squirrel's crap, especially since you are prostituting yourself for Valley's campaign. Not to worry. It will soon be over and G-d willing we'll have CLEAN MARK GREEN. Barring that outcome, the votes need to know the truth about ALL the misdeeds perpetrated by those candidates who have done so. In which case, let the chips fall where they may. Simply because something doesn't get covered or widely-publicized does not mean that it didn't happen or shouldn't be reported. If one is true with Mary's shoplifting, it applies EQUALLY to Dick's misappropriation of taxpayer dollars. Too bad you poor stooges still 'just don't get it!'


  4. Mary had a 'pet wellness' event for her assembly district earlier this year. Mailers were sent *only* to those in the area of District 2 for her upcoming race for supervisor advertising the event. I think that's a far worse use of taxpayer funds since it was clearly an election ploy. Really, who gives a crap about a couple of bucks for stupid bags that I personally have only seen at official county events? Talk about missing the point…..


  5. Lots of charges about the use of District 2 monies.

    So, I ask YOU the question. Other than YOU, who has made the same charge? Is there ONE person other than YOU who has made this charge?

    And, if there is ONE person, other than YOU, who has made this charge, then where have they filed such a charge?

    Please give us some official charge, or complaint, by ANYONE, even YOU.

    Or is the entire life of this charge confined to EBCitizen and YOUR posts here?

    Has Mary Hayashi, or Richard Green, or Turnquist, or the District Attorney's office, or any law enforcement office ever mentioned this charge about “swag-bags” or the “county seal”…?

    Or does this entire charge reside ONLY inside YOUR cranium, and nowhere else?


  6. It's too bad you jerks don't get it! The person who has been mentioning 'swag bags' is going to a much bigger issue–MISAPPROPRIATING COUNTY FUNDS AND USING THEM FOR A CAMPAIGN. The bags are the result of this. I agree; who cares about bags.

    The real and only issue here is that Valle stole county money and channeled it to his campaign. How did he do this? He used District 2 monies to fund his campaign. What did he do with the $$? He bought campaign give aways, probably equaling or surpassing what Mary shoplifted.

    If you dunces actually learned to use your brains and truly cared about honest politics, then you would see that Valle is even more corrupt than Hayashi–who should have been expelled from the Assembly–since he stole COUNTY money. He did this while in office and used his office for the benefit of himself, breaking the law in the process.

    It's too bad that nobody has picked this up and frankly given a damn. But then again, a wise man once said, “Never underestimate the ignorance nor apathy of the American electorate.” Obviously he had you two in mind.


  7. Yeah Valle's many shortcomings… His salary at triced, his time on the board at St. Rose while it sank, his connections to Mahoney, etc are more important issues than the swag bags.


  8. Good God, the election can't come soon enough to end this silly “swag-bag” absurdity. No one other than you is paying any attention to it.
    In the last week of a election with all the mailers, anything about “swag-bags” would go completely below the awareness level of 99.9% of voters even if you devoted a entire mailer to it.

    I got 8 mailers in my mail today. None of them grabbed my attention, even with issues far more worthy than some silly “swag-bags” and “seals”.
    A zero in the beginning, and a zero issue now.

    But good try to fire up Mary's base 🙂

    She may win, but that issue won't have a darn thing to do with it. Only you and a few readers here even know it exists.


  9. Valle won't dare bring up 'big bad Mary' since he himself stole county funds to buy his swag bags and misappropriated use of the county seal.

    They're both corrupt to the hilt! Let's all go with CLEAN MARK GREEN!!!!!!!


  10. Valle needs to send the Hayashi mug shot ASAP!! Last two Hayashi mailers (Chavez memorial) and public safety have been home runs.


  11. Anyone have any update on any mailers that may have gone out dealing with the topic of Mary's shoplifting conviction?

    Here we are, only 10 days of campaigning left, and folks I've talked to in the district have yet to receive even one negative mailer.

    Seems like the Tribune, Daily Review, article about Mary's voting record is the worst thing that the voters will be hearing, and thats not the work of her opponent's mailers.

    How is it, that the opponents campaigns aren't using anything else on a candidate that the newpapers, only months ago, all called for her resignation?

    Whether one is for or against Mary, or any of the other candidates, this is the most mysterious election tactic I can ever recall. In most races, candidates spend weeks digging up the most obscure facts or history to skewer their opponent with.

    In this case, we have clearest and most documented record of a crime, complete with a absurd list of excuses, and for unknown reasons, its being buried, not even discussed.

    If Mary ends up winnning, especially by a small margin, I'd love to hear the logic that was employed by the campaign managers of the opposition.

    OK, and how about any mailers from Hayashi? Has she attacked Valle? Anything received by anyone?

    My bet is that Hayashi might in the last few days slam him with something, though she has to be careful not to get voters thinking about wrongdoing of any sort.

    Keep the info coming regarding mailers.
    Include the text of any particular mailer topic if it is interesting or negative.
    Take a few minutes and write it out for us to read.


  12. Heard Mary already has a staff-in-waiting, ready to go. Since the change-over happens almost immediately, right after certification, the Lockyer-Valle staff should be out the door before the end of November.

    Good riddance. Boss Miley can pickup Chris and company and give them nice soft landings. His motto: “It's all good!”


  13. If by chance Valle wins is all forgiven? Will we not hold Miley and Chan accountable for giving us such a weak candidate in Valle?


  14. Speaking of Valle, you would think someone who has made a career in garbage would be capable of handling it straight on. Instead, he's getting buried in it.


  15. Mary says, “Payback is a bitch”. Watch out Miley. Valle, better get your green job back. I feel sorry for Bay Area residents you have nothing but thieves, liars, morally corrupt individuals representing you. But wait, you are the ones that elect these fools. It won't be long until Jesus Armas will be running for Mayor of Hayward and winning.


  16. Valle won't dare bring up 'big bad Mary' since he himself stole county funds to buy his swag bags and misappropriated use of the county seal.

    They're both corrupt to the hilt! Let's all go with CLEAN MARK GREEN!!!!!!!


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