Guy Houston

ELECTION ‘12//CONGRESS 15 | What has long been suspected is now true. Eric Swalwell is indeed playing footsie with Tri Valley Republicans.

A robocall obtained by The Citizen shows Swalwell targeting conservative voters with the help of former Republican Assemblyman Guy Houston, who vouches for the Democrats’ moderate credentials.

[LISTEN to the robocall below.]

Since they are no Republicans on the ballot for the 15th Congressional race between Rep. Pete Stark and Swalwell, Houston says, “I believe our best and only choice is Eric Swalwell on Nov. 6.”

“Eric is a moderate,” intones Houston, also a former Dublin mayor. Later in the minute-long message, Houston adds, Swalwell “has the energy and new ideas to work with people of any party to solve our problems.”

Most have long believed Swalwell’s best chance to unseat Stark would lie in courting Republicans and independents in the district and primarily in its newly redrawn portions in the Tri Valley area.

The robocall, however, is the clearest example yet of Swalwell’s intent to shift the district from a long-time progressive enclave into a more moderate, Blue Dog Democratic vote in Congress.