Ong’s Missing Candidate’s Statement


When voters peruse their election handbook searching for candidates’ statement from a host of different races, they might notice one major candidate conspicuously missing.

Dr. Jennifer Ong says the lack of a candidate’s statement, often viewed as a prerequisite for any serious campaign was not a mistake or oversight.

“What’s more powerful? Paying for something in a book or having somebody who is elected to office in this county who’s been a woman in the State Legislature to send it out?” said Bob Twomey, Ong’s campaign manager last Saturday afternoon.

Many viewed a campaign email from supporter last week featuring Alameda County Supervisor Wilma Chan as an admission of the potential error by the campaign. The message includes a lengthy candidate’s statement introduced by Chan.

The inclusion of a candidate’s statement in the registrar’s voter handbook is viewed as standard among campaigns and an easy and official-looking method for getting their messages to voters on a level-playing field.

The statements are not free, however, and often preclude low-budget campaigns from participating, but money should not be a problem for Ong. “We spent money on grassroots,” said Twomey. “Everybody’s got our message now. Everybody has our positions.”

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9 replies

  1. Another example of a candidate that should not be running. Complete inexperience. Greener than green or is it incompetence?


  2. In the past, my rule of thumb for any race on who the “serious” candidates are is whether or not they're willing to pay for the candidate statement or not. Seriously.


  3. Oops. Added an extra “or not”. 🙂


  4. If she loses a close race, this will be the #1 reason why. She will be kicking herself for years over it.


  5. Hayashi has been knocking on doors throughout the district and from what I'm told she's getting positive feedback and votes.

    Paddys is located in Union City where Valle and Green are located And most likely will split – what novices to sit there for hours talking to few if any undecided voters on GOTV weekend! You have to wonder how dumb they are? Hayashi must be laughing all the way to the polls!


  6. Ong needs tp fire the campaign mamager. He spunds like an amateur.


  7. the best candidate's statement ever: Johan Klehs statement from 1978-always used it as example for mine and I did win six times-tony santos


  8. I only vote after I read the candidates statement. No statement no vote from me. Period.


  9. What a disastrous mistake.


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