Valle Holds Off Green, Not Hayashi, To Retain Alameda County Supervisors Seat


ALCO SUPERVISOR DISTRICT 2 |Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle can unpacked his bags. The job is his to keep for the next two years. After what had appeared to be a lackluster performance beset with numerous missed opportunities to dismantle his main competitor, Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi, Valle cruised to victory Tuesday night.

The biggest surprise, however, was not Valle’s win, but the performance of Mark Green, who finished a strong second while easily outdistancing Hayashi, the favorite by some to win the seat vacated last April by Nadia Lockyer.

Valle won’t be able to rest long. The District 2 special election only covers the last two years of Lockyer’s first term ending in 2014.

Richard Valle……..20014….36.29%
Mark Green………..16803….30.47%
Mary Hayashi………13165….23.87%
Mark Turnquist……..4933…..8.94%

16 thoughts on “Valle Holds Off Green, Not Hayashi, To Retain Alameda County Supervisors Seat

  1. Green a strong second with little money and no Union support. Go figure. I believe he will be on everyone's mind in the next election cycle.


  2. you gotta wonder if Green will run in 2014. Certainly most of Hayashi's votes would go to Green. Hope Valle runs an effective office.


  3. Yes, I Alameda voters appear to be waking up – I think yes! I wouldn't put Stark in the mix with those other alleged crooks and mobsters; he's not a perfect person but he has many huge accomplishments and keeps in touch with the constituents, unlike Stalwell so far – why do people always presume young white jocks can get it done – and doesn't it appear he's on the take (was it AVI)? Why were his signs bigger than everyone elses (hmmmm)? You pretty much know where you stand with Pete; I hope Ellen has grown up to be more decisive. We are hopeful


  4. Interesting contribution. This one contribution alone equaled more than Green had for his entire campaign.

    October 17th, $14,000 to Hayashi

    The Doctors Company | Medical Malpractice Insurance

    Down the drain.


  5. …I am sure Nadia Lockyer could use a friend…perhaps Mary should fly south for the winter and spend time with Nadia…those two will find a creative means to spend those excess campaign funds!


  6. Any guess on Hayashi's plans, if any, for a future post? With her still sitting on in excess of $700,000 in campaign funds, whats her next move?
    Be a big time contributor to the political choices of Speaker Perez and Pres pro tem Steinberg, in exchange for one of those state boards where you meet once a month for $100,000 a year?

    Or might she still dare to think about running for Corbett's State Senate seat in 2014? I mean, you'd think not, but as they say, “There's something about Mary”.

    One thing for sure, I don't think anyone is going to be fearing her anymore after this big time smack-down. A few more bucks and Turnquist might have pushed her down to 4th.


  7. The world of politics in ALCO is a'changin…(for the better)…Stark gone…Lockyer gone…husband soon to follow, Hayashi gone (Thank God)… De La Fuente gone…who's next?

    It would appear the voters of ALCO are finally on their “A” game…

    A word to all ALCO Officials…play it straight or you might be the next former elected official.


  8. Take a look at these maps

    Pull down and get District 2

    If that is correct, as I read, it is a very unusual pattern of who won each precinct.
    Points to a excellent grass roots campaign by Valle.

    Mary doesn't even win her own home precinct.
    Green very good in very confined area.
    I wonder why Mary even won the few precincts she did. I'd like to see the interesting breakdown on those precincts.


  9. From the July 21st Tribune interview, Mary made a important statement.

    “My opponents may use the issue to try to smear me, but I trust the voters to be smarter than that,”

    Mary, it turns out the voters were indeed smarter than even you expected. Even with a rather minimal negative campaign put up against you, the voters still knew the truth about you and your unbelievable excuses.

    Your days as a POWERFULL Assembly-Committee chairman are over. You are just a average citizen, except for being on 30 months probation.


  10. ok, who used my name? i did not post at 11:30am-i was sound asleep at that time but thanks for thinking of me-going to miss mark in politics-he did well for his city and the county-good luck to Mark and Valle-Tony Santos and this time it is me!


  11. Congratulations, Alameda County Supervisor Richard Valle! My family wishes you the best of politics. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Keep the faith and keep smiling. (A.T.)


  12. By MW:

    In this particular instance I am ashamed of the voters of Alameda County.

    It is true that in a sane world Mary Hayashi's candidacy would not have been considered anything other than a total joke. However in the totally insane world of California politics, we are supposed to, and almost always do, vote for absolutely any clown who is backed by a lot of money and a major PR campaign. So therefore those who refused to vote for Mary Hayashi “broke” and refused to abide by the “rules” of California politics.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves.


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