ALAMEDA COUNTY | Former Alameda County Chief Probation Officer David Muhammad arrived in 2011 among much fanfare. He left in an equally spectacular cloud of disgrace and revile earlier this year amid allegations he forcefully sexually assaulted an underling at the San Leandro Marina.

Alameda County investigators, last June, however, found the allegation by a woman in the probation department was “unsubstantiated.” Muhammad, though, resigned while some county supervisors lauded his efforts. The county is still representing Muhammad in his civil case.

But, according to sources, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors unhealthy love affair with Muhammad is going on despite his alleged monstrous activity in May 2011 when the victim said in court filings Muhammad forcefully kissed and digitally penetrated her at the San Leandro Marina. The filings and other newspaper accounts regarding Muhammad’s activity in Washington, D.C. also suggest a history with assaulting women.

The media’s complicity in reforming Muhammad’s public image caught the attention of some county employees who expressed disgust over an opinion piece in the Bay Area News Group papers Oct. 20 authored by Muhammad, who describes himself as the former chief probation officer for Alameda County and presently a consultant for various non-profits. The article clearly represents a very public reintroduction of Muhammad despite the allegations against him. It also signals a renewed partnership with him and the county.

Over the past two years, there has been no doubt Muhammad’s rough-hewn biography and seductive ways have lulled Alameda County Supervisors Nate Miley, Keith Carson and others for some time. Critics have charged the county with being extremely lax in its vetting of Muhammad for the job, citing a simple Google search of his background quickly offers questionable activity in his past. Carson, went as far as to heap effusive praise on Muhammad this summer even with the horrific charges still hovering over his head. According to county sources, both cannot seem to detach themselves from Muhammad.

In addition to the opinion piece, Muhammad has had a hand in procuring a federal grant for Alameda County, along with acting as a consultant on probation issues. His continued involvement within the battered probation department is also creating an understandable rift between the interim chief LaDonna Harris and her department, along with its relationship to the Board of Supervisors, sources told The Citizen last week.

Muhammad’s presence at the county level, in fact, has some employees worried about his eventual return to the probation department. Except, there is one huge hindrance in the way—the victim still works there.