1. San Leandro Councilman-elect Benny Lee agrees to a policy during a candidates forum, begins to describes why he supports it, but then asks, “Wait, what is that?” To be fair, when the moderator asked the other candidates what the audience-generated questions was referring to, nobody knew, either.

2. Hayward’s profilic public commenter Jim Drake teases Jesus Armas for cheating on his wife with fellow school board member Maribel Heredia. “You have Filet Mignon at home and you go out and get hamburger,” Drake publicly told Armas. “It’s not right. It’s not morally right.” Presumably, Armas also enjoys a bag of fries on the side.

3. One of the nicest people in local politics, Sarabjit Cheema, a New Haven school board member running for the 20th Assembly District seat, gives a speech at the Hayward Demos referring to herself in the third person. She replaces “I” with “Cheema” over two dozen times in the address, while audiences shift uncomfortably in their seats. She then ends her remarks by saying, “Remember, Cheema/Obama, Obama/Cheema. It rhymes.”

Eric Swalwell: Rookie of the year.

4. Pete Stark’s campaign sends a hilarious mailer to voters in the 15th Congressional District calling Eric Swalwell a rookie and depicting him as a young tee-ball player playing with big leaguers. Later, Swalwell doesn’t quite grasp the joke and acts like he’s in out. He posts photos of himself in a homemade ball cap similar to the hat photoshopped by Stark’s campaign.

5. Nadia Lockyer’s sex video is still the talk of the town, but the YouTube description of the short clips by her ex-boyfriend Steve Chikhani is rollicking bit of political satire mixed with snide rejoinders. One video is hilariously titled, “Nadia Lockyer trying to get my vote,” while another of the former supervisor going to town on herself has the description, “Here’s the former Alameda County Supervisor giving herself a little tax relief.””