2012 Year In Lists: Top 5 East Bay Politicians Who Always Look Fearful Talking To The East Bay Citizen

1. Eric Swalwell – All you need to know is he literally ran from me during a forum at Cal State East Bay–a brisk walk that morphed into a weird trot. And, earlier this year he repeatedly ignored my questions before and after a three-hour Dublin City Council meeting in October and that said, fuck you. My pay-to-play article on him in the East Bay Express, however, drilled him and almost cost him the election. In addition, the article will likely represent a time bomb with the potential of biting him in the ass again in two years.

2. Wilma Chan – While she likely represents the least corrupt member of the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, the diminutive former assembly leader typically cringes with eyes-a-darting when I ask for her time. The irony is it was Chan who, for some reason, first intimidated me, when I initially met her in 2010.

3. Ellen Corbett – Despite admittedly encouraging support for Corbett throughout the years as she sought promotions twice to the Board of Supervisors, the state secretary of state’s office and now for Congress, the majority leader has recently cast a weary eye towards me. The feeling is one-sided, of course, since Corbett was the very first politician of renown to pay attention to the little blog that could, the East Bay Citizen, in 2009.

4. Richard Valle – Granted, giving him the nickname, “Richard Valium” doesn’t help, but the new Alameda County supervisor always seems on edge when The Citizen comes-a-calling. Nevertheless, the existence of many of Nadia Lockyer’s former employees on his staff probably has a lot to do with his lack of being forthcoming. That, or Mark Green, is right, the guy is just low-energy.

5. Abel Guillen – Body language tells it all with this guy as he often shuffled and worriedly answered my questions. The coverage of the Rob Bonta/Guillen race was quite sedate, if not boring, but as the campaign neared its conclusion, his demeanor became surly at times. Unease with my coverage in the beginning, followed by ambivalence at the end made it hard for me to locate the real Abel for voters to see.

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  1. By MW:

    So Steven Tavares is saying that Wilma Chan is very likely the least corrupt member of the AC Board of Supervisors. In other words is he asserting that all five members of the AC Board are corrupt, but just that Wilma Chan is less corrupt than the other four members!!!

    Such an assertion about the ethics, integrity, and standards of the AC Board of Supervisors and its individual members would leave me SHOCKED, SHOCKED, SHOCKED. In other words,I thought all five members of the AC Board, and just like most politicians, were the ultimate in the areas of honesty, integrity, and ethics.

    In fact,I think we need to enforce an “improved” form of “free speech” in which it will be illegal to make insulting and/or disparaging comments about people as wonderful and totally honest as our local politicians.


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