Bonta Appears In Spot For Black History Month

>> “He has a future in voicing over Ken Burns’ next documentary”
ASSEMBLY | California’s first Filipino American member of the Assembly will soon be appearing in public service announcement touting the accomplishments of another noted minority group.

Freshman Assemblyman Rob Bonta apparently received the short end of the stick in appearing in two PSAs. The 30-second spots posted on YouTube Wednesday include Bonta notifying the public the deadline for Cal Grants is March 3 and another for Black History Month, which is not until February.

During the campaign, Bonta, like others focused on improving education and his new district encompasses a large number of African Americans. However, the Black History Month spot seems a bit contrived. But, we’ll say this: if this politician thing doesn’t work out for Bonta, he has a future in voicing over Ken Burns’ next documentary, “Great Men, Great Hair: From Andrew Jackson to John Kerry, How America Was Built On Thick, Flowing Locks.”