Swalwell Gains Noteworthy Post As House Assistant Whip

CONGRESS | Not even a week spent in office and Rep. Eric Swalwell nabbed himself a senior position within the Democratic caucus as House Assistant Whip. Democratic Whip, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), appointed the young freshmen to the position on Jan. 7 while heaping praise over Swalwell’s priorities.

“Rep. Swalwell, as a new Member of Congress, will bring a fresh perspective to the Whip team. I look forward to working with him to advance the priorities of the American people, including efforts to promote job creation and strengthen the middle class,” said Hoyer in a press release released by Swalwell.

Swalwell responded, “I look forward to working with the House Democratic Leadership and all of my colleagues to advance common sense solutions to our nation’s problems. I believe my youthful energy and new ideas will help our party and our country move forward in the 113th Congress.”

Swalwell’s appointment is a clear indicator of notable support around the new congressman. Hoyer is a friend of one of Swalwell’s congressional influences, Ellen Tauscher, who supported Hoyer as minority whip in 2001 over Nancy Pelosi. It stirred some angst within the Democratic Party between Pelosi and Tauscher although by 2007 much of this was supposedly smoothed over.

But with Swalwell missing major endorsements of house-hold names like Pelosi during his run against long time Congressman Pete Stark, Swalwell needed big name support from other corners of the Democratic Party, like Tauscher. It’s this kind of support that helps Swalwell gather support in Washington D.C. as the inexperienced freshmen begins his career in national politics.

Swalwell’s newest position can only help him for re-election in 2014 against the old establishment that’s widely supported Stark. Some Democratic insiders have said it wouldn’t be surprising to witness supporters of Stark coalesce around State Sen. Ellen Corbett, who has been continuously reminding constituents of her run for Swalwell’s seat in 2014, rather than Swalwell. It may be too soon to know though.

5 thoughts on “Swalwell Gains Noteworthy Post As House Assistant Whip

  1. 3:57 “for 2014–he's still going to be playing catch-up with smarter, more experienced candidates”

    Yeah, like Pete Stark.

    The playing field has changed. Swalwell is almost a lock to be one of the “top two” after the open primary.
    Then in the general election, Corbett and Khanna who both catered more to the far left, will have to come back and get a huge portion of all Democrats in order to offset the registered independents and Republicans that Swalwell will get.
    You also forget that loads of folks in Alameda County stayed registered as Democrats only because if they re-registered as independents (Decline to State), they no longer were able to vote in any primary race.
    So you have loads of independents, Republicans, and very moderate “Democrats by default” who are more inclined to dismiss those seen as part of the “old club” Democrats who have had their say about everything for decades.
    We are finally free of the insiders who have controlled everything.
    Have you learned nothing from the Stark-Cornu debacle?

    BTW, is the Mayor (or former) of Pleasanton still thinking about running?


  2. The post is about as noteworthy as a fudgesicle in an ice cream truck, and it seems like he only got it because Hoyer and Tauscher were best buds. I don't think that's the way decisions should be made, but I suppose that's how it is (hooray for favoritism). Hope he does a good job for the sake of the party and our country, but I doubt this changes anything for 2014–he's still going to be playing catch-up with smarter, more experienced candidates.


  3. National Dem slap at local political whores? What was that I heard about Corbett and Khanna having a chance?


  4. Eric is doing just fine. Fact check: new district, that's the key. Labor whores and entrenched Demo. Boss politics didn't get him elected. They can go clean snot off their noses.

    He won't alienate them, but clearly doesn't need them to win. I'm not as nice, though. They can all play ball in the middle of 880! Fact is they're as close to being irrelevant as can be.


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