CONGRESS | State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett has been making her rounds ever since Rep. Eric Swalwell was elected to Congress this past fall gathering support for her 2014 run against the new incumbent but also expressing some confidence that Ro Khanna, the other potential candidate and former aid to President Obama, will not run against Swalwell and Corbett in 2014.

Corbett told The Citizen that if Khanna runs, it would “just not work out well for him,” because the votes that would split between her and Swalwell. “I just don’t think he will be running,” said Corbett with confidence. In December, The Citizen reported Khanna and Corbett had a meeting a few weeks ago to discuss the 2014 run. Khanna told The Citizen then that the plan being offered to him would be to have Corbett run against Swalwell while Khanna could take on Rep. Mike Honda.

Corbett was questioned about this information that Khanna leaked to The Citizen but Corbett would not confirm this meeting happened or comment further other than a secretive, “Ro has been going around saying things,” and “I’m not the person to really talk about that.”

The state legislator believes the Alameda County Democratic Party will back her run in 2014 against Swalwell stating that the support she’s receiving is looking good for her. Swalwell pulled much of his support from new district boundaries that includes Pleasanton, Dublin and Livermore, but Corbett is confident of the Tri Valley backing her, too. “It looks good over there,” she said.

Corbett says that her move to Congress is the next “logical step,” because of her experience in government. “I’ve been through all the ups and downs of the district and I have great support. It’s nothing personnel about Eric but I’ve been doing public service all my life.”

Swalwell has witnessed some support in Congress recently when Steny Hoyer, an Ellen Tauscher ally and Swalwell’s biggest supporter, appointed him as assistant whip. Further, Swalwell made it onto the Homeland Security Committee and the Space, Technology and Science Committee. But he’s still vulnerable considering this is his first term in Congress.

Swalwell has grave inexperience in public service and he will have to demonstrate an aptitude to getting work done in federal office or his shot at re-election will only become tougher. If Swalwell makes it past this term unscathed enough then he will be looking at a greater safe haven in his Congressional seat more than he does now.