Miley Hands Out Commendations for Medical Marijuana Advocates While Wearing Oaksterdam T-Shirt

Nate Miley in his cannabis t-shirt.

ALAMEDA COUNTY BOS | Either Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley is a visionary when it comes to medical cannabis or a political pariah. On Tuesday, Miley handed out county proclamations honoring the work of medical cannabis advocates Richard Lee of Oaksterdam University and Harborside’s Steve DeAngelo while proudly donning a black t-shirt emblazoned with the word, “cannabis” in a stenciled font.

The three other supervisors on the dais, minus Scott Haggerty, however, stood stoically silent as Miley made laudatory remarks and posed for picture with the two honorees. Miley jokingly admitted the commendations were “to the chagrin of county counsel.” Although medical cannabis is legal in California, it continues to run afoul of federal law, making Tuesday’s award-giving display somewhat of an awkward proposition.

“I like to stretch the envelope,” Miley said of the commendations pursued through his office. After saying, with a grin, that free cannabis should be given free in honor of the day, he added, “some people would like that.”

Miley called Lee, a trailblazer in the medical cannabis movement who opened the well-known Oaksterdam University campus on Broadway in 1997, “someone to be admired.” Miley added federal laws involving access to cannabis need to be changed.

“My feeling is the Obama administration needs to lay off, particularly in the states that passed laws that allow for medical marijuana and stop wasting their time with individuals like Rich and others.”

Lee accepted the proclamation “on behalf of all the brave soldiers” in the fight to legalize cannabis. “It’s not just about medical marijuana patients,” Lee said, “but about making our law enforcement more effective and safer for them.”

As the next agenda item was prepared, Miley said to Lee and DeAngelo as they left the supervisors’ chambers, “You will be vindicated. The war on drugs is a failure.”

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17 replies

  1. Miley doesn't smoke pot. Think about it, if he did, he wouldn't be so angry all the time.


  2. This guy runs our County. What a fucking idiot!


  3. Maybe he's not smoking weed, but he's definitely been hotboxing with Bob Swanson.


  4. What a joke. Miley's son works Supervisor Valle and I can't believe what is going with the county.


  5. The ALameda bof SUps is a big joke. A family affair of losers.


  6. Somebody shady as f–k like Miley shouldnt' be taunting the feds.


  7. Cheap Miley is going for Cheap Fame as long he's in the news. Next time you might see him wearing cheap G-string with Marijuana leaf prints.


  8. When a significant amount of your campaign dollars come from cannabis dispensaries and their money allows Miley to “de-stress” at the Claremont Hotel and Spa – then they are do appreciation from the County of Alameda.

    This may play well in Oakland, but I doubt it does in Pleasanton and Castro Valley!


  9. By MW:

    In regard to the comment of 8:41PM. But Miley has repeatedly insisted that his opinions and actions are not influenced by whether or not someone gave him a political contribution.

    NOTE: That issue has regularly come up, since Miley has: one, willingly accepted election campaign contributions from various sleazeballs; and two, when those situations have become well known, he has also refused to return the contributions, and including by insisting he is not influenced by the fact that various individuals have given him significant amounts of money.

    However any politician who insists he is not influenced by election campaign contributions is a pathological liar and/or a master of self delusion.

    In fact several years ago I had a conversation with the mayor of a particular Bay area city just after that city suffered a major and prolonged power outage, and he told that when he ran for mayor a certain large utility company had offered him a significant election campaign contribution, but that he had refused to accept it, and had also told that utility company where it could stick it, since he was well aware that it was nothing but a lightly disguised bribe.

    However perhaps, and on the other hand, we should make a special exception for Miley and accept and believe anything Miley says, since Miley is a law school graduate. In other words anyone who went through law school and was trained to be a lawyer certainly was trained to be the soul of honesty and integrity, and therefore would never mislead, lie or try to pull a fast one.

    For more details on the extreme and total honesty of law school graduates, study Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, John Edwards, and Bill “I Did Not have Sex With That Woman” Clinton.


  10. Who on this forum thinks the “U.S. War on Drugs” is a big success? The war on drugs has created the most profitable black market the world has ever seen. It guarantees high prices and astronomical profits for underworld gangs both international and local.

    It guarantees full employment for law enforcement, Judges, Attorneys, Prison employees, drug councilors, prohibition organizations, national institute on drug abuse and dozens more. When will we stop this madness and take responsibility and control, tax and regulate drugs, particularly marijuana.

    Kudos to Miley for telling the truth. We need many more like him.


  11. By MW:

    For his comments and performance on Tuesday, let's give Nate Miley the 2013 Nadia Lockyer Award in “Sanity,” and which we will each year give to the East Bay politician who in that twelve month timeframe showed the most dedication to the standards of Nadia Lockyer in “thinking,” “logic,” “reasoning,” and “common sense.”


  12. Miley you mental dwarf.


  13. Can we get bigger exposure on this phony? The rest of BOS just play off each other bad press to take the onus off themselves – sick game. Start the campaign now to get decent person in office and oust this idiotwith his relatives on staff of Valle BOS seat and Miley relatives noted on grand jury report now defuct (ate up the stimulus funds) organizations (Miley relatives) sucking it up – OUST this CROOK!


  14. You can count on at least one elected official from Pleasanton running against Miley in 2016.


  15. The War on Drugs is a failure. Nate Miley is a visionary and most people in Castro Valley would applaud his stand.


  16. Too bad we can't hire the LAPD to fire Miley….there is no doubt Miley would go Dorner (Rambo) on ALCO….

    Does anyone find it ironic the person who appears to have fired Dorner under very questionable circumstances is now working for Oakland…holly shit….this guy just became Oakland's worse nightmare….if he dare fires a single cop for any reason…every cop in Oakland will be fast friends with the occupy movement.

    I sure hope Oakland has a buyers remorse clause in their contract?


  17. I enjoy going to the monthly Art Murmur in Oakland and have been several times. This last time I went, there was a noticeable difference to the previous times: you couldn't get away from the weed. It was everywhere, inescapable. There were even people smoking weed standing next to cops. Art Murmur has always had weed smokers among the attendees, but this was overwhelming and, for those who are not into it, really unpleasant.

    The violence that occured at the last Art Murmur could perhaps be attributed to more folks coming to the event to sell weed to the willing and conflicts among the sellers. As with other events in the past, often people from outside of Oakland come for purposes that are not community-oriented and cause friction. A “Weed Friendly city” advertisement could add to rather than detract from the “atmosphere of lawlessness” that Miley was complaining about.

    I would say we need to get crime under control first and leave the weed for later.


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