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EBC LiveTweet of #alcomtg on domestic drones in Alameda County

Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern’s plan to purchase drones to aid in search and rescue and other emergency situations was met with significant opposition, Feb. 14, at a Alameda County Board of Supervisor’s Public Protection Committee hearing in Oakland.

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ALCO Supervisor Richard Valle wishes us all a Happy Valentine’s Day before today’s public protection cmte mtg on domestic #drones #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
Cpt Madigan of ALCO Sheriff Dept sounds very passionate about domestic #drones. Says drone not for wide swaths of neighborhoods. #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
Here’s a replica of the #drone Alameda County Sheriff hopes to purchase. [PIC] #alcomtg http://pic.twitter.com/VVllF5itEast Bay Citizen
“sUAS’s can save lives of first responders and citizens of Alameda County.” #drones #alcomtgNatalia Aldana
There’s a woman behind me totally dismayed by everything the captain says. Every sentence followed by a gasp. #drones #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
Believes FAA will approve only up to 400 ft in daylight. Flown in line of sight by controller, observer, says Cpt Madigan. #drones #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
Dept worked with ACLU on draft policy says Madigan, However, earlier today ACLU said sheriff quickly dismissed suggestions. #alcomtg #dronesEast Bay Citizen
Maudlin: Madigan says #drones could be used to help find lost seniors on railroad tracks. I don’t make this stuff up. #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
“Alameda County would be an outlier,” says Linda Lye of ACLU, if unmanned aircraft are approved. #drones #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
Sheriff Ahern is peering angrily at the ACLU lawyer speaking to the cmte. Almost like, “don’t you dare take away my toys!” #drones #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
Ahern again clarified they will not equip the #drones with weaponry after Haggerty prompted him to #put it on the record.” #alcomtgNatalia Aldana
“Any political protest will involve some sort of arguable crime,” says Lye of ACLU, like jaywalking, obstructing sidewalks. #drones #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
“We do not ever want to breach that privacy concern.” -Sheriff Ahern #drones #alcomtgNatalia Aldana
Supervisor Valle has remained attentive throughout the meeting, whereas Haggerty appears annoyed, often looking elsewhere. #drones #alcomtgNatalia Aldana
“The sheriff is saying trust us and we’re saying we don’t trust you,” says @OaktownMike Michael Siegel. #drones #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
Depending on chosen vendor, says Sheriff Ahern, the department might buy 1-2 #drones. #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
Hello, Humboldt County, Sheriff Ahern can use his #drones from Monterey to the Oregon border, he says. #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
“We do not ever want to breach that privacy concern.” -Sheriff Ahern #drones #alcomtgNatalia Aldana
Community members creating a line to the door at #alcomtg to express their concern over potential use of #drones http://pic.twitter.com/ifiMyG11Natalia Aldana
Lots of speakers line up. But your mind wanders and you begin noticing a lot of people wear ill-fitting pants. #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
Speaker says audience only scoffs at assertions of police accountability. “People in this room don’t trust their govt very much.” #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen
Speaker foresees a new TV show titled, “The Drone Ranger.” He adds, “The Drone Ranger spies again…” #alcomtg #dronesEast Bay Citizen
Not surprising Sup Richard Valle is speaking up for civil rights. He may be most progressive member of the Board of Supervisors. #alcomtgEast Bay Citizen