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EBC #slmtg on Medical Cannabis Dispensaries in San Leandro

Medical cannabis dispensaries may be coming to San Leandro. The San Leandro City Council, Feb. 12 discussed the possible ordinance allowing up to two dispensaries within city limits. Below is the LiveTweeting of the special meeting:

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Current at the #slmtg discussing their long disputed issue of medical marijuana dispensaries. Full house at San Leandro community center.Natalia Aldana
San leandro city manager, Chris Zapata, looks like Corleone. #godfatherpartIV #slmtgShane Bond
According to #slmtg 7 percent of #SanLeandro 7th graders have used marijuana.Natalia Aldana
First speaker haten on da weed. #slmtgShane Bond
A church rep says God not drugs!! #slmtgShane Bond
Listening to #SanLeandro residents express their concerns w/dispensaries. Greatest concern is crime, youth. #slmtg http://pic.twitter.com/trYW0404Natalia Aldana
“They come here for hope, not dope.” -said one #SanLeandro resident in opposition of the potential addition of dispensaries. #slmtgNatalia Aldana
One pro argument for dispensaries is the addition of jobs and employees who in turn add to the local economy. #slmtgNatalia Aldana
Speaker says dispensaries attract a “certain kind of people.” Insinuating pot smokers largely shady folk. #stereotypes #slmtgShane Bond
One speaker talks about his mom who is 92 and ill but was greatly helped because of weed. #slmtgShane Bond
Veteran reminds #SanLeandro of how war on drugs targets minorities of color and low socio economic status. #slmtgNatalia Aldana
The blank & distant stares of #SanLeandro councilmembers makes me wonder if they are even listening/care. Are meetings just city PR? #slmtgNatalia Aldana
This speaker walked up to the mic with swag. #yolo #swagswagswagswagswag #SlmtgShane Bond
A man just suggested that if dispensaries are allowed in #SanLeandro he would tell all the Portuguese people to leave the city. #slmtgNatalia Aldana
#SanLeandro city council fairly divided on issue of medical marijuana dispensaries. #slmtgNatalia Aldana
#SanLeandro mayor Stephen Cassidy: “I am still in support of our city adopting a medical marijuana ordinance.” #slmtgNatalia Aldana
Dan Rush, UFCW on pot dispensary moratorium: “Every drug dealer in #SanLeandro wants you to ban this.” #slmtgEast Bay Citizen
Best marijuana is found in your high school, middle school, says Dan Rush, because its not regulated. #slmtgEast Bay Citizen
#SanLeandro CM Jim Prola on city’s moratorium on pot dispensaries: “We have a de facto ban and it’s not working.” #slmtgEast Bay Citizen