State Sen. Ellen Corbett

STATE SENATE//LEGISLATIVE ROUNDUP | It is wise to keep in mind State Senate Majority Leader Ellen Corbett is running for Congress when studying her latest crop of legislation. In fact, there is ample evidence she may run on the slogan, “Made in California.” A trio of her 25 authored and co-authored bill seek to help keep business in the Golden State.

SB 124 would give contractors bidding to install their clean energy products at California State University’s a five percent preference, as long as the entire chain of its production is made in the state. In addition, SB 469 gives a 10 percent preference to contractors for the purchase of public transit vehicles made exclusively in California and SB 12 would create and fund through donors a “Made in California” label.

Corbett is also having another go with bills in the areas of prescription drug labeling, computer privacy and electronic cigarettes. SB 204 and SB 205, in tandem, would stipulate pharmacists offer non-English translations on prescription bottles, while aiding seniors with the use of large 12-point sans serif fonts on labels.

Companies and agencies that retain critical personal information are already required to notify consumer when their data systems are breached, but SB 46 expands the scope of what types of information triggers such a notification to data other than just financial matters.

The crusade against electronic cigarettes led by Corbett two years ago continues with SB 648. The bill seeks to include e-cigarettes, already growing in popularity, to other prohibitions of tobacco in various public places. It would also ban advertising of e-cigarettes in state-owned or occupied buildings.