Former Asm. Tim Donnelly, Mar. 2,
GOP state convention in Sacramento.
PHOTO/Shane Bond

CAGOP CONVENTION | Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is the Republican Liberty Caucus’s hopeful candidate for governor in 2014. But with a supermajority of Democrats and a crumbling California Republican Party, Donnelly’s message hasn’t strayed far from the very message that voters rejected in national and statewide elections this past fall.

Donnelly proclaimed that socialism is taking hold in America. “They want us to be subjects but they mean so well,” said Donnelly jokingly, “And so when they run a television commercial disguised as the evening news they say, ‘Ah, cant we just get rid of all of those dangerous guns especially those semi-automatics.’”

Donnelly made news two years ago after being arrested for having a concealed weapon at an airport and is notorious for his abrasive anti-immigration views. Donnelly didn’t talk about immigration this time but his anti-immigration views drew a stark rebuke from fellow Republicans when they first heard of him considering a run for governor in 2014.

Donnelly also poked at climate change and criticized Democrats who want to see a draw down on gas usage for renewable energy, “I thought of bringing a gas-powered shredder out on the assembly floor just to make them upset over it being used by gas,” said Donnelly. He also criticized his former colleagues for offering too many bills for new laws and regulations.

Donnelly also shot at a UC Berkeley Research team that is measuring dust, or, what Donnelly called, “fugitive dust,” particulate disturbed by farmers. Donnelly stoked fear over extreme regulation concerning the research project claiming they want to regulate dust. Donnelly said they want to control the freedom and prosperity of people’s lives.

-Shane Bond