Oakland Local, East Bay Citizen To Collaborate, Share Reporting

Oakland Local and The East Bay Citizen, two online news and community media sites focusing on the East Bay, are going to be working together on original reporting and multimedia stories.

Oakland Local, a nonprofit news and community media site, and East Bay Citizen, a “Politico-style” news destination, will syndicate and distribute one another’s work and also develop and share reporting projects.

“East Bay Citizen’s consistent coverage of local city council committee meetings and sharp look at regional government, policy and zoning is a terrific complement to Oakland Local’s hyper-local coverage,” Susan Mernit, Oakland Local’s editor and publisher, said.

“Oakland Local has long been the leader in the hyperlocal movement in Oakland and a model for the East Bay Citizen since our founding in 2009. Not only do we share a belief in keeping the East Bay informed with interesting and thought-provoking stories, but we also unconditionally love this place we call home,” Steve Tavares, East Bay Citizen’s founder, said.

Oakland Local is the independent, nonprofit news resource for what’s happening in education, city government, food, innovative tech, arts and culture, youth and more in Oakland. We are journalists, educators, women, people of color and entrepreneurs funded by Google, the Investigative News Network, the California Endowment Foundation, the G.W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism and other groups.

East Bay Citizen, founded in 2009, covers news, politics and issues around the East Bay.

4 thoughts on “Oakland Local, East Bay Citizen To Collaborate, Share Reporting

  1. Where do you find these nut cases that can't speak (or write) without obscenities? I think you should make a policy for a “family oriented” website and delete all foul language. (Including you Mr T.)


  2. Congratulations! But may I correct your reporting here. The Citizen is NOT a “Politico-style” news destination. That online publication is a font of conventional wisdom that is slightly but consistently wired in favor of Republican points of view. That doesn't mean they never publish pieces that support the current Administration or Senate leadership. It does mean that, on balance, they publish pieces that counsel in favor of Republican policies. Your Citizen is not a font of conventional wisdom at all, and supporting the bag of hammers that is the modern GOP? C'mon.

    A look at today's Politico shows that the #1 most popular post is a story which quotes designer Vivienne Westwood as saying that Michelle Obama's clothes are “dreadful”. The front page also has three pieces generally complimentary of Rand Paul, and an opinion piece by Brent Bozell, where that redheaded radical foams at the mouth in complaint that Boehner and Cantor haven't killed Obamacare this Congressional session.

    Brent. Fucking. Bozell.

    That ain't your Citizen, brother.


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