Scott Olsen, right, addresses a community meeting on public safety, Mar. 6, with police consultant Bob Wasserman and Mayor Jean Quan, highlighted, looking on. PHOTO/David Colburn 

OAKLAND | Scott Olsen, the Occupy Oakland protester and Iraq War veteran, who suffered brain injuries after police shot a beanbag round at his head, says Oakland Mayor Jean told him he had “a chip on his shoulder” at the conclusion of Wednesday night’s community meeting on public safety.

Olsen said he chatted briefly with Quan as the two were exiting the meeting at City Hall featuring police consultant Bob Wasserman, when she made the comment. Olsen later tweeted, “J.Quan told me she realizes I have a chip on my shoulder. Insulting, more like a broken skull and brain trauma.”

Videos of Olsen being struck by the projectile Oct. 25, 2011 and his back story as a recent war veteran quickly became a prime example of police brutality among the Occupy Oakland movement, including across the nation and abroad.

Olsen said Thursday he admits he probably should not sent out the tweet and declined to elaborate on the exchange. “Perhaps I should have kept it private,” Olsen said.

Quan’s office was contacted for comment for this story, but has yet to respond to Olsen’s comment.

In addition, photos from the community meeting Wednesday night posted on Twitter, showed Quan more attentive to her smart phone than listening to Olsen as he addressed Wasserman and the group. Olsen later asked Wasserman what sort of example it sends to the community when police are not prosecuted for crimes they allegedly commit. Wasserman did not respond.