CONGRESS | Rep. Keith Ellison says neither he, nor the Progressive Action PAC, will support a challenge to Rep. Eric Swalwell after The Citizen ran a piece about him stating that he was “open to the idea,” during a fundraiser in Oakland last week.

After The Citizen’s piece ran on Wednesday Ellison’s office contacted The Citizen and stated that there will be no challenge. The Citizen had asked if he or the PAC would be looking for a challenger in Swalwell’s district for 2014 and although Ellison didn’t promise that a challenge would occur, because the PAC traditionally targets Republicans, he did say he was “open” to the idea but wouldn’t “know who that would be.” Ellison also said that he wanted to make Swalwell do progressive stuff and make him declare to be with the Progressives.

Ellison’s office says the representative was merely upset over former representative Pete Stark’s loss for re-election and that’s what he was expressing and not an actual challenge to Swalwell. Ellison sent a statement to The Citizen for clarification.

“Eric is a friend, and neither the Progressive Action PAC nor I support a challenge to Rep. Swalwell. In fact, the Progressive Action PAC seeks to elect more Democrats to Congress and does not target incumbents. I called Eric this morning to set the record straight and I look forward to continuing to work with him this Congress.”