George W. Bush: ‘Merica goes to war.

CONGRESS | Rep. Barbara Lee, without a doubt the only member of Congress who can, without a whiff of hypocrisy, criticize today’s 10-year anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, hopes the conflict is a lesson against the country ever entering into an open-ended war in the future.

“It is my hope that this reckless and short-sighted decision will mark a turning point in American history, and that we will never again wage an unnecessary war,” Lee said Tuesday on the House floor. “We must use all the tools of American power in resolving disputes, including diplomacy. And we must have sufficient congressional debate and oversight before ever putting another U.S. soldier in harm’s way.

At the time of the resolution, ultimately giving authorization for the president to wage war in Iraq following the 9/11 attacks and under the presupposition so-called weapons of mass destruction existed in the country, Lee was famously the only member of either house of Congress in opposition.

“Today is a solemn anniversary: a tragedy that began ten years ago today when President George W. Bush launched a war of choice in Iraq, dragging our country into a costly, bitter conflict based on falsehoods and hyperbole,” Lee said.

“What happened from there? We all know the tragic consequences: President Bush dragged the country into an unnecessary war; no weapons of mass destruction were ever found; the costs of the Iraq war soared far beyond what was projected; and we lost 4,486 American troops in Iraq, and over 32,000 were wounded.”