Miley: A Lack Of Leadership In Oakland Is Hastening Crime Problem

ALCO BOARD OF SUPERVISORS//ROUNDUP | A multi-agency proposal that would add up to 90 public safety officers for high crime areas in Alameda County has some federal and local hoops to jump through before receiving the $67 million grant.

This week, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, often on the periphery of rising crime in Oakland and routinely critical of City Hall mixed their approval for the proposal to hire 90 officers split equally among the Oakland Police Department, Alameda County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol, with skepticism and regionalism.

Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty, who represents parts of the Tri Valley and Fremont, voiced support for the plan designed, in part, to put more officers on the ground in Oakland, but also questioned the message it sends to other parts of the county. Haggerty said helping Oakland with gang problem, for instance, may make other cities like Fremont, which is the second-largest in the county, feel left out. “Fremont has gangs, too” Haggerty said, “and let me tell you Hayward is no Shangri-La.”

A lack of leadership is Oakland’s main problem, said Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley. “I think Rome is burning,” says Miley. “I’ve seen it go down the tubes over the years.”

In the past, whenever other agencies or city beckon the Board of Supervisors for help, Miley regularly portrays their aid in gallant terms. Last Tuesday, he called the board, “knights in shining armor.”

Although, Miley agrees the lack of resources for hiring additional police officers in Oakland is also an obstacle to tamping down crime and homicide rates, he says “It’s an issue of leadership.” He also noted turnover at the chief of police’s office as contributing to the lack of continuity.

COUNTY HEALTH CARE STILL IN STITCHES St. Rose is still losing money, but not as much, says Alex Briscoe, director of Alameda County Healthcare Services. The hospital now run by a new operator has lowered its losses from around $16 million to between $6-8 million, Briscoe said Tuesday. “The problem isn’t going away,” he said, “and we’re not out of the woods.”

Sutter Health, the Alameda County Medical Center and the Eden Township Healthcare were characterized as still in talks over the fate of San Leandro Hospital and a skilled nursing facility at Alameda Hospital was recently approved, said Briscoe. However, like nearly every stand-alone hospital in the East Bay, Alameda Hospital’s poor pay-mix continues to make it difficult to sustain its operations on the island.

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  1. Miley is right about leadership (lack thereof) in Oakland. But, the leadership isn't the only problem: the citizens claim that prize. This is a city whose residents angrily blame the cops every time they make an arrest. Then, those same dopes decide to ask the Hells Angels and Black Panthers to keep them safe. I don't know why law enforcement in other districts would want to get involved in such a thankless effort.

    If my taxes are paying for the Alameda County Sheriff to protect my neighborhood, I do not want those officers patrolling someone else's neighborhood–without Oakland paying for it… big time.


  2. Aqui! Aqui!

    Nate Miley has never given a rat's ass about anyone other than himself and his own.

    He made sure to strike a deal with the Lockyers even before Gail Steele retired. The quid pro quo was that he would support Madam Whore, who in turn would put Miley Jr. on her payroll if she won. Once banished, he backed Dick Valley, the Lockyers hand-picked puppet, with the same understanding. Valley then promoted and raised the $$$$ of Miley Jr.

    Scott Haggerty has had his sister on his own payroll since day one. Perfectly legal. Why was Boss Miley so afraid to put sonny boy on his own staff? Again, perfectly legal. No. Ol' Nate would rather sell his soul to the Lockyer and Valley devils than have had cleaner politicians like Figueroa or Apodaca, who wouldn't have soiled themselves, at least as badly.


  3. well he should know he cant even represent the district that he was elected for.

    all these politicos are crazy if I did the half ass job they do at my job I would be fired. I bust my hump making 1/10th of what they make and they get zero done!! and it crosses all parties (they all suck) from local government all the way to DC. we are so screwed.


  4. By MW:

    In regard to Nate Miley's assertion that Oakland's main problem is lack of leadership, actually Miley is one of those who have been providing plenty of a certain type of leadership, and in fact far too much of that type of leadership, to Alameda County, and including to Oakland.

    Miley was one of those who helped give us the medical marijuana clinics, and which have been a major cause of crime and a magnet for crime. And he was one of those who was the very most vehement in insisting that the presence of medical marijuana would not cause crime, and even after they were the cause of and site of murders, he still would not admit he had been wrong, and he has also continued to support their ongoing presence.

    Miley also continued to support Yusef Bey even after it was proven that Bey for many years had been kidnapping teeange girls off the street and then holding them and imprisoning them for extended periods as his sex slaves.

    Frankly, for a guy like Miley to complain about a high crime rate in Oakland crime would be similar to if Al Capone had complained that there was too much bribery in Chicago or if Jim Jones, and of eventual Jonestown infamy, had complained about the presence of demagogues, charlatans, and phonies, and con men.

    Of course we should not insult Miley, since he is one of thsoe creatures who is so firmly convinced that he is smarter than everyone else, that he is definitely right, and that everyone else is definitely wrong, that therefore he often responds to any questioning of his positions by him becoming a yelling screaming ranting raving totally out of control maniac, SINCE HOW DARE ANY OF US LOWLY PEONS DARE TO QUESTION OR DISAGREE WITH THE ALMIGHTY, THE ALL KNOWING, AND INIFINITELY WISE KING NATE MILEY.


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